CONCACAF Gold Cup 2019: Quarter-Finals Betting Odds

Gold Cup Preview and Betting Predictions
concacaf gold cup betting predictions

The first stage of the 2019 Gold Cup is over. Eight teams are still alive and looking forward to staying on the winning path to aim for the CONCACAF nation’s biggest trophy. The two top favorites, Mexico and the United States, are not only still in play, but they advanced to the quarterfinals in perfect form.

Honduras and El Salvador were the two most disappointing teams in the group stage saying goodbye way too early. Watch out for Curacao and Haiti, the two most surprising squads so far in the tournament. Let’s take a look at the updated future odds to win the Gold Cup.

Odds To Win The 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup – Quarter-Finals Update

There have been interesting changes in the odds. Be sure to check out the updated table when planning your strategy.

Mexico +110

  • Quarterfinals opponent: Costa Rica
  • Possible semifinal matchup: vs. Canada or Haiti

It’s hard to bet against Mexico in the Gold Cup. They have dominated this tournament for a long time, and they are looking to add another title in the next few days. The Mexicans are always going to be the betting favorite in CONCACAF no matter what. They are the region’s giant, and we should not forget that. Are they beatable? Yes, they are, but it would take almost a perfect game from the opponent that wants to knock them out.

The sports experts at listed Mexico +135 to win the Cup when the tournament started two weeks ago. Now we can find the Mexican team at +110 with an implied probability of winning of 48%.

Mexico won all three games of the group stage against Cuba, Martinique, and Canada with a combined 13 goals scored and three against. Of these three opponents, only the Canadian team could be considered a worthy rival. The Mexicans have an exciting clash against Costa Rica in the quarterfinals. While these two teams have actually had good matchups during the World Cup qualifiers, every time they meet in the Gold Cup, the Mexicans always come out on top.

One of the things that are not mentioned about the Gold Cup and Mexico’s success is that they basically play at home during this tournament. Wherever “El Tri” plays, the stadium is packed with Mexican fans trying to support their team.

Mexico remains the safest bet out there. They are the most winning team in the history of the Gold Cup, and their talent is head and shoulders above the competition in CONCACAF.

The United States +185

  • Quarterfinals opponent: Curacao
  • Possible semifinal matchup: vs. Panama or Jamaica

Let’s not overlook something, team USA is the current Gold Cup champion. The problem is we seem to forget about it because they failed to reach the 2018 World Cup in Russia in a more than disappointing result. I do think they have a significant debt with the American soccer fans and adding another Gold Cup title would help with it.

What the United States have going their way is at least in the first three games, they showed improvement with every opponent they faced. Beating Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago had little or no value at all, but it helped the team get into a great rhythm, especially on offense. Beating Panama in the last game of the group stage just show this team is going for glory in this tournament. We have seen better versions of the American team in the past, but at least this one is growing with every game. That’s always a good thing during short tournaments.

The currently +185 odds have a lot of value because they have a favorable matchup against Curacao in the quarterfinals. Then either Panama or Jamaica will be waiting. Either way, Team USA will be the favorite in both of those matchups.

I’m also expecting Christian Pulisic to gives us a performance to remember in the next few games. He’s actually the most talented player in the entire tournament, so it’s fair to expect a great showing in the upcoming games.

Costa Rica +1400

  • Quarterfinals opponent: Mexico
  • Possible semifinal matchup: vs. Canada or Haiti

The Ticos entered the tournament listed at +800 to win the competition, but now we can see them at +1400 to win it all. If not for Honduras and El Salvador, Costa Rica would be the most disappointing team after the group stage. In what should have been a Gold Cup where the team took a step closer to compete with Mexico and the United States, it has been the complete opposite. The squad has taken a step backward by showing a lot of problems in their playing style.

Costa Rica lacks playmakers and capable strikers upfront. Their best players got old, and they didn’t find anybody to take over those places. Their defense was also severely exposed by Haiti in the last game of the group stage, and it showed it is a slow unit with plenty of problems to fix. To make it worse, they are about to face the tournament’s favorite in the quarterfinals.

The Ticos need to play their best game of the Gold Cup, or they won’t have a shot against Mexico. And even if they play a perfect game, that might not be enough.

Canada +1400

  • Quarterfinals opponent: Haiti
  • Possible semifinal matchup: vs. Mexico or Costa Rica

Canada is known for its crazy hockey fans and most recently, because of the Toronto Raptors. Their national soccer team is not used to showing good things, yet they have played very well during the current Gold Cup.

Canada has been a pleasant surprise during this competition. They have played a beautiful offensive style that will give problems to anybody if not respected. They lost to Mexico during the group stage, but that matchup was closer than the 3-1 result proved to be.

At +1400, the Canadians winning the Gold Cup for the second time in history looks appealing.

The only problem: they would face Mexico in the semis if they manage to overcome Haiti.

Jamaica +1600

  • Quarterfinals opponent: Panama
  • Possible semifinal matchup: vs. USA or Curacao

Let’s just say Jamaica hasn’t shown us its best soccer so far in the competition and yet they were able to win group C over Honduras, El Salvador, and Curacao. If you are looking for a longshot bet the Jamaican national team is it. Jamaica has been in the last two Gold Cup finals in a row, losing to Mexico and the United States. This team has both the talent and the strength to get to a third final and, lastly get the job done.

At +1600 the play has a 6% of implied probability. It’s the perfect number to earn a good payout with a team that has been overlooked by the oddsmakers.

They do have the most challenging path to the championship. Jamaica will take on Panama in the quarterfinals, and possibly the United States in the semifinals. But if they advance those two opponents, they will have a lot of confidence going into the final, perhaps against Mexico.

Panama +1600

  • Quarterfinals opponent: Jamaica
  • Possible semifinal matchup: vs. USA or Curacao

The Panamanian team was solid, as expected in the group stage. They took down Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago in the first two games. The loss against the United States was somehow predictable, but it was not easy for the Americans. In fact, team USA fought hard to get that win.

Panama has never won the Gold Cup, and their current team while very good, lacks playmakers and star players to make a deep run.

The team has the potential to become a dark horse in their side of the bracket. Yet, to ask them to beat Jamaica, the United States, and Mexico in consecutive games is a bit much. The Panamanians were +1400 to win the Gold Cup when the tournament started. The fact that their chances dropped has to do with the incredibly difficult path they have to win the Gold Cup.

Haiti +5000

  • Quarterfinals opponent: Canada
  • Possible semifinal matchup: vs. Mexico or Costa Rica

When Haiti entered the competition, they were hoping to come out of group B as the second seed behind Costa Rica. Instead, they upset the Ticos in the last fixture of the group stage and ended it in the first place. Their prize is to avoid Mexico and face Canada in the quarterfinals.

The Haitians are a talented team with speedy players up front that can do a lot of damage. But, I would be surprised if they can emulate the performance they had against Costa Rica in their quarterfinal meeting against Canada.

This should be where it ends for Haiti, which has to be proud of their unexpected showing in the first three games of the Gold Cup.

Curacao +20000

  • Quarterfinals opponent: USA
  • Possible semifinal matchup: vs. Panama or Jamaica
Curacao has been a cute story, but there is no way they can win the Gold Cup title.

Let’s put this way. Curacao is the luckiest team in this tournament so far. They were fortunate not to lose against Honduras. Curacao ended up winning that game with a counterattack goal in the only attacking play they had. Then, against Jamaica, they scored a last-second goal to draw the game and earn the point that put them ahead of El Salvador.

Odds for the Gold Cup by Team


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