F1 2019 Predictions – Five Betting Opportunities In 2019 Formula One Season

f1 2019 season predictions

We are just shy of a month before Australian Grand Prix kicks off down under and F1 betting starts anew. Our favorite motorsports betting site, Mybookie.ag, has already posted betting odds on the drivers’ championship as well as the constructors’. Again, we see the same perennial names in the top slots as the dominance of the Silver Arrows and the Prancing Horse is undeniable each season. However, given the high unpredictability of F1 races we going to make few 2019 F1 season predictions that should be taken into considerations when placing bets.

#1 F1 2019 Prediction – Lewis, Sebastian, and Max To Fight For The Championship

For the past few years, it has been Lewis and Sebastian duking out for the title with Hamilton coming on top 4 out of the last 5 years. But the new young blood, Max Verstappen, has shown last season that he is a force one cannot dismiss. Early season rumors say that the new Honda-powered engine of Red Bull will be quite competitive with Mercedes’ and Ferrari’s. At +450, we shall commit part of our bankroll and bet on Max giving us a surprising F1 Championship win.

#2 F1 2019 Prediction – Leclerc, Kubica, and Ice Man To Score A Podium

Leclerc’s last season best was six place. Now having Ferrari as the race car and professor Vettel to listen to the youngster should find his first podium in 2019. Kubica’s return to F1 is a story of relentless determination and grid. If there is anybody who can squeeze all and a bit more from the Williams car is him. On the right track, Kubica will not pass on the opportunity for this “return podium”. Finally, the Ice Man with his experience and love for speed, thou driving a subpar car, is surely to continue his run in the points and sneaking a podium. If you are betting on the podium finishers in F1 race you should keep these drivers in mind.

#3 F1 2019 Prediction – Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull

Just like in the drivers’ championship we should have another contender to the tile in 2019. Red Bull ended its relationship with so-not-so-reliable Renault engine and signed a two-year contract with so-ever-improving Honda. We have seen last season that the aero package of Red Bull has given a ton of trouble to both Mercedes and Ferrari. If the Milton Keynes team and replicate and improve on last year’s Red Bull should be quiet competitive in the fight for the constructors’ championship title. Again, at +350 we are committing part of our bankroll by betting on Red Bull.

#4 F1 2019 Prediction – Ricciardo won’t bring Renault back to life

There is a lot of talks that Ricciardo will get Renault’s first podium in eight years this season. We think not. If Alonzo wasn’t able to pull it off Daniel, although one of the best overtakers in the business, will not make it happen either. Few things stand in his way to do it and the most important is Renault’s reliability and speed. If you have doubts go back and relisten to Alonzo’s comical conversations with his engineers. We will not bet on Ricciardo finishing on the podium in a race.

#5 F1 2019 Prediction – Alonzo is coming back to F1 in 2020

This is a punt. But F1 is the queen of all motorsports. Surely, Fernando wants to be the best all-around driver in the history of all motorsports but he is coming to the end of his career. The retirement is just around the corner and our prediction is that he will rejoin Formula One in 2020 to hang his towel in this manner.

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