Best Football Betting Books – Must Reads For Football Bettors

Best Football Betting Books

Sports betting is fun but also tricky. There is nothing wrong with admitting it. You need a system to avoid regrettable bets and learn from your mistakes.

Well, there are plenty of football betting books with knowledge from plenty of intelligent people. They have developed strategies and have learned from their early blunders.

These books might not give you an edge but will put you on the sportsbooks’ same level. They will teach you how oddsmakers think, and you can use this information to your advantage.

This blog post will help you find the best books on football betting, perfect for the NFL and College Football season.

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The Best Football Betting Books In 2024

1. The Logic Of Sports Betting – Ed Miller

The Logic Of Sports Betting book cover

The Logic of Sports Betting teaches you how to win with perspectives from the inside. It is easily the best book in the past few years about sports betting.

For example, how does a sportsbook generate lines for a particular market?

As the abstract says, the book “answers all these questions and more with a dash of humor and a whole lot of real talk about how it all works.”

The book will teach you the process and will help you determine when and what are the easiest areas to focus your efforts as a football bettor.

2. The Everything Guide To Sports Betting – Josh Appelbaum

The Everything Guide To Sports Betting book cover

This book does an excellent job explaining the various types of market insights and the reasoning behind them. It is an excellent book for beginners.

The author Josh Appelbaum has a great plan that works regardless of whether you play many games a day or just a few times a week.

You can apply his ideas after learning almost exclusively about the market’s ticket total and betting line movements. Josh Appelbaum also has a weekly podcast explaining the details of sports betting in America.

By the way, if you prefer podcasts, we have an article recommending the best NFL betting podcasts.

3. Sharp Sports Betting – Stanford Wong

Sharp Sports Betting book cover

This book offers a comprehensive overview of gambling in sports, focusing strongly on NFL football betting. It is also the most famous book on this list.

The book has many charts that help you understand where to put your money smartly.

You may have heard the author’s name before in Wong Teasers, a fundamental strategy to bet teasers.

Stanford Wong combines beginners’ terminology with plenty of math propositions to make the book interesting for newbies and advanced bettors.

4. Picking NFL Winners: A Statistical Handicapping Primer – Masaru Kanemoto

Picking NFL Winners book cover

Author Masaru Kanemoto explains his betting model for football from top to bottom. The author discusses the improvements and adjustments that he made to existing statistics.

The book comes as a direct conversation with a professional gambler looking to beat sportsbooks, especially during football season.

Kanemoto is also the author of “Winning Sports Betting.” But he will focus on football and his statistical winning method in Picking NFL Winners.

It’s a great NFL betting book if you are serious about beating the sportsbooks weekly.

5. Sharper: A Guide To Modern Sports Betting – TruePoker Joe

Sharper book cover

Many books focus on handicapping, which uses statistics and information to assign probabilities for different outcomes. However, most of this book is about trading.

This book has different qualities from everyday sports betting books. The author focused on how to think and the process of beating the oddsmakers.

It’s a solid guide for new and intermediate bettors to use when betting on football. However, it’s not a model. Instead, the author will tell you how he sees different betting situations and how to attack them.

The Biggest Takeaway From These Books

Overall, there is good literature in the football betting books section.

Each of the authors above has a different way of explaining how they gain an edge over the best online sportsbooks, and every single one is valuable.

As sports betting evolves, trying to beat the oddsmakers gets more challenging but not impossible.

The number one lesson these books will teach you is thinking long-term is the answer to making money betting on football.

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