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Those who begin their journey into sports betting may look online for information about handicapping and betting markets. We would recommend that course of action, and to start with our strategy articles here at Safest Sports Betting. With that said, there some standout books in sports betting literature. While most books on sports betting are not worth your time and money, there are a few standout authors and books that are excellent reads for both beginning and advanced sports bettors. The best books on sports betting you cannot afford to miss…

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Sharp Sports Betting – Stanford Wong

If there were to be a Hall of Fame for sports betting literature, Sharp Sports Betting would be the first book inducted. The book was originally written in 2001 and changed sports betting markets and odds forever. It has since had two updates in 2009 and 2011, but these were relatively minor revisions.

The author, Stanford Wong, which is an alias, is one of the best gamblers around. He put himself through college playing blackjack and has an amazing background and statistics and probability. This translated well into sports betting, to say the least.

Wong goes over just about every aspect of sports betting in this book, from sides, totals, money lines, teasers, and parlays. “Wong teasers” otherwise known as basic strategy teasers were coined from this book. He also dispels the many myths of sports betting, such as betting “trends” that are still widely believed today by the masses. The push charts and probability statistics are still accurate today. Wong also delves deep into advanced topics, such as Poisson distributions.

Football Betting Book

The book is heavily focused on football, but the lessons and ideas can certainly be used for other sports. It belongs in every sports bettors, library and is available in both paperback and Kindle format at Amazon.

The Smart Money – Michael Konik

Not every book on sports betting has to be informative. That’s why you find Michael Konik’s The Smart Money: How the World’s Best Sports Bettors Beat the Bookies Out of Million on our list. It’s not purely for entertainment, as there are a few useful nuggets, but it’s one of the best looks into the minds and practices of professional sports bettors.

It’s a book I wouldn’t be shocked to see made into a movie someday and does offer some valuable tidbits on-line shopping and its importance. “Fading the public” is also a common theme in the book and is a tactic that the syndicate Konik works within the book. One of the better themes in the book is how difficult it is for bettors to get money down on games once they become known as profitable gamblers. This is something that will happen to all bettors profitable bettors eventually. Being limited or discouraged from wagering is a rite of passage.

The events of the book take place mostly in Las Vegas, offering a unique look at sports betting in Vegas from the perspective of professional sports bettors. Read this one for the thrill ride. It’s available at

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Weighing The Odds In Sports Betting – King Yao

Weighing the Odds, by King Yao is a book that is quite similar to the above mentioned Sharp Sports Betting. Yao leaves a bit more for the reader to discover compared to Wong, whose book probably should have never been written in so much detail. The book is also a near must-read as well, and touches on all kinds of topics, but is especially helpful when it comes to baseball and football markets. King Yao’s book is available at Amazon. He’s also written a book on poker, which we also recommend to aspiring poker players.