Will Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial Take Place On July 12th, 2021?

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Betting Preview

Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of a disgraced father, Robert Maxwell. At least that’s what the title of a recent story in the New York Post said. Maxwell was a “media-mogul”, with financial connections to the New York Daily News.

His two sons beat fraud charges after their father’s death in what ended up as a fruitless attempt to salvage his company. So, Ghislaine Maxwell is no stranger to controversy.

She was closely-related to Jeffery Epstein, a shadowy businessman who allegedly ran a pedophile ring that was international in scope. A devastating video piece on 60 Minutes Australia outlined the horrid acts of Epstein and his “right hand woman” as the alleged victims spoke about their trauma from being sexually assaulted, exploited and abused by the raunchy power couple from Hell.

After Epstein’s mysterious suicide while in police custody awaiting trial for his pedophile-plane-and-island reputation among international elites, it wasn’t long before Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire where she’d been living in a one-million-dollar home under a false name.

What are the odds that her trial will actually take place on July 12, 2021?

Maxwell Co-Conspirators and Odds Breakdown

First Person Named By Ghislaine Maxwell In Federal Epstein Case:

Glenn Dubin+200
Ehud Barak+250
Prince Andrew+400
Alan Dershowitz+500
Larry Summers+600
Bill Richardson+800
George Mitchell+800
Bill Clinton+1000
Leslie Wexner+1500

There’s a laundry list of international elites and politicians who may be first named as co-conspirators during Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial. Among the list of potential co-conspirators we have:

  • Glenn Dubin (+200), an Irish hedge fund manager.
  • Ehud Barak (+250), a former Prime Minister of Israel.
  • Prince Andrew (+400).
  • Alan Dershowitz (+500), a former Harvard constitutional law professor.
  • Larry Summers (+600), an U.S. economic advisor under former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.
  • çBill Richardson (+800), a former Democratic Congressman, U.N. ambassador, and New Mexico Governor.
  • George J. Mitchell (+800), a former Democratic U.S. Senator.
  • Even Bill Clinton (+1000) himself.
  • Leslie Herbert Wexler (+1500), founder and CEO of fashion retailer L Brands, a parent company of Victoria’s Secret.

This was allegedly the cover for Maxwell and Epstein: they were recruiters for Victoria’s Secret models. With Prince Andrew’s terrible TV interview, I’d say he leads this pack of wolves.

So with all these forebodings aside, we can finally get to the crux of the issue. Is Maxwell, a woman the U.S. media have dubbed a “British socialite”, going to stand trial to face her myriad accusations and six criminal counts of wrong-doing?

The First Case Was In A South Florida Courtroom

Apparently, these devious debutantes have already faced criminal proceedings. The first case was brought up in a South Florida courtroom where Epstein pleaded guilty to lesser state crimes. That plea bargain included a nondisclosure agreement which allegedly was designed to protect Epstein’s co-conspirators.

It’s not too clear as to whether or not Maxwell will be included in that agreement. However, it doesn’t seem too likely. She was denied bail which she’d hoped would include a luxury stay in a Manhattan hotel.

“Nah,” the judge seemed to imply in so many words. Will justice be doled out for this wicked woman who was arrested by the FBI in July?

There are -140 odds that, no, Maxwell won’t face trial next year. And the odds are currently held at EVEN that, yes, she will face trial in 2021. I find it hard to put political bias aside for this one.

These are disgusting allegations. And after Epstein’s “suicide”, it’s pretty clear that there are hordes of revolting co-conspirators who have everything at stake to ensure that Maxwell doesn’t talk about her role in recruiting underage girls for Epstein’s sick fantasies in New York, New Mexico, Florida, and abroad.

Maxwell Will Stand Trial

A recent piece in Newsweek offered some commentary that whoever was to be in the cell with Maxwell could potentially be paid off to end her life. The guards who failed to protect Epstein still face criminal charges.

I think Maxwell will stand trial. There’s too much to lose if she isn’t protected, although it’s definitely fair to say that next July feels like a long way off. Many people have now been awakened and they’re paying attention to this gruesomely ugly, alleged pedophelia ring. It’s the entire world in fact.

If people didn’t know who Epstein and Maxwell were before all of these conspiracies and heinous crimes came to light, they certainly do now.

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