Odds For Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential Nominee

Odds for Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential Nominee

Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential nominee won’t be decided until the end of August. Who the hell knows what the U.S. will look by then.

But it’s has become apparent that there’s a lot of pressure on Biden to pick a Black woman as his running mate when it’s time to face the loud-mouthed incumbent, President Donald Trump, come November.

If that seems like a long way off, you are not alone. Biden knows that he’s got plenty of time to start learning how to speak in complete sentences again. That’s why his VP pick is hottest topic when talking about betting on politics.

While the elderly, stoic and corrupt Republicans can’t force-feed Americans into rallying around a Common Enemy overseas, this might be a good time for the country to look at itself in the mirror.

How the hell can we make any loot amongst this mess?

Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee Odds

Biden’s VPOdds To Win

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VP Candidate with the Best Odds

Right off the bat, the candidate with the best odds to become Biden’s VP nominee is Senator Kamala Harris. She has odds to win the nomination at -150 on MyBookie and (-125) at SportsBetting.ag.

I think you’ll have to start your betting strategy here. The simple reason for that is because she’s a Black woman and she’d previously been running for president against Biden and all the rest of the Democrats.

She doesn’t inspire much in the way of any encouraging policy positions, or getting the country rallied behind her message. Rather, she’s just … there.

This is important for the Democrats, probably one of the biggest reasons she’s leading the pack to become Biden’s VP. She was present at the debates, and she likes to play politics. As a former prosecutor—California’s Attorney General for six years—she is also a U.S Senator.

What Her Qualifications Are?

If you’re wondering what her qualifications are for becoming the Vice President, you’ve just read them. Oh, and she’s a cop. A lawyer and a politician. Just what the party needs right now!

Recently, she appeared on Stephen Colbert’s late-night talk-show from home or whatever. And she laughed and laughed when she was asked about rearing her ugly head at Biden in the previous Democratic debates.

“Whatever that means!” she replied. “They were debates!”

In other words, she stands for nothing—a perfect choice for Democrats.

Second-and-Third Tier Candidates for Dem. VP

Now, we can move on to something more interesting—some of the candidates who might be able to earn you a little loot during these trying times.

First up is Congresswoman Val Demings. Demings is also a former Orlando police chief, a Black woman from Florida. Demings is at +450 on MyBookie and +750 on SportsBetting.ag, is another candidate rising to the moment out of necessity.

Whereas Harris has previous experience running in this year’s election campaign, Demings seems to have garnered political attention from what she said at a press conference on police violence in America.

Val Demings

MSNBC did a decent piece about Demings, claiming that her robust experience as a police chief is actually what might hurt her politically. She is another establishment figure, a police officer.

However, her electability is centered around the fact that the winner of the general election has won Florida by a very small margin over the last two decades.

So is the Biden campaign considering her only out of an underlying political strategy rather than the substantiveness of her policies? Probably.

More Experience Than Biden

Then there’s former National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama, Susan Rice. And if you’ll notice about Democrats, they love saying his name—OBAMA—especially now. Another Black woman, Rice has national security experience under the Clinton and Obama administrations.

nd she has also served in the State Department and was an ambassador to the U.N. Then there’s Senator Elizabeth Warren, ranked at (+1300) on MyBookie and (+1000). But she’s white.

And, there’s also Stacey Abrams (+2500 on MyBookie / +2000 on Bovada) from Georgia’s House of Representatives and Keisha Lance Bottoms (+1600 on MyBookie and SportsBetting.ag), mayor of Atlanta and another lawyer and politician in the running for Biden’s VP.

These Black women might just be politicians of the moment, as even Michelle Obama has about is +2000 at MyBookie and +3300 at SportsBetting.ag.

Let’s break-down all this malarkey!

Breakdown of the VP Odds

As of this writing, I don’t really see any obvious contenders. It’s going to take some time for the Biden campaign to learn how to pronounce “Vice President” again. In the meantime, we all know his choice isn’t going to be based on popularity or favorability.

They are going to stick close to the “Obama” game plan because the Democrats, truly, have no idea how to win. They lost against Trump in 2016, with who was supposed to be the most qualified candidate in U.S. electoral history.

That failed. So, the only thing they have to fall back on at this moment is Obama. Who has the most experience with Biden and Obama? Susan Rice.

Warren Is Not The Best Choice

That’s not to say that I don’t think Warren is the best choice. My genuine, gut feeling is that she would be the best option to beat Trump. I’d love to see her campaigning in places like Detroit and Milwaukee—and even down in Florida.

But I think the Democrats and their donors are way too afraid of that kind of progressive outlook against their status quo.

Harris is worth a decent bet, but I wouldn’t say she’s the clear favorite. There are still two months left to campaign, and nobody is sure yet what it will feel like to move around the country again.

You could split your Harris bet with the same amount spread across Warren and Abrams. That’s my gut feeling. Will the Black Lives Matter movement continue over the summer?

The Party Is Desperate

If it does, then maybe you will want to toss a little loot in for somebody like Demings. But when the Democrats are considering a former police chief in a swing-state over two U.S. Senators who are also former presidential candidates in this election, you know the party’s desperate.

After careful analysis, though, my pick is Rice. She’s already worked with two previous administrations, and she has foreign policy experience. Plus, she also served under Obama. And we all know how important that is!

For now, it’s probably best to be cautious with your bets only because the flame of revolution is high. But I can see Rice as the true contender to face Trump come November.

If anybody can campaign against him, it’s somebody who actually knows what they are talking about. Somebody who doesn’t really believe in anything progressive or life-altering as a moderate Democrat.

Although Harris is heavily favored, I think Rice fits that ballot just fine.

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