Kanye West Presidential Election Betting Odds Preview

kanye west presidential odds

Earlier this week, rapper Kanye West delivered the news via Twitter that he’d be running for president in the 2020 Election. Quickly, it was observed however that there were some ramifications he left out of his oddball decision-making skills.

Forbes interviewed West, and it was pretty clear that he was leaving his presidential bid up to god. There weren’t any policies he could articulate without any beats, drums, bass, or co-writers.

Also, the election — believe it or not — is supposed to be grounded by a set of laws. Those laws in the legislative sphere seem to have been totally ignored.

Does He Really Have A Shot?

So, who’s to say that Kanye doesn’t have a shot at this year’s election? He would certainly fit in on the ballot for the Republican Party. But their ticket is already led by the incumbent, another stable genius.

Is Kanye really ready to give up his red MAGA hat in the middle of this election year during a global pandemic?

What Are Kanye’s Odds Of Becoming the Next President?

Who Will Win The 2020 Presidential Election?
Donald Trump+100
Joe Biden-150
Kanye West+5000
Hillary Clinton+5000
Mike Pence+6000
Michelle Obama+8000
Andrew Cuomo+8000
Mitt Romney+10000
Nikki Haley+12500
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The short answer is, no. Definitely no. I mean, who the hell does Kanye think he is? God, or something?

Forbes reported that West had already missed the deadline to be registered as an Independent Party candidate in individual key states. Additionally, there are even more deadlines to get on the ballot for this year’s general election rapidly approaching in July and August.

Kanye doesn’t even have a staff. He just announced his presidential bid on Twitter. See what President Donald Trump started during his first term? We now have another out-of-touch billionaire celebrity who doesn’t believe that the laws of the country apply to him. Good.

He’s Just Playing Up The Press

And that’s what this is really about, Kanye announcing his presidential bid on social media. Whether he’s serious about running this year or playing up the press to prepare for a potential bid in 2024, it’s clear this week that he’s just running off at the mouth. Er, fingers.

Over at MyBookie, Kanye’s odds (+5000) are very far off from Trump and Joe Biden. Likewise, at Bovada (+6600). This is just for throwaway cash. That’s what these bets are, just like Kanye’s words — and music — in my opinion. Throwaway tunes.

My life has been perfectly fine with never really listening to Kanye’s music all that much. I’m not that impressed by anything he says or has done. He married Kim Kardashian. Big deal.

Kanye is hollow and shallow. Although Trump has dropped that bar to the level of Dante’s Inferno, that doesn’t mean America will fall for it again.

Or will they?

Update On General Election Odds

Which Party Will Win The Presidential Race?
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The two parties solidified for this general election, the Republicans and the Democrats, aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s possible that Kanye running for president (“running for president”) is a sign of what’s to come in the future for viable third-party candidates to be mainstream celebrities.

America is stuck with two nitwits because that’s how the electoral system is designed, with the rigging done by corrupt plutocrats and kleptocrats who went to Harvard, Yale, and elsewhere.

Biden Is Still Leading

Biden is still leading Trump, with -150 odds to win it all in November. Trump is listed at +100 on MyBookie and +135 over at Bovada.

As I’ve said before, I don’t see the incumbent winning this general election after looting the Treasury essentially for the sake of big corporations and other elected officials presiding over their gangster cronyism to save themselves as the entire country erupts into spiritual and economic turmoil.

It’s for this reason, I believe, that the Democrats are heavily favored (MyBookie) at -500 to win the popular vote against the Republicans at +275. The Democrats are also a slight favorite to win the election outright at -180 to +135 at Bovada.

Electoral politics in America has become quite a sham. The rest of the world is catching on and finally the populace might be as well.

There’s only so much you can take from Trump, and any president for that matter, before you begin to realize that lies and distortions have become a big part of the game. The looting of the Treasury has gone on long enough.

Americans Might Prefer The Democrats

For now, Americans might prefer the Democrats — in terms of gambling favorability. And that’s just because the president is an idiot. A bigger moron than Biden? Unfortunately, Biden doesn’t set the bar much higher. In fact, they are essentially both moderately detestable.

I just don’t see how Trump could be a decent option to bet on politics, still. As the country crumbles, this is Biden — and the Democrats’ — election to lose. It’s a coin flip. And the coin is owned and operated by the same corporate politicos, lobbyists, special-interests and their bankrolling of the whole electoral charade. For their own benefit, of course.

That’s what Biden represents, too. Trump was supposed to be the populist who came into the White House to drain the swamp. He loaded it with putrid criminals and yes-men.

Flip a coin. See what happens. Wouldn’t it be something though if the Republicans could somehow win the popular vote and lose the general election?

That would really prove Americans live in a system that is not only broken, but beyond repair. From where I’m sitting, November feels like it’s very far away…

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