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Super Bowl Cross-Sports Betting Online

Cross-sport betting allows you to place wagers that cross into different sports. Such as the number of points a player might score in a basketball game versus the total points scored by a team in an NFL game. They’re like propositions on steroids!

The Super Bowl is full of crazy bets, from betting on the National Anthem to the halftime show to the phrases said by the announce team. This is just a taste of some of the wagers you can make.

Place Your Own Super Bowl Cross-Sports Bets!

Some online sportsbooks have taken it even further and have betting markets that tie the Super Bowl to other sports, such as NBA basketball contests, soccer, and hockey. These cross-sports bets are a great way to expand into other sports, while still betting on the NFL.

Here are some of our favorite cross-sport bets for Super Bowl LIV:

Super Bowl 54 Cross Sports Prop Bets

Super Bowl Cross-Sports Bets You Should Place!

NBA VS. Super Bowl 54 Cross-Sports Bet

Will Zion Williamson Get More Points Rebounds And Assists On 2/2/20 Or Will The San Francisco 49ers Score More Total Points In The Super Bowl?
Who Will Get More Points: Zion Williamson Vs. SF 49ers
BetOnline Super Bowl Cross-Sports Bets-155+115

How Does Zion Look For This Matchup?

Zion has been quite productive in his short time in the NBA. He has not eclipsed 31 minutes in a game so far, but he’s been filling up the stat sheet. His last game against the Hawks was his worst NBA game so far, but he still managed to grab seven rebounds, three assists, and score 16 points..

If we look at his other three games, his points, rebounds, and assists add up to 33, 32, and 37, respectively.

How Many Points Could The 49ers Score?

I have been more partial to the Under 54.5 for the Super Bowl this year, and could see a 49ers offense that doesn’t reach 30 points.

Even at -155, I see a lot of value with this Zion prop. It is likely he will reach 30+ pts, rbs, and assts, and I don’t see San Francisco scoring more than 30 points in this game.

Soccer Vs. Super Bowl 54 Cross-Sports Bet

Which Will Be Higher: Total Goals In The Juventus Vs. Fiorentina Match Or Total Interceptions In The Super Bowl?
Which Will Be Higher: Soccer Score Vs. Total Interceptions
BetOnline Super Bowl Cross-Sports Bets-120-120

What Could The Juventus Vs. Fiorentina Score Be?

This awesome prop bet pits a Serie A game featuring Juventus and Fiorentina against the number of interceptions in the Super Bowl. The first half-line in this game is 1 goal but has -160 vig on the Over.

I’d be lying if I told you I was anywhere near an expert on betting Serie A soccer, but if the oddsmakers are correct, we will likely see 1 to 1.5 goals in the first half of the game.

How Many Interceptions Will Super Bowl 54 Have?

I think we could easily see two interceptions in the Super Bowl for a variety of reasons.

  • For one, both coaches are somewhat aggressive play-callers, notably the Chiefs who often go downfield aggressively.
  • Secondly, both of these defenses are playing great. 

We know how strong the 49ers defense is, but the Chiefs have also certainly been underrated over the latter part of the season.

Throwing Late In The Game May Lead To Interceptions

Finally, I still think Jimmy G is the weak link on this 49ers offense, and my prediction is that Kansas City wins this game. Although, I think the game will be close.

We could see the Niners throwing late, and that is a prime spot for an interception.

NHL Hockey Vs. Super Bowl 54 Cross-Sports Bet

Will Alex Ovechkin Get More Total Hits Or Will The 49ers Score More Total Touchdowns In The Super Bowl?
Which Will Be Higher: Ovechkin Hits Vs. 49ers TD’s
BetOnline Super Bowl Cross-Sports Bets-130-110

How Many Touchdowns Will The 49ers Score?

Now, we will bring a little bit of hockey into the mix. The Washington Capitals’ Alex Ovechkin number of hits in his game against the Penguins vs. the number of touchdowns the 49ers will score.

I was surprised after breaking down this prop to see Ovechkin as a favorite at -130 compared to touchdowns by the 49ers. I think we can realistically project the 49ers for 2 or 3 touchdowns. Of course, they also have some upside for a lot more.

How Good Is Ovechkin At Getting Hits?

Ovechkin had 2.75 hits per game last year, and I am not sure how much a matchup with the Penguins would impact this number. These two teams sort of have a rivalry, but your guess is as good as mine on how that might translate into more checking.

I think the 49ers will ultimately lose this game, but 2-3 touchdowns should be enough to win or push against Ovechkin’s hits.

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The Bovada Sportsbook is one of our top Super Bowl betting sites. offers you dozens of amazing and weird prop bets, including cross-sport props you can place during the Big Game.

It offers new members a 50% Up To $250 bonus when you make your first deposit.

They accepts a variety of cashier methods, including credit cards and several cryptos. These are processed for free when making a deposit or requesting a withdrawal. Bovada has early and very competitive odds, perfect for the casual Super Bowl gambler!

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