Super Bowl 2020 Scams – Betting Sites To AVOID 🚫

super bowl sportsbook scams

Super Bowl ticket scams are the most popular dishonest schemes leading up to the big game. At the same time, new online betting accounts are created before Super Bowl kicks off however, novice bettors need to be cautious as there are a few betting sites to avoid. Unfortunately, there are many Super Bowl betting sites still operating that are untrustworthy and are far behind on payments to their customers but are still soliciting deposits. The start of NFL season and the lead up to the Super Bowl are the times when these sportsbooks may offer promotions that they can’t honor or aggressively advertise, just to lure in more deposits.

Our top betting sites have promotions for Super Bowl 2020, backed by a decade of positive reviews and fast payouts. The sportsbooks in this article do not have the same kind of history or payment processing. Some are listed in our scam sportsbooks section, but many others have warnings attached to the top of their reviews. We highly recommend avoiding all sportsbooks mentioned in this article.

TopBet Sportsbook

topbet warning cautionTopBet is probably the sportsbook that most people will fall into depositing with on this list compared to others. It’s still promoted at several other sites, including sports betting giant, Which, frankly, is shameful.

TopBet has made some headway paying players, but they should still be avoided, as many customers are waiting six months or more for just a few thousand dollars in payouts. We’ve issued several warnings about TopBet’s payout issues, with the last one coming in October 2017.

Oddsmaker Sportsbook

Oddsmaker has been one of the more prolific scam sportsbooks over the past decade in the online gambling world. They’re not promoted much by affiliates these days, but they are still operating. In general, FutureBet properties should be avoided.

CRSportsBet Sportsbook

super bowl scams warningWe still have this book in somewhat decent standing compared to the others on this list, but they still need to be avoided. They have had issues with slow-pays since November 2017 and are still in the industry, with less than three years in the business. The player in our Nov. report has still not been paid by the CRSportsBet.

Trusted Betting Sites To Bet On Super Bowl 2020?

Check out our safest online sportsbooks and our review criteria for our ratings when grading online sportsbooks. We have pretty much every sportsbook online in our review database. Please read our review before signing up and depositing for the Super Bowl. Our top sportsbooks for Super Bowl 53 are MyBookie and Both offer a 100% Cryptocurrency bonus up to $1,000 on a player’s first deposit using Bitcoin.

               Ready To Bet Online? – Best Super Bowl 2020 Betting Sites

Originally published: January 30, 2018
Content updated: January 24, 2020

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