Andrew Tate vs. Jake Paul Betting Guide – Odds & Prediction

Betting on Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul boxing fight

The Andrew Tate vs. Jake Paul saga continues. The two internet stars are close to setting a date and a place for their long-awaited boxing fight.

We have all the details you need to know about how we got here.

Jake Paul vs. Andrew Tate could be the most-watched boxing event of 2023 if both social media stars stop talking about it and start training.

This betting guide will give you information about the fight, betting odds, fighter’s style and records, as well as a prediction for the bout that everyone eagerly awaits.

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Is Andrew Tate vs. Jake Paul Happening?

Yes, the Andrew Tate vs. Jake Paul fight is happening. There is too much money for both parties to walk away.

We know Paul posted a tweet suggesting this fight will finally happen:

Jake Paul vs. Andrew Tate Boxing Fight Date

Neither fighter has confirmed the date of the event yet, but the rumors suggest it will be around late 2023.

Andrew Tate said he wants to have a couple of fights before he gets in the ring with Jake Paul, but that’s not doable. It would kill all the momentum.

Jake Paul vs. Andrew Tate Betting Odds

Odds To Win The Fight
Jake Paul-400
Andrew Tate+255

The fight’s opening line between Jake Paul and Andrew Tate has the YouTube star as the favorite. Jake Paul is -400 to beat Tate in the betting odds. That’s an 80% implied probability of winning.

To win $100 betting on Paul, you must wager $400. That’s the standard bet, but you can always gamble more.

Andrew Tate is +255 to beat Jake Paul, according to the opening betting odds of this clash. A $100 bet on Tate will pay $255 in return if the TikTok star wins the fight.

There are no odds on the round total, but once the fight date gets closer, the oddsmakers will make that number available.

Can Andrew Tate Beat Jake Paul In a Fight?

Andrew Tate Boxing

Many of you know Andrew Tate, but not all. Tate is a former kickboxer who became an internet personality by saying outrageous things online, mostly with misogynist points of view.

Those views get a reaction from other people, leading to millions of views, followers, and fame. He has become the most googled person worldwide by saying whatever he wants and not looking back.

Whether you agree with him or not hardly matters in this instance. We need to know if he can fight well enough for us to grab his value at +255.

Tate’s Fighting Career

Let’s go back to his kickboxing days. He started practicing the sport in 2005 and finally took it seriously in 2007 when he made his debut. His first two fights were losses.

His first-ever fight was the only time someone knocked him out using their hands. That L came via an overhand KO during a Golden Belt event in Great Britain.

Tate has lost seven times since that defeat, but not once with a move resembling a boxing KO.

This part is significant, considering he won’t be kickboxing against Jake Paul. It’s a boxing fight, which takes away kicking and other fighting styles that Tate might dominate.

The last time Tate stepped into a ring was in the middle of the pandemic, in December 2020. He has won his last three kickboxing outings.

However, he blew up as an internet sensation over the last few months. I would be surprised if we find out he has been training like in his kickboxing heydays.

Tate’s advantages and disadvantages

What Tate has going for him is his wingspan or reach. He’s 6’3 and made his opponents’ life miserable because he could pick them apart and take shots from far angles that most other fighters wouldn’t reach.

What worries me about Andrew Tate in this fight is he doesn’t look like the purest boxer in the world.

He understands the technique, but his kicking made him a kickboxing champ. Without that, he seems like a clumsy boxer at best.

Would Jake Paul Beat Andrew Tate?

Jake Paul Boxing

It is a little dishonest to say Tate is not a pure boxer and then talk about Jake Paul as if he is one. Let me be clear. He isn’t.

But we give Jake Paul the nod because he has taken this boxing semi-career seriously. He has spent a ton of money to create legit boxing camps with the best trainers.

For that reason, he gets a little -not much- respect. And for that reason, he also is the favorite at a whopping -400.

If this fight happens right away, Paul will arrive with a 6-0 record, including four wins via KO. Most of his wins have been against celebrities or washed fighters looking for a final payday in their career.

He was not going to lose in any of these scenarios. I’m not saying it was arranged before the fights. But for his brand and this multimillion-fighting Ponzi scheme, Paul needed to stay undefeated.

Later in this article, I will explain why this fight against Andrew Tate might be different.

But first, let’s talk about the matchup like it was a real fight. I mean, it is, but you know what I mean.

What are Paul’s advantages?

Paul is a 6’1 fighter without the impressive wingspan that Tate has. Jake, however, is bulkier and can take and deliver big punches.

I’m sure his camp will tell him to stay close to Tate to avoid his long reach and repeatedly hit him in the body.

With that strategy alone, Jake Paul should come as a winner. He punches harder, and his body type will allow him to shut down Tate’s reach, which is Andrew’s only advantage in this matchup.

By doing that, Jake Paul beat Anderson Silva, a former UFC champion. He couldn’t KO Silva, but he did knock him down. Anderson was one of the best in his craft.

As much as the Tate record suggests he was also excellent in kickboxing, I’m not sure I want to level him with Silva.

Anderson has been one of the most recognized fighters in the world over the past ten years and had previous boxing experience.

Andrew Tate vs. Jake Paul Tale Of The Tape

Andrew TateVs.Jake Paul
76-9 (Kickboxing)Record6-0 (Boxing)
198 lbWeight190 lb
+255Opening odds-400

Andrew Tate vs. Jake Paul Prediction – Who Would Win?

Tate vs Paul Fight Prediction

Looking at both internet stars’ fighting styles, along with their recent records, reach, height, and weight, Jake Paul has a better chance of winning this fight.

He is a massive favorite because he has taken this boxing thing seriously. Whenever he’s fighting, you can see there are legit traits of a boxer here and there.

Andrew Tate knows how to fight, but he has been out of the game for so long I don’t think he can just jump into the ring and beat Jake Paul. Also, I don’t trust Tate’s chin to take a massive hit from Paul.

But before, I told you I had a theory. So here it is.

Why this fight could end differently

Suppose Jake Paul lost his fights in the past. It would have been bad for business. It would have destroyed the card castle he had carefully created over the last two years.

A loss by Jake Paul against Anderson Silva or Tyron Woodley wouldn’t have helped either side. Instead, those wins gained him street credit, while the former fighters, with nothing to prove, gained a massive bag just for playing along.

With Andrew Tate, that scenario is different. Neither wants to lose, but because Tate is at the top of his internet fame, he has much more to lose if Paul defeats him.

His street cred and his loudmouth keep him relevant. He needs this win to stay as the internet god many think he is.

So, I think they get an arrangement in which Jake Paul finally loses his undefeated status to someone bigger than him on the internet.

This maintains Tate’s untouchable status while allowing Jake Paul, the mastermind behind all this, to demand a rematch. That’s how boxing works. Both can enjoy double pay, with millions and millions of people watching all over the globe.

Sure, both have enough money, but what do we know millionaires love more than anything? Yeah, more money.

With all that said, my bet would be Andrew Tate +255.

How To Bet On Tate vs. Paul Online

If you want the specific process on how to bet on the Jake Paul vs. Andrew Tate fight, follow these quick steps.

  1. Choose a trusted sportsbook

    We have a full guide covering the best offshore betting sites available to wager on the Andrew Tate vs. Jake Paul fight.

    All of them offer different bonuses for new customers. Make sure to check them out.
  2. Create an account

    Once you have selected one, sign-up using your accurate information; this is important because once you request the withdrawal of your winnings, the site will ask for ID proof.

    If you cherish privacy, we have a guide covering online betting without SSN.
  3. Make a deposit

    When you have signed up, go to the banking section of the sportsbook. Select your preferred banking method and make your first deposit.
  4. Claim a bonus

    The sportsbook will allow you to claim welcome betting bonuses in the same deposit process. The sites have a specific page for these rewards.

    Read the details before redeeming the prize to understand how it works.
  5. Place your bets

    Once the money and bonus hit your account, it’s time to bet. Head to the boxing section in the sportsbook and find all the markets available for the Andrew Tate vs. Jake Paul boxing match. Bet as much as you want.

Where To Bet On The Jake Paul vs. Andrew Tate Fight

Below you will find the best sportsbooks to bet on the Andrew Tate vs. Jake Paul fight.

All these sports betting sites are safe. Pick the one that presents the best offer for your betting needs.

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Bets You Can Place On The Boxing Match

The good thing about events like this is that you don’t need to place just one bet. There are different ways to attack the odds.

Moneyline Bet

Moneyline Bet Icon

The moneyline bet is basically picking a winner of the fight with the odds that the sportsbooks give us. It’s exactly what we did above in our prediction.

Here, the moneyline odds have Jake Paul at -400 and Andrew Tate at +255. What you must do is select a side and bet on the winner.

Prop Bets

Prob bet icon

Proposition bets are wagers designed to bet on a specific situation or scenario within the fight.

For example, you can bet Jake Paul will win via KO. You can also take the round you think the fight will be over.

Prop bets are enticing because they are incredibly profitable and quite fun. You can bet on hilarious outcomes too.

The victory method is the most popular proposition wager in boxing betting. But there are more enticing opportunities.

Over Unders

Over under bet icon

The over-under bet in boxing is guessing whether the fight will go over or under the number of rounds given by the oddsmakers.

The round total for the Paul vs. Tate match is not yet available. But to give you an example, let’s say the fight is a 10-round bout, and the oddsmakers set the number at 8.5 rounds.

You, as a bettor, can bet that the fight will end before or after eight and a half rounds have passed. The concept is exactly the same as with UFC over under betting.

Tips To Bet On Paul vs. Tate’s Boxing Fight

Betting Tip #1Understand the goals of each fighter

Follow the news for both fighters closely. Try to realize if this is a money grab or if both are trying to win this clash.

Once you understand both goals, you can handicap the fight with that in mind.

Betting Tip #2Don’t be afraid of betting on the underdog

Unlike most other sports, fighting gives the underdog a significant chance to win. With one quick but strong hit, Andrew Tate can end Jake Paul.

The plus money gives you a more substantial value than if you just took the favorite.

Betting Tip #3Diversify your bets on the fight

If you do not know who will win this clash, you can always hit other markets that don’t involve the winner. A bet on the total rounds is also a good option.

Any fighter’s exact round of victory could also be another profitable wager. Diversify your betting options.

Andrew Tate vs. Jake Paul (FAQ)

How to watch Jake Paul vs. Andrew Tate?

The fight between Jake Paul and Andrew Tate will be a PPV event, which means you will have to buy it to see it.

Can you bet on the Tate vs. Paul boxing fight?

Yes. You can bet real money on the Tate vs. Paul boxing fight at one of our recommended sportsbooks.

Andrew Tate vs. Jake Paul, who wins?

Jake Paul is the favorite to beat Andrew Tate in their upcoming boxing match.

Is Andrew Tate vs. Jake Paul rigged?

No, Andrew Tate vs. Jake Paul should be a legit fight. But don’t be surprised if there is a rematch already in the works. After all, it’s all for entertainment.

Can you make money betting on Paul vs. Tate?

Yes, you can make money betting on Paul vs. Tate. There are many markets to handicap and earn money with the fight.

How much will Jake Paul and Andrew Tate get paid to fight?

There has yet to be an official number. Jake Paul got paid $2 Million in his fight against Anderson Silva.

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