Crazy Super Bowl LIII Prop Bets

Crazy Super Bowl LIII Prop BetsSuper Bowl LIII is almost here.  It is the last time NFL bettors will be able to make a wager on their favorite game until August.  It is also the one time of the year that casual football viewers decide to bet on a game.

Sportsbooks know this and come up with hundreds of prop bets that are not available on any other game of the year.  This include betting on passing yards, rushing yards, receptions, field goals made and the number of yards of the longest punt.

Some sportsbooks go a step further by offering novelty props.  These involve bizarre outcomes of the pregame show, halftime show and random things the announcers may state.  Safest Betting Sites compiled some of the craziest Super Bowl prop bets offered by online sportsbooks.  You will not find these in Nevada due to state gaming regulations.

Pregame Super Bowl Props


Will any player on Falcons or Patriots be seen kneeling during the National Anthem on television?

  • No: -700
  • Yes: +400

What will Luke Bryan wear when he starts singing the National Anthem?

  • Blue jeans: -250
  • Any other pants or shorts: +170

Will Luke Bryan wear a hat when he appears on screen before singing the National Anthem?

  • No: -200
  • Yes: +150

Will Luke Bryan forget or omit a word from the National Anthem?

  • No: -700
  • Yes: +400


How long will the National Anthem take to be performed by Luke Bryan?

  • Over 209.5 seconds: -140
  • Under 209.5 seconds: +110


What will the playing choosing coin toss call?

  • Heads: -680
  • Tails: +440
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In-game Super Bowl Props


Which will be higher?

  • Length of Donald Trump’s Super Bowl Sunday televised interview in minutes: -250
  • Tom Brady rushing yards: +170

Will the word “Lacrosse” be said on TV during live broadcast?

  • Yes: -250
  • No: +170

Will “Houston we have a problem” be said during live TV broadcast?

  • No: -400
  • Yes: +250

How many times will “deflate” or “deflategate” be said during game?

  • Over 1.5: -120
  • Under 1.5: -120

How many times will Donald Trump tweet during the game?

  • Over 1.5: -115
  • Under 1.5: -115

What color will the liquid be that is poured on the head coach of the winning team?

  • Clear/water: +300
  • Yellow: +300
  • Orange: +300
  • Lime/Green: +350
  • Blue: +500
  • Red: +600
  • Purple: +1200


Which will be higher?

  • Number of tweets by Donald Trump on Super Bowl Sunday: -220
  • Number of touchdowns scored in Super Bowl: +175

How many tweets will Donald Trump have on Super Bowl Sunday?

  • Over 7.5: -175
  • Under 7.5: +145

Will Donald Trump tweet at Super Bowl winner’s Twitter handle on Super Bowl Sunday?

  • Yes: -120
  • No: -110


Will James Harden appear in a Super Bowl commercial?

  • Yes: -200
  • No: +155

How many commercials will Peyton Manning appear in during Super Bowl?

  • Over 1.5: -380
  • Under 1.5: +275

Will someone illegally enter the field of play during Super Bowl?

  • No: -5500
  • Yes: +1500

Will a player leave the game due to concussion symptoms?

  • No: -155
  • Yes: +125

Halftime Super Bowl LIII Props


Will Lady Gaga wear a hat or hoodie at beginning of halftime show?

  • No: -215
  • Yes: +170

Will Lady Gaga show any cleavage at any point during the halftime show?

  • Yes: -170
  • No: +140

What will Lady Gaga wear when she starts her halftime show?

  • Pants or shorts: -140
  • Skirt or dress: +105
  • No clothes: +2000

Postgame Super Bowl LIII Props


If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, will Brady, Belichick or Kraft be seen shaking Commissioner Goodell’s hand on TV?

  • Yes: -175
  • No: +135

Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first after he is presented with the trophy?

  • Team/teammates: +150
  • God: +225
  • Family: +900
  • Coach: +1000
  • Owner: +1000
  • Donald Trump: +3300
  • None of these: +250


Will Commissioner Goodell no-show for the Lombardi Trophy ceremony?

  • No: -10000
  • Yes: +2500

Will Commissioner Goodell get booed during the Lombardi Trophy ceremony?

  • Yes: -500
  • No: +350
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