Super Bowl 2019 Vegas Odds Vs. Online Betting Sites [Current]

Super Bowl 53 Current Betting Odds

Have you ever wondered about what is the best place to bet on the Super Bowl? Is it in Las Vegas or maybe online? There are lots of options to bet on the Big Game in terms of odds, moneyline or spreads. Many tourists will travel to Las Vegas to place bets at sportsbooks, but the reality is, that online betting sites are the clear choice when it comes to getting the most out of your Super Bowl betting experience, both when it comes to profit potential and enjoyment. We compare Vegas odds to Super Bowl betting websites and more.

Land-Based Sportsbooks Lag Behind Betting Sites

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court allowed states to open and regulate their own sportsbooks back May. The interest in sports betting has reached new heights and continues to grow. However, there are some significant drawbacks when it comes to betting Super Bowl 53 at land-based sportsbooks compared to at betting sites.

Current Vegas Odds On Super Bowl 2019

Lack Of Convenience

Nevada does allow online betting at state-licensed sportsbooks, but you must jump through a few hoops to get your account set up, and it’s not easy for non-residents. So, if you’re in Vegas, you’re usually going to have to walk up the betting counter to place a bet. That’s not exactly convenient when it comes to line shopping and extracting the most value.

Let’s compare this to online betting sites, where you can wager anywhere in the world, at any time. Whether you’re at home on your computer or at a friend’s place – every major online sportsbook has a mobile site or app. Placing a bet on the Super Bowl is always just a few seconds away when you’re wagering at online betting sites.

Minimal Sign Up Betting Bonuses

Another thing that is rarely offered when it comes to land-based sportsbooks is bonuses. Many of the state-regulated sportsbooks in New Jersey offer bonuses to new players, but these are extremely small. Most are just $50 or so, which is a far cry from the amounts available at online sportsbooks.

Almost every Super Bowl betting site offers users a bonus for signing up. These can be worth thousands of dollars in freeplay. Once bettors make an account and deposit, these bonus funds will be credited to their account within a matter of minutes. Those who are new to online betting can quickly get themselves thousands of dollars in freeplay when they sign up at a bunch of different sportsbooks. For the Super Bowl, there are even more options than usual. Many sites are offering exclusive reload bonuses for Super Bowl 53, even if you already have already signed up and have an account.

Better Betting Markets And Odds

Online betting sites are far better in this area compared to regulated markets. Lots of people will hype all the things you can bet on now that sports betting is regulated. It’s clear they haven’t been betting for any significant amount of time. Offshore sportsbooks have a far better selection of odds and markets.

They have far more proposition bets than any of the major land-based sportsbook. There are also multiple sites that offer reduced juice. Online betting is the only option if you’re interested in competitive odds and more markets than you can find anywhere else.

Online Super Bowl Betting Sites Are the Best Option

And, it’s not even close. Not only will you have a much better selection of odds, but it’s far more convenient when it comes to placing bets and not taking yourself out of the immersion that is the Super Bowl. When you add in the bonuses, which can easily be worth thousands of dollars – it’s a no brainer. Best of all, no matter where you’re located in the United States, there is an online betting site accept players from your state.

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