If A Player Gets Injured Is The NFL Bet Void?

If a Player Gets Injured is the NFL Bet Void?

So, you put some money down on an NFL player prop, but you discover –too late– that your player is out because he was injured. You either missed the injury report, or they got hurt at the last minute.

So what will happen to your bet? If a player gets injured, is an NFL bet void? That’s what we’ll discuss here.

Of course, if your bet on a key player on the team that is hurt, you are stuck with the bet. The sportsbook will adjust the odds, and you can bet another way or check out the live betting opportunities.

But with player proposition bets, like Tom Brady to surpass 300 yards for the game, the person has to play (or at least has to be active) for the wager to stand.

Sportsbook rules for player prop bets can vary, and we’ll go into what to explore.

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Do Injuries Void Bets? 3 Questions To Understand

Sportsbooks have different rules to void a bet depending on the case. Check out some common questions about what happens when a player gets injured.

If An NFL Player Gets Hurt During A Game, Is The Bet Void?

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The bet usually stands if a player in your prop bet gets injured during a game. That’s because the NFL has no rules on official injury reports during a match.

If the player appears in the game and needs to leave it, the team or league may not report the reason until after the game, injury or not.

In Bovada, for example, the bet would stand as long as the player has played for three or more minutes.

Is The Bet Void If A Player Doesn’t Play At All?

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In most cases, the bet is void if the player in your proposition bet doesn’t get into the game. But you should check the rules of your sportsbook because they vary.

Some sites let the wager stand if the player is active according to the official injury report – even if they don’t complete a single down.

With a full-season prop or future, a player must be on the active roster for the season’s first game for the bet to stand. Generally, a quarterback must start the first game of the season.

What Happens To My NFL Parlay If A Player Doesn’t Play?

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When you bet an NFL parlay –more than one outcome in a single bet– the rules differ depending on the sportsbook.

First, some betting sites don’t let you mix prop bets with other wagers like game outcomes, totals, etc.

Some sportsbooks don’t let you parlay prop bets at all. Others will void the entire parlay if the player doesn’t play.

Some sportsbook sites that permit mixes or parlays for props alone will drop the portion of the parlay in which the player does not play and allow the rest of the wager to stand with lower odds.

Injuries In NFL Games: Betting Rules By Sportsbook

Sports betting sites vary on how specific they are on prop bets when players are out. A few books refer you to Las Vegas rules for situations not mentioned in their guidelines.

Here are directions on NFL prop bets involving injuries for some of the top US-friendly online sportsbooks.

SportsbookRule For The NFL Bet To Have Action
BetUSThe player must play in the game. QBs must start in the game.
BetOnlineThe player must play in the game.
BovadaThe player must play in the game for 3 minutes or more.
EverygameThe player must be active and play a snap.
MyBookieThe player must play in the game.
SportsBetting.agThe player must play in the game.


  • Rule: Players in a prop bet must play in the game for the wager to have action. Quarterbacks must start in the game.

BetUS also has rules for season-long props or futures, like whether a particular running back will surpass 1,000 yards during the season.

In those cases, the player must be active (not on the injury list) for the first game of the year.


  • Rule: The player has to play in the game for the player prop to count.

The player must be active in the first game of a season-long proposition wager. Props or future bets are not allowed by BetOnline as part of a parlay.


  • Rule: The player must be active and play the game for 3 minutes or more for the player prop bet to stand.

Bovada allows parlays that mix prop bets with other outcomes. If the player in the prop is officially injured, the odds are adjusted.


  • Rule: As long as the player is active and plays a snap, the player prop will have action. If he is injured once he enters the game, the bet will be graded as a win or loss, based on the outcome.

Everygame does not allow parlays on player props or player futures.


  • Rule: The player in the prop bet must play at least one play in the game for the wager to count.

Full-season prop wagers only have action if the player is on the active roster for the season’s first game. MyBookie does not allow proposition bet parlays.


  • Rule: A prop-bet player must play in the game for the wager to have action.

The player must be active in the first game for a season-long prop or futures bet to count. Sportsbetting.ag does not allow you to include prop bets or future wagers in a parlay.

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You Are On Your Way To Being an Expert Football Bettor!

Having skin in the game makes for a much more exciting fan experience. And with the NFL season on the way, it is time to start planning and budgeting for the kickoff.

So, check the injury reports, study the top players, and see how good you can be at picking winners.

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