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Poker at Sportsbooks

Poker at SportsbooksThese days, just about every online sportsbook offers more than just sports betting. Most online betting sites these days are “one-stop shops”, that allow customers to bet on sports, play online poker, and try their hand at casino gambling. All of this can be done from the same account, and usually without having to move money around to and from different wagering options.

In other words, it’s a good time in history to be a gambler. You have pretty much every gaming option available to you, and all from the comfort of your home. However, before jumping into online poker, there a couple of aspects to consider.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll management in poker isn’t quite the same as managing your bankroll in sports betting. Due to the nature of poker, it isn’t as easy as risking a certain percentage of your bankroll in each pot, like you can when placing bets at a sportsbook.

Depending on what type of variant (cash or tournaments) you’re playing, poker bankroll requirements will vary.

For cash games, most players would agree that 40 buy-ins for your specific level are enough to play without the risk of ruin if you’re a profitable player. This means, if you’re playing a $0.50/$1.00 No Limit Hold’em game, you would need $4,000. $100 is the maximum buy-in, so 40 * 100 = 4,000.

When it comes to tournaments, it can vary a bit. For Sit N’ Go tournaments, the recommended number of buy-ins is 50. For large field, multi-table tournaments, most experts recommend 75 buy-ins.

Just like sports betting, a lack of bankroll management can doom players from the start. If you’re looking to become a profitable poker player, sticking to a bankroll management plan is the first step.

Be Careful of Collusion

Many sites these days limit players to one account per household, but that isn’t always the case. Lots of those who have played live poker before are interested in playing online. They might head down to the card room and play at the same table as their buddy.

This is a big mistake regarding online poker markets. Players should never sit at the same cash game table as their friends or same tournament table if they’re playing from the same household.

In general, it might be worth avoiding your friends at online poker rooms (even if you’re playing from different locations) unless you guys are “playing it straight.” Often, and this happens in live poker a lot, friends will check down pots against their buddy at the table or they will “soft-play” them.

This also extends to transferring chips. Some sites offer player transfers (although, that is becoming rarer), but if they don’t – losing pots intentionally to a friend to send him more bankroll is called “chip dumping” and is still classified as collusion by just about every online poker room.

In the online poker world, this might be seen as collusion. Collusion is a serious offense and one that can lead to the confiscation of your funds. At some less than reputable sites, that may mean all the funds in your account, including any that you have won betting sports, along with poker.

Yeah, that’s a scary thought, but it’s the reality. We’re not telling you to avoid playing online poker, but it’s important to stay as far away from collusion as possible and to play at reputable sportsbooks and poker rooms.

There have been examples in the past of successful sports bettors deciding to take their winnings over to the poker room and a dishonest management team accusing them of collusion or other forms of cheating. In some of the incidents, players lost all of a large majority of their funds.

Avoid Playing on Tilt

“Tilt” is a frame of mind that poker players often find themselves after a “bad beat,” meaning they were a huge favorite in a hand that they ended up losing. “Tilting” includes playing poorly, whether that means too loose or aggressive, or simply playing far from your A game as a player.

We went over our top sports betting mistakes, and playing poker while on tilt is similar. If you’re betting under the influence or are simple rattled from a bad beat, and you’re not playing well – then you should stop playing.

Too many poker players are obsessed with “getting even” on the night or session. This type of thinking leads to disastrous results in many cases. If you down a lot on the night and feel the need make your money back, but you’re playing poorly or the game is simply not good, you’re making a mistake.

It’s easy to say away from the table that “poker is just one long session”, but that’s the truth. Poker will be there tomorrow. If you’re playing poorly and are pressing to make back your losses, take a break or try again the next day.

Best Times to Play

Before anti-online gambling legislation, like the UIGEA and then the “Black Friday” seizures, the online poker market in the U.S. was a lot more vibrant. Games were excellent year round and playing in the mornings or the middle of the day wasn’t an issue.

In today’s market, that’s not the case. The action during isn’t as nearly soft as it was years ago. Player numbers are extremely low in the mornings and the afternoons aren’t much better during the work week. The games aren’t great during the day and are mostly filled with “grinders.” These are players who play poker for a living or semi-professionally.

Instead of trying your luck against tough competition, try to play in the evenings or on the weekends. Undoubtedly, the games are also better seasonally. The summer is a down period for gambling in general, with baseball dominating the headlines and people more eager to explore the outdoors.

The NFL Season is probably the best time to play. It’s boom time for sportsbooks and the most profitable time of the year for them. Players who win a few bets are happy to head over to the poker room and try their luck. Often, the best time to play is after the games conclude on an NFL Sunday, or after a primetime contest on Monday or Thursday Night.

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  1. You’ve got to be afraid of all in-s. It always makes your life harder and you can loose money even if you have good cards or you don’t. In this case real poker is more easy because you can see the guy in front.

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      Live games have their own unique nuances. U.S. market poker can be tough to find a good operators, but there are some excellent reviews and recommendations at

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