Top Quarterback Props To Bet On In The 2020 NFL Draft

Prop Bets NFL Draft 2020

The NFL Draft is one of the few events that won’t get canceled in 2020. The NFL said they are working on ways to innovate the Draft, as we won’t see large crowds this year.

The good news is we will get to see one of the most exciting events of the NFL offseason. We are thirsty for something sports-related.

The sportsbooks have already put together a list of prop bets for the 2020 NFL Draft. Quarterbacks are the crown jewel for a football team, and the Draft is the best way to find your new franchise QB.

Let’s hit some QB prop bets for the 2020 NFL Draft:

Who Will Be The 2nd QB Drafted?

Tua Tagovaiola-500
Justin Herber+350
Jordan Love+1200

Jordan Love is getting a lot of “love” in a few mock drafts I saw, but he won’t be the second QB drafted in the NFL Draft. It is between Tua Tagovaiola and Justin Herbert. Tua is a huge favorite here, but there are some questions around his health.

Are you willing to lay down $500 for a guy who looks like a question mark? The Bengals will select QB Joe Burrow. The Redskins, Lions, and Giants won’t pick a quarterback, but the Miami Dolphins will.

During 2019 everything was about “tanking for Tua.” Miami didn’t entirely tank, and they still have a shot at drafting Tagovaiola, but will they?

Tua’s hip injury seemed serious, and it still remains a concern. He posted videos on social media working out, but that is not enough.

By drafting Tua, Miami will be getting a player that might be injury-prone with a current hip problem. Will, the Dolphins, wait for him to get healthy in a couple of seasons, or will they take the next best guy?

The next best quarterback is Justin Herbert, and a bet on him pays +350. He does have value because the consensus is Herbert is a first-round draft pick. If Miami doesn’t pick him with the 5th overall pick, the Chargers will at 6th.

I see many wonderings about Tua’s health and perfect opportunity to bet on value with Herbert at +350 as the second quarterback pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Our 2nd QB Drafted Pick:

Justin Herbert at +350

Who Will Be The 3rd QB Drafted?

Justin Herber-300
Jordan Love+225
Tua Tagovailoa+750
Jacob Eason+4000

If you bet on Tua being the second drafted QB in 2020, then you need to go with Justin Herbert as the third. If you go Herbert as the second, then it’s Tua as the third. It’s simple.

If you go Herbert and then Tua, you could be getting a $1400 payday on a $200 investment. The best part is the scenario is not far from becoming a reality.

Our 3rd QB Drafted Pick:

Tua Tagovailoa at +750

When Will Jalen Hurts Get Selected?

Round 3-115
Round 2+160
Round 4-7+300
Round 1+1200

Jalen Hurts took a big step forward last year with Oklahoma. It helped his draft status, but it didn’t enough for him to be a first or a second-rounder.

Hurts is behind Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, Jordan Love, and Jacob Eason in terms of talent and draft buzz.

Jalen went from being Tua’s back up two years ago to a fantastic season with the Sooners in 2019. Hurts threw for 3851 yards and had 52 touchdowns combined. He took his game to the next level.

The Problem With Jalen’s Impressive Numbers

The problem is he was in an offense that was favorable and, in a conference, where the defensive discipline is not great. Another issue is that there aren’t many teams looking for quarterbacks. Hurts will be a backup trying to work his way up.

Most teams will enter the draft with their quarterback situation settled. Franchises will take a shot at Hurts, but he won’t be a need.

The option of Round 4-7 at +300 gives me the best value and margin to collect a winner. I get four rounds, meaning 128 picks, where Hurts can land while getting 3/1 odds. 

Our Jalen Hurts Selection Pick:

Round 4-7 At +300

Other Prop Bets To Hit In The NFL Draft

When Is Tua Tagovailoa Selected?

3rd Pick+175
5th Pick+200
2nd Pick+400
4th Pick+900
6th Pick+900
Field (any other pick)+900

Which Pick Will Tua Tagovailoa Be Drafted?

BET ATMyBookie NFL draft Props
Over 3½ Pick-130
Under 3½ Pick-110

Total QBs Drafted In Round 1

BET ATMyBookie NFL draft Props
Over 4 QBs Drafted-170
Under 4 QBs Drafted+130

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