Looking For NFL Bookie? – Placing Bets With Local Bookies

Local Bookies & Online Betting Sites Vs Regulated Betting Options

Looking for NFL Bookie? - Placing Bets With Local BookiesLet’s just first point out before we delve deeper into this article that we highly recommend bettors choose online NFL betting sites as their first option to place bets, especially in areas where the activity is not regulated locally. If you’re in Nevada, feel free to head over to a land-based sportsbook like Cromwell. However, in any other jurisdiction, we recommend utilizing online sportsbooks over local bookies.

There are some rare advantages of using offline or local bookies. We discuss those in-depth in the above article. In certain situations, using a local bookie makes plenty of sense. Keeping most of your betting action online and using a few locals occasionally can be an excellent combination for finding the best odds and pouncing on them. Further, giving you a chance to grow your bankroll. Thou, if you are just starting in sports betting sticking to trusted betting sites is the most optimal option.

Old School Local Bookie For NFL Bets

In most parts of the country, the vast majority of sports bettors have no idea what they are doing. Local bookies who haven’t adapted to the technology-centered global betting market can still survive in some areas. We’re talking about guys that still get their NFL betting odds from the newspapers and take bets via phone, not from pay-per-head sites that are based offshore. The most notable difference here from online betting sites or locals who don’t use PPH sites is their inefficiency and betting action disparities, which moves the odds in many cases.

Their inefficiency should be easily apparent. If they’re too slow to update their odds or don’t follow major sportsbooks, then they’re going to lose money to any sports bettor that has a clue. You can’t post stale lines forever and not expect someone to profit off them. The betting action part is where a significant advantage can come into play. If you live in a big city or near a big city, bookies will almost always receive lopsided action on the hometown team. If they’re going off their betting action and not what the odds are online or in Vegas land-based sportsbooks, you could find yourself with plenty of value against the local team(s).

Online Betting Odds Vs Locals

Online Betting Odds Vs Locals On SteelersFor instance, I’m from Pittsburgh and the old school locals around here regularly had the Steelers at a much better price than what was available online or in Vegas. The Steelers might be -4.5 and a local might have the odds at -7. Whoever the Steelers were playing that week instantly becomes a +EV bet at +7. Of course, this isn’t just the case with football, but it is the most common sport where you may find a big difference between online betting markets and the odds of locals.

NFL Betting Sites – Limited Betting Options

For some who have bet for a long time, their options are often limited when it comes to where they can bet online. This is an enviable position to be in because those who get their betting limits cut at a lot of betting sites have won a lot of money betting sports. Anyone who has made a consistent long-term profit off sports betting has been banned or limited at a few online sportsbooks. In the case that there aren’t nearly as many options online or you can’t get enough money down, looking offline makes plenty of sense.

Sports betting is much easier to scale than other sports. If you can bet more on soft odds or stale lines, you will make more than you did when you bet less. This differs between games like poker, where the level of skill increases when you move up in stakes. Experienced sports bettors often use the slang term “outs” as a way of explaining how many sportsbooks or bookies they have available for betting. If you’re betting a lot of money, you should read out NFL Betting Guide to maximize your profits.

Placing NFL Bets With Local Bookies Final Thoughts

We have to stress again that we recommend online betting sites over local bookies. However, we can’t fault bettors for using a local, provided they have soft odds and bettors can trust that they will pay. That truly what it is all about. If you can be near certain that you will be paid and that the bookie honors and grades his wagers fairly – we have no qualms about using a local bookie for some of your betting action.

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