Call Of Duty Betting – Best Sites And Strategy

Call of Duty betting is a great entry point for those interested in esports betting in general. Many online sportsbooks accept moneyline bets for Call of Duty World League (CWL) Pro League matches and other CWL open events. The CWL is the premier professional Call of Duty league and will pay out a total of $2,180,000 USD in 2019.

Teams and audiences are based mostly in North America and Europe. Asia is not a major player in the Call of Duty competitive scene. As a result, Call of Duty esports betting is not in as high demand as League of Legends or Overwatch betting.

Compared to other popular shooters like Counter Strike: Global Offense (CS:GO) and Overwatch, Call of Duty is much more accessible. CS:GO is rigid and Overwatch implements elements of multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games. Call of Duty, on the other hand, is friendlier to casuals and easier to follow.

Call of Duty titles release on an annual basis and the series is perpetually relevant in the world of esports. The consolidation of Call of Duty’s professional scene means it’s easier for bettors to follow and place bets on Call of Duty matches and tournaments.

Best Call Of Duty Betting Sites 2020

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Call Of Duty Betting Markets – Types CoD Bets

Even though Call of Duty is a major player in the world of esports, it’s still a console-based title that lags behind League of Legends, Overwatch or Counter Strike in terms of popularity. As a result, types of Call of Duty bets offered by major online sportsbooks are limited.

Call Of Duty Moneyline Wagers

At Bovada or, bettors can place moneyline wagers on which team will win an individual match outright. These types of Call of Duty bets are not complicated and are good starting points for beginners. They work as follows: in the moneyline column of a sportsbook, the team with the negative number (for example, -150) next to their name is the favorite.

What that negative number indicates is the amount a bettor must wager to make a profit of $100. If Team Envy is a -150 favorite in its match against Evil Geniuses, you would have to place a $150 bet on an outright Team Envy win to get your money back plus a $100 profit. If Evil Geniuses is a +150 underdog, a $100 bet on an outright EG win would yield a $150 profit, not too shabby!

Handicap Betting In Call Of Duty

Handicap bets affect moneyline wagers in that they give one team a starting advantage. Pinnacle, for example, implements handicaps on CWL Pro League matches. Handicaps typically are +1.5 or -1.5. What this means in terms of Call of Duty is that a team with a +1.5 handicap only needs to lose by one game, or win outright, in a best-of-five match. Working off the example match of Team Envy vs. Evil Geniuses, a bet on EG, a +150 underdog with a +1.5 handicap, pays out if they win or lose the match 3-2.

Futures Bets In Call Of Duty

Much less frequently offered by online sportsbook are futures bets. Before a tournament starts, some sites will accept bets on which team will win the tournament outright. Others offer a more diverse set of futures bets, like which teams will reach the final, which will be eliminated first, etc. For Call of Duty, these types of bets are much rarer but they do pop up from time to time. Keep an eye out for futures bets around CWL open tournaments and the CWL World Championship.

Call Of Duty Betting Guide

Betting on Call of Duty is easy for beginners and seasoned bettors alike. Just choose a sports betting website–for example Bovada, or Pinnacle–and sign up for an account. Once logged in, choose the sportsbook option and search through the esports section for Call of Duty betting. Make sure you’ve set aside an amount of money you’re comfortable betting with and place your first bet.

Before placing bets on Call of Duty matches and tournaments, make sure you familiarize yourself with the game, the pro scene and betting trends. Watch CWL streams and keep up on news, standings, and stats for even more of a betting edge. Bettors can be successful playing odds but an acute knowledge of the game and the league’s trends is the key to making real money. is a good CWL resource for beginners looking for info. The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 section of is a must-visit for new bettors looking to delve into CoD.

When you are starting to bet on Call of Duty you of course will want your bet to be a winning one. To achieve this you will have to have a little luck and a lot of understanding of how the game is played, in what type of form are the teams that you are backing and how coherent a team is.

Betting Tip #1Get Immersed And Do Your Research

Understanding a first-person shooter is not very difficult, but it is recommended that you have played the game before you had bet on it. This doesn’t have to be in a competitive match or even in a multiplayer mode, it just serves to acquaint you with the basics of the game.

Betting Tip #2Get Immersed And Do Your Research

In addition to understanding how a game is played, an experienced bettor will always look at the teams’ rosters and their previous matches. In-form teams and teams which have proven to be stronger in previous meetings are always good options for your wager.

Betting Tip #3Get Immersed And Do Your Research

Now, when you are pondering about whether to bet on a team or not, it is always good to see how that team develops together. There are several live streamed Call Of Duty matches, you can use those to check out the teams to see if they are worth backing or not. If they perform as one coherent unit and you are satisfied with what you see, then be sure to continue following them and bet on them!

Best Betting Sites For COD

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Top Call of Duty Tournaments To Bet On

There are dozens if not hundreds of Call of Duty tournaments held annually throughout the world, but events that fall under the Call of Duty World League umbrella are the easiest for bettors to bet on. The CWL’s Pro League is its main draw but additional open events are held during the year as well.

CWL Pro League

Call Of Duty Pro League DivisionCall of Duty’s top pro league features a 12-week regular season and a playoff tournament. The 2019 season goes from February to July. Bettors have dozens of opportunities to place money-line bets on individual matches during the regular season and playoffs. With a prize pool of over $2 million, the Pro League is Call of Duty’s most lucrative competition. The 2019 playoffs, set to take place in July, will pay out $1.25 million alone.

CWL World Championship

CWL Worlds CoD BettingAt the conclusion of the Pro League season, all 16 participating teams, and 16 amateur circuit teams, compete at the CWL World Championship. With a prize pool of $2 million, the World Championship is the biggest and best CoD tournament on the competitive calendar. The 2019 CWL World Championship will happen sometime in August and will include 32 of the best teams in CoD, a guaranteed fest for the esport scene.

CWL London

CWL London CoD BettingScheduled for May 3-5, CWL London, one of four major international events held by CWL this season, features two tournaments: a pro bracket and an open bracket. The pro tournament features all 16 of the CWL Pro League teams and pays out $325,000. The open tournament sports a $75,000 prize pool and offers amateur circuit teams greater exposure in their quests for World Championship qualification. It’s easy for those who follow the Pro League to bet on the pro tournament because they have a good knowledge base.

CWL Anaheim

CWL Anaheim CoD BettingThe last of four major international CWL events in 2019, CWL Anaheim will take place June 14-16. Using the same format as CWL London, Anaheim also boasts a $325,000 prize pool for the pro tournament and a $75,000 pot for the open tournament. The CWL major international events held throughout the CWL regular season give bettors more chances to place bets on significant Call of Duty tournaments.

CWL Pro League Betting

CWL Pro League BettingThe Call of Duty World League (CWL) is CoD’s top professional league. It features teams and players primarily from North America and Europe and is different from other top FPS esports in that it is played on Playstation 4. The 2019 CWL regular season began in February and runs until July 7. As the premier Call of Duty competition, the league is of utmost importance to bettors looking to wager on the game.

The league consists of 16 teams split into two divisions of eight. At the end of the regular season, the top four teams in each division advance to the playoffs. The other eight teams compete in a playoff play-in tournament and the top two finishers also earn bids to the playoffs. Up for grabs in the playoffs–taking place sometime in July–is a prize pool of $1.25 million, $500,000 of which goes to the champion.

Defending champion Evil Geniuses has had a rough start in 2019 and currently sits near the bottom of the standings. The 2018 World Championship MVP, Assault, still plies his trade with EG. Team Kaliber finished second in 2018 but disbanded at the end of the competitive season. Former tK players Enable, Fero and Kenny joined 100 Thieves in the offseason, making them instant contenders.

Lumosity Gaming and OpTic Gaming are perennial title challengers and some of the most popular teams in the game today. Lumosity features two former World Championship MVP’s in John (2016) and FormaL (2017), and OpTic retained Karma and Crimsix, two of the most successful players in Call of Duty history.

Best Call Of Duty eSports Teams To Watch Out For

Optic Gaming Best CoD eSports TeamTeams come and go in esports but OpTic Gaming has fielded a competitive Call of Duty team since 2006 and is arguably the best CoD team of all-time. World Champions in 2014 and 2017, OpTic’s current roster features Karma and Crimsix, two legendary veterans of CoD games. Karma and Crimsix are not only the two best and highest grossing CoD players of all time, but they are the highest grossing console gamers of all time.

On the Call of Duty scene since 2015, Lumosity Gaming is consistently a contender and currently features legends John and FormaL. Both are former World Championship MVP’s and helped Lumosity capture the CWL Fort Worth title in March of 2019.

With the talent OpTic and Lumosity boast it’s hard to ever count either out. Tournament experience goes a long way, so wagering on either of these orgs to win events outright is always safe. On the other hand, the sheer volume of matches and unpredictability of the Pro League means any team can win on a week-to-week basis, so don’t be afraid to bet on an underdog either.

Call Of Duty Betting Strategy

Successful esports betting requires some luck, but a general understanding of the game you’re betting on is paramount. The most important aspect of building a Call of Duty betting strategy is ensuring you know, in and out, the nuances and meta of the pro game. This will help you make informed bets and in turn win more money.

New and experienced bettors alike should follow the CWL on a regular basis so they know which teams are in good form. Be mindful of match-ups as well; knowing that one team is another’s kryptonite could be the key to calling an upset. In an objective based first-person shooter like CoD, team composition is also important. Just because a team on paper is loaded with talent does not mean they’re going to steamroll a less-talented team.

Yes, teams with better aiming mechanics are at an advantage, but, esports, more now than ever, require teams to work together. Team strategy is key; do your research and learn which team tactics and compositions are most effective. And finally, play the odds. Odds are formulated for a reason and should not be ignored. Be smart, bet with a comfortable amount of money and have fun.

Best Call Of Duty Content Creators

Scump CWL CoD Pro PlayerGames with competitive communities have built-in personalities that command large audiences and Call of Duty is no exception. There are many content creators popular in the CoD community that are amateurs, but most Twitch viewers want to watch the best players. As a result, pros with big personalities are viewed most.

The OpTic Gaming trio of Scump, TeePee, and Crimsix are among the most popular Black Ops 4 content creators out there currently. In addition to regularly streaming live on Twitch, all three produce YouTube and social media content and collect tens of thousands of views and likes. Bigger Twitch personalities like Dr. Disrespect and TimTheTatMan also stream Black Ops 4. As some of the most-watched streamers in North America, Disrespect and Tim draw large audiences to Call of Duty but often stream other titles as well.

Newcomers to the Call of Duty scene will want to visit the Call of Duty World League YouTube page and the Call of Duty Twitch channel. Both host videos of past matches, tournaments and other featurettes. YouTubers GreenGoblinHD and TygeR produce Call of Duty tips-and-tricks videos for their pages making them must-visits for anyone looking to jump into CoD.

Call Of Duty Betting FAQ

How Do You Do Wager Matches On CoD?

Login to Bovada, or Pinnacle, create an account and venture over to the Call of Duty section under esports. Choose a match you want to bet on, select a winner and checkout.

How To Bet On CoD?

Login to Bovada, or Pinnacle, create an account and venture over to the Call of Duty section under esports. Choose a match or tournament you want to bet on, select a winner and checkout.

What’s The Best CoD Betting Site?

CoD is offered on most major online sportsbooks, but Bovara, and Pinnacle are the best to use because they accept bets for all CWL Pro League matches. Pinnacle uses handicaps while most other online sportsbooks do not.

How Is This Different From Other Fps?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is more of an arcade shooter when compared to games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive. CoD’s competitive scene also lives on Playstation 4, unlike CS:GO and Overwatch. CoD, in general, is more accessible to casual audiences due to its simplified match formats.

What Do You Get When Betting On CoD?

With the expansion of the CWL and the Pro League, betting on Call of Duty is easier than ever. With so many matches and tournaments to bet on, bettors have hundreds of chances to place bets on Call of Duty.

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