League of Legends Betting

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League Of Legends Betting

Betting on League of Legends means putting your money on the world’s most popular video game, played by over 100 million people every month.

The creators, Riot Games, have grown LoL with an eSports focus, turning it into the most-watched game in history by spectators.

The competitive season draws in millions of fans and games run every week with a consistent schedule, making it easy for bettors to get involved.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about LoL betting.

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How To Bet On League Of Legends

  1. Pick Your LoL Betting Site

    Choose a League of Legends betting site that suits you and your needs. We have a few recommended sportsbooks that offer great LoL bets and odds. Signing up is free, but in order to place your wagers, a real-money deposit needs to be made.
  2. Maximize The Bonuses

    Another key to increasing your bankroll early on is to pick sportsbooks with high welcome bonuses. Many sportsbooks will give you 50% of your deposit in bonuses and up to $1000. A good deal like that is always a great way to start wagering on eSports.
  3. Find The Best Bets Available

    The gambling sites will offer you different LoL betting options to pick from. There are moneylines (outright winner) and many other wagers for each series. Don’t forget to check out the Prop bets, as they could help you make a nice profit.
  4. Make a Deposit

    Deposit a good amount to take advantage of the first deposit bonuses. However, don’t bet what you don’t have. Funds can be added via credit card deposit or debit card. Crypto deposits are also a good option to add funds.
  5. Place Your Wager

    Once you know what bet you want to place, simply click on the odds that are offered. After that, the site will allow you to input how much money you want to wager. The sportsbook will show the amount you are staking and your potential winnings before the bet is confirmed. Now click to confirm your bet and have fun!

Top League Of Legends Gambling Sites

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League of Legends Bets and Odds Explained

League of Legends betting often comes in the form of a moneyline, or straight wager. However, there are other types, including spreads, totals, and props.

Below you will find how the main types of LoL bets work.

LoL Moneyline Bets: Who Will Win

League of Legends Team VS Team - Blue vs Purple

The moneyline is a bet on the outcome of the game or match. For these, you’ll see different betting odds, such as +120 or -200.

These odds tell you how big of a favorite (-) or underdog (+) each team is considered, as well as the expected payout.

For example, you can say that TSM will beat TL in their match against each other. If TSM is -200 on the game line then they are deemed favorites. If you were to bet $200 on TSM you would stand to make $100 if they won.

On the other hand, TL would probably be a +180 underdog. If you were to bet $100 on TL then you’d stand to make $180.

As you can see, good money can be made if the underdog wins a match or series since you’d be able to make more than what you put in.

When deciding on which team to bet, keep in mind if the match is going to be the best of three or just a best of one.

This can change the entire dynamic of the match since some teams perform better in one-off matches while others do well in a long series.

LoL Spread Bets: Number Of Games To Be Played

This type of LoL Betting style is normally placed without care of who will win the match, but by how many games they will win it by.

For a best of three series, the spreads will be either -1.5 or +1.5. This means that if you bet the favorites (-1.5), you’re expecting them to 2-0 the series.

On the other hand, if you bet the underdogs (+1.5), you’re expecting the series to go 2-1 or win outright. Each spread will have its own odds, similar to the moneyline odds.

A spread bet can be a fun way to bet on the underdogs without expecting them to win. Just think about it as a way to bet expecting them to keep it competitive.

Also, if you think a favored team will blow out one of their competitors, this is a cheaper way to get exposure than laying a heavy price on the moneyline.

LoL Map Bets: Which Team Will Win a Map

League Of Legends - Summoners Rift Map

These are similar to moneylines in their format. However, instead of wagering on the outcome of the entire series (usually best of 3 or 5), you’ll be betting on an individual match.

It could be game 1 to game 3 or 5. This way, you can make a calculated bet while the series is still going on.

A team could be playing better than expected and win the first match. They may have a chance to win the second one. On the other hand, maybe the favorite will bounce back and you’ll get good odds on map two.

A map bet in League of Legends is usually under the live bets section since they can be constantly changing based on how the series is going.

These bets are made while the match is going on other than map 1 which can be placed before the series has started.

Usually, pre-match, the favorites will be smaller favorites on individual map bets. For example, if a team was -550 to win the series, their odds to win map 1 would be around -400.

LoL Prop Bets: The Unconventional Bets

We’ve talked about the regular moneyline, spread, and map bets, but there’s got to be some fun and quirky bets right?

That’s where propositions betting comes into play. These are ways to just bet on events that happen in the game while just having a bit of fun, but in some cases, the edges can be large.

The format for these is the same as all the other ones, so you won’t’ get thrown off by the numbers. Just remember that some of these can be hard to predict so do your research before dabbling!

In short, the following are the types of prop bets that you can place in League of Legends betting markets.

  • Team to draw first blood.
  • First team to achieve 10 kills.
  • Team to destroy first inhibitor.
  • Team to kill the first dragon.
  • Team to kill the first baron.
  • Total kills, over or under a specified number.
  • Odd/Even kills at the end of the match.
  • Total time elapsed, over or under a specified number.

LoL Bet Example

LoL Bet Slip

Here is an example of a typical League of Legends bet slip.

You can tell the bet is a moneyline placed on the team “Royal Never Give Up” as a -400 favorite against team Fnatic.

By betting a total of $400, the possible winnings on this bet are $500 USD.

In this case, the bettor chose to go with the favorite team (negative odds) at the expense of a lower payout but with a higher probability of success.

Game Basics To Know Before Betting On LoL

Before betting on League Of Legends, make sure to familiarize yourself with the game.

There are different types of LoL matches that are played. The major ones are 5v5, 3v3, and ARAM. However, when it comes to LoL online betting and competitive games, the only one that’s played is 5v5.

5v5 Games

Played on the Summoner’s Rift map where each team has five players consisting of top, jungle, mid, attack damage (AD) carry, and support.

Each player is highly specialized in their role which makes the huge international tournaments such as the Mid Season Invitational and the World Championships very intriguing to watch.

3v3 Games

Played on the Twisted Tree map and each team has only three players instead of five. The positions played are 1 at top, 1 at bottom, and 1 jungler.

ARAM Games

Stands for All-Random-All-Mid. It is a 5v5, but all position are Mid, and the champions are chosen at random.

Players from every major and developing region come together to showcase their talent and take down the million+ dollar prize pool.

League Of Legends Player Positions

Knowing the different player positions is crucial, as each player has to fulfill important roles if their team wants to win.

By learning these positions, you can enhance your knowledge and potential profits. The more you know, the smarter your wagers will be.


Top LoL Player Position

Top lane is where most of the tanks are played. Tanks are champions (characters) who provide the front line and engage for the team while also using their wave clear abilities to pressure the map.

However, depending on the current state of the game, the top lane can also be home to some carries.


Jungle LoL Player Position

The jungle role is special in its own right. It doesn’t have a lane to go to.

Instead, the player farms camps in the “jungle” and provides map pressure to whichever lane he chooses.

Champions that are played in this role can range from very durable tanks to highly mobile assassins.

Mid Or Ability Power (AP) Carry

Mid LoL Player Position

The star player of every team is always mid lane. Not surprisingly, the mid is in the middle lane of the map which makes him a prime target for allied jungle help and enemy jungle attention.

This role is always played with a high damage champion. However, it can range from single-target assassins to control mages who can change the course of a team fight with their abilities.

Note that in LoL gambling, it’s always good to look at the mid matchups to get a good idea of which team has the advantage.


Support LoL Player Position

Often the most overlooked role, the support is basically the babysitter for the ad carry when the game begins.

The role is designed to prove safe passage for the AD carry to ramp up while also sometimes roaming the map and placing vision for the team.

League of Legends Tournaments and Championships

Here we can get into the fun stuff. League of Legends betting can happen on regular games during the splits or even on the outcomes of the major tournaments.

While the regular season games are intense, the tournaments are much higher pressure situations.

Each team is not only representing themselves but also their regions. This definitely brings out the best in the players and makes it great for eSports betting.

Top LoL Championships In 2024

There are two major international tournaments each year:

  • Mid-Season Invitational in April. The prize pool for MSI is 1 million USD.
  • World Championships in October. The prize pool for the World Championships is about 3 million USD.
Betting on League Of Legends Tournaments

Outside of these two tournaments, each region has its own Spring and Summer split championships. They take the Top 6 from the regular season and have a single-elimination bracket to crown the winner of each split.

These tournaments have their own prize pool, but more importantly, give points to the best finishers. The teams with the most points get to go to the League of Legends World Championships.

League of Legends Championship Series (LCS)

North America League of Legends Championship Series Betting

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) is North America’s primary League of Legends eSports competition.

Featuring ten partnered teams in a franchised format, there are no relegations in the league. The big prize on the line is one of the coveted Worlds slots, the yearly global finals of competitive League of Legends.

There’s also, of course, a decent chunk of change to be earned along the way, with a total prize pool of $200.000 on offer during each of the splits (Spring and Summer).

The Gauntlet – Final Chance to Go to World’s

One last tournament that’s also held in each region is called The Gauntlet. Teams have one final chance to qualify for World’s.

It’s held after the Summer split playoffs and involves 4 teams. It’s a sudden death tournament, adding another great situation for LoL betting.

Strategy and Tips for Smarter LoL Betting

League of Legends betting is just like gambling on any other sport. There are factors that you can use to your advantage.

Betting Tip #1Know the Current Meta

What’s a meta? A meta is the current state of the game. Every time Riot pushes out a patch, the game might completely change. Some champions and playstyles will become stronger while others become weaker.

This is integral to knowing if a team will perform well or not. As you watch games, you’ll see that some teams prefer a certain playstyle. However, taking them out of that comfort zone and everything will break down.

The best teams have multiple playstyles and champion compositions that they can use. The lower teams might just stick with one and run with it. A change to some of their core picks would definitely hurt them in their coming matches.

How to take advantage?

You’ll know if a team is hurting if there is a sudden drop in their play level right after a patch. By keeping watch on the official League of Legends site, you’ll see when a patch is released.

For example, let’s say Team Liquid’s impact has been playing only Maokai top lane for their team. If this is the only champion that they know how to play with and it becomes weaker on the next patch, Team Liquid will have to adapt.

Watching the next game and seeing if Team Liquid is able to adapt will give you vital information. If they aren’t, then maybe they’re not as strong of a team as expected and you could adapt your League of Legends betting strategy.

Betting Tip #2Look at the Team’s Stars

It’s always a good idea to watch the games. From this, you’ll see where each team’s best player is at. Usually, it is a mid, but some teams will prefer to play around with another role such as the top lane or ad carry.

If the team’s star is struggling lately, it’s a good indication that the team overall will start to struggle. You can figure out who the stars are by just watching a game or by looking at the LoL eSports website.

The ones with the most kills and damage output are usually the star. However, this can be misleading sometimes.

Betting Tip #3Look at Individual Matchups

Sometimes there are players who are just plain better than the opposition. If this is the case, you know the team starts out with an advantage.

It’s difficult to win when even one position is completely outclassed. It forces a team to just make up for that one position instead of pressing their own advantages.

By listening to the commentary during games, you’ll hear the casters point out where the faults are. Keep track of these, as they’re very important when placing futures bets or maps in the same series.

Betting Tip #4Don’t Always Bet the Favorite

We all know the favorites don’t always win. And it’s the same here in LoL. This is a vital LoL betting tip because in the NALCS it’s a best of one match.

On any given day, a team can upset another one. Look for trends in the gameplay. A team on the upswing vs a team on the downswing is a great opportunity to bet the underdog and make some more money.

Sometimes, there are situations where a player is sick and cannot play. If it is known they will miss a match, the team is at a severe disadvantage no matter what position it is.

Usually, these teams build synergy for weeks at a time. Having to sub in someone could hurt communication and not allow them to make the same plays they’d have made with their regular roster.

This gives you an edge when betting, as League of Legends is a team game. If the match was projected to be close, betting the underdog would be a viable strategy.

Should You Bet on LoL?

We hope this article gave you a good base to start betting on League of Legends. LoL betting is a fantastic new landscape that people are just starting to get into. One advantage bettors have may here is that the markets are not as sharp compared to much higher volume sports, such as the NFL or NBA.

With League of Legends being the biggest video game out there, as well as being the biggest eSport, we highly recommend you take part in the betting side.

There will always be a plethora of matches to choose from. Pick which region you’d like to follow based on your schedule or time zone.

As the sport evolves, more and more trends will start to appear and we’ll make sure to let you know.

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LOL Betting FAQ

Where can I find LOL betting odds?

You can find LOL betting odds on any online betting site that offers top-tier eSports betting. However, we recommend you stick to the sites mentioned in this guide.

Is LOL bitcoin betting recommended?

Betting with bitcoin has become a big part of online betting, especially in the world of eSports. If cryptocurrencies betting is something you’re already familiar with, Bitcoin betting is a perfectly viable option as long as you use a trusted and safe sportsbook.

What happened to NA LCS betting?

LCS is the new name for NA LCS, nothing else has changed in the North American League of Legends scene. All information in this article refers to the same tournament you know and love.

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