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The success of the WoW Arena spawned a competitive scene and was an early player in the rise of eSports 10 years ago. Today, WoW eSports draws the interest of bettors around the world and is a major player in eSports betting. This guide will help inform bettors looking to get into World of Warcraft betting.

It’s worth noting that World Of Warcraft is set in the medieval fantasy universe, it not only offers players an immersive player vs. environment (PVE) experience, it also features competitive game modes. In 2008, Blizzard introduced the World of Warcraft Arena where teams battle in 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5 head-to-head matches, which has seen its changes. This is what’s become the cornerstone in WoW betting nowadays.

World of Warcraft, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, is the most-played massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in the history of gaming. Originally released in November of 2004, WoW remains one of the more popular games making the perfect environment to start your eSports betting journey.

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Types of World Of Warcraft Betting

Like most other eSports, World of Warcraft betting types include moneylines, handicaps, futures and special bets for player-vs.-player (PVP) competitions. In World of Warcraft eSports betting, bettors can wager real money on:

  • Individual match winners (moneyline).
  • Outright tournaments winners (futures).
  • Game-specific occurrences (special bets).

An example of a special bet would be a wager on how many kills or deaths a player may have in a single match, these are the least common WoW bets.

Unique to WoW are PVE bets. Some betting sites feature bets on which guild will defeat specific in-game bosses on the highest difficulty first. In addition, punters have the option to gamble on the newly rebranded Mythic Dungeon International. Now in its third season, the Mythic Dungeon is a seasonal PVE competition that pits WoW’s best dungeon-running teams against one another using a stage-based format.

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World Of Warcraft eSports Betting (WoW Betting)

World Of Warcraft Esports Betting SceneAn enduring and still-growing esport, WoW holds a diverse set of competitions on an annual basis making it one of the easiest eSports to bet on. There are bets available to beginners and more experienced bettors alike and competitions that require varying degrees of game knowledge. PVP competitions will be familiar to bettors of League of Legends and other multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games while PVE events appeal to hardcore MMO fans and give them an entry point into eSports betting.


Moneylines are the most simple World of Warcraft wagers and are the best for beginners. This type of World of Warcraft bet is a wager on which a team will win an individual match between two teams. Sportsbooks make odds for matches and punters bet on a favorite or an underdog to win the match outright.


Handicaps affect moneyline wagers in that they give one team a starting advantage. WoW Arena matches are best-of-three series and handicaps typically are +1.5 or -1.5. What this means in terms of World of Warcraft is that a team with a +1.5 handicap only needs to lose by one game, or win outright, in a best-of-five match. Handicaps can make an underdog a more attractive bet so think twice before backing a favorite.


Prior to the start of a tournament or season, some online sportsbooks accept outrights or futures. These are World of Warcraft bets on which team will win the tournament or season outright. Outrights or futures are typically not accepted after the start or a tournament or season but some sportsbooks make amend odds during the competition and continue to accept bets. For PVE competitions, bets are made on which team will complete a required dungeon first, these are also futures.


Special bets are game-specific and the least common World of Warcraft bet. An example of a specials bet would be a wager on how many kills an individual team or player will get in a single match. These types of bets are rare and not offered regularly by online sportsbooks but may be of interest to more experienced WoW bettors.

Because of WoW’s diversity as an esport, there are many different types of bets and many different strategies. The key is there’s something for everyone. Beginners should start with moneyline bets before considering other types of World of Warcraft bets. WoW is a good entry point for eSports betting because Arena matches and competitions are exciting and somewhat simple in nature. Tournaments are available to view on and occur regularly which makes it all the more accessible to the new bettors out there.

World Of Warcraft eSports Betting Guide

As with all other eSports, or any sport in this regard, it is always of the utmost importance that you analyze different aspects of the game before placing bets. One of the first things you should do is look for teams that have performed in a row for many years at a very high standard. Here’re other betting tips you’ll find useful.

Betting Tip #1Favorites are Favorites for a Reason

Oddsmakers choose a favorite for a multitude of reasons, but simply put the favorite in a moneyline bet is the better team. You’ll have to lay out much more than you have the potential of winning back if you bet on a favorite, but bets on favorites are usually a sure bet. Betting favorites can be a quick way to make a bit of money.

Betting Tip #2Don’t be Afraid to Back an Underdog

Even though the favorite has the greatest odds to win a match or tournament, there are plenty of reasons to bet on an underdog. For example, if you think the underdog will lose in five games and its handicap is +1.5, bet the underdog because a 3-2 result is a winning bet. Also, trust your gut. If you’re knowledgeable in WoW eSports and feel a favorite is ripe for the picking, throw some money on the underdog.

Betting Tip #3Learn the Game

It goes without saying that general base knowledge of World of Warcraft is recommended before placing WoW bets. Furthermore, the more knowledgeable you are the greater chance you have to win significant sums. If you know nothing about WoW, give the free trial a shot. If you’re a WoW veteran but haven’t followed the eSports scene, check out a tournament on the World of Warcraft Twitch channel. Learn the in’s and out’s of the game before putting your money on the line.

Betting Tip #4Dissect The Meta

Patches and gameplay trends affect the WoW meta making them very important to players and bettors alike. Abilities or items one week may not be as effective the next week if they’ve been nerfed. Perhaps one Arena team has unearthed a gameplay mechanic that changes the balance of power; other teams may be in a position to adopt that new mechanic or try and counter it. Regardless, trends of this nature are important to consider when placing World of Warcraft bets.

Betting Tip #5Be Smart

If you’re new to World of Warcraft betting, ease into it. Set aside a comfortable amount of money to wager with and get your feet wet. As you become more knowledgeable and experienced you’ll make riskier or more complex bets. The important thing is to be smart and have fun.

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Top World Of Warcraft Tournaments To Bet On

What has stimulated WoW eSports’ latest push? Major online bookie have definitely put their weight into the ring, in which WoW clutches the foundations of electronic sports. Hands down, the most significant factor in spelling a rather more competitive future for the game was the endorsement of designers for their product. In that spirit, here are the top tournaments you should watch out for when betting on World Of Warcraft.

Arena World Championship

Arena World Championship World Of Warcraft Esports BettingThe crown jewel of WoW eSports is the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. The world’s top teams qualify for the LAN finals at Road to Blizzcon events or regional championships. Now in its 12th year, the world championship is for 3v3 PVP teams and will feature eight teams at its LAN event.

Last season’s prize pool was $280,000 with $120,000 having been paid out to the winner, Method Orange. A bonafide eSports competition, the event is the most important and high-profile tournament in World of Warcraft eSports betting and attracts the audiences from North America, Europe, and Latin America and much more due to having players from Asia and India, making the betting markets huge.

Arena Spring/Summer Finals

Similar to professional League of Legends, WoW conducts spring and summer final events as a part of its competitive seasons. The four North American and European teams with the most qualifications points after spring and summer Arena Cups earn bids to the finals.

Winners of the finals take home a share of $100,000 prize purses and earn automatic bids to the Arena World Championship LAN event. The eight-team tournaments feature the best Arena teams in the world making them two of the most important events on the World of Warcraft tournament schedule.

Mythical Dungeon International

Mythic Dungeon World Of Warcraft Esports BettingA unique PVE esport event, the Mythic Dungeon International attracts WoW’s best dungeon-running teams. An invitational in its first two seasons, the event is now an open qualifier for all players with accounts in good standing. After a qualification stage, successful teams are granted access to the Tournament Realm. Over the course of a season, teams in the Tournament Realm compete for points.

Teams with the highest point totals at the end of the season are invited to the multi-region LAN final. Paying out a prize pool of $100,000, The Mythic Dungeon, which also conducts weekly Cup events, is a major WoW circuit and provides World of Warcraft bettors many opportunities to place wagers.

MDI Spring/Summer Finals

Just like the Arena Spring and Summer Finals, the Mythical Dungeon invites top point-getters to split finals to compete for $100,000 worth of prize money and bids to the MDI Global Finals. These are in-person LAN events and feature the best dungeon-running WoW teams around.

World Of Warcraft Betting Strategy

When building a World of Warcraft betting strategy, punters must consider many factors, for example team composition. The best teams are crafted based on players’ strengths, but keep in mind that not all teams are created equal. Learn to identify match-up deficiencies or advantages and exploit them.

In World Of Warcraft Knowledge Is Power

The best WoW players are the ones with the greatest knowledge of the game, its items, and spells. With so many intricacies, seemingly minor elements can affect the outcome of a match. Like MOBA’s and first-person shooter games, WoW demands super-quick muscle memory from its top players, but in the end, the teams that know the game best have the greatest advantage.

And finally, pay attention to current form, especially for Arena teams. If a good team has had a few down weeks, it could be a sign of more struggles to come. So be diligent and monitor players and teams as a whole before wagering. This can prevent major loses for you in the future keeping things safe.

Best World Of Warcraft Players And Teams

Method Gaming has dominated the WoW Arena of late and their Method Orange and Method Black teams would be considered the best World of Warcraft teams. North American Method Orange was crowned world champions at the 2018 Arena World Championship and Europe-based Method Black took third. Prior to 2018, when it released its WoW squad, Splyce was a force in Arena eSports having won the world title in 2016.

Swapxy World Of Warcraft Pro – Highest Earner

Swapxy World Of Warcraft Highest EarnerGerman DPS specialist Swapxy is currently the highest active earner in WoW eSports having totaled $141,424 in winnings. In 2015 he won the European and World Championships with SK Gaming and in 2016 he won the world title with Splyce. Swapxy currently plays for Method Black.

World Of Warcraft Cdew – Most Recognized NA Pro

Cdew World Of Warcraft Most Recognized NA ProAmerican healer Cdew is the most recognizable North American player in the Arena scene and one of the best current World of Warcraft players. Cdew has totaled $134,894 in winnings and won the 2018 World Championship with Method Orange.

Best World Of Warcraft Content Creators

For those looking to familiarize themselves with the competitive scene for the purpose of crafting a WoW betting strategy, the best streamers World of Warcraft streamers are the top Arena players. For example, Cdew of Method Orange is a defending world champion and the fourth-most-watched WoW streamer on Twitch. As a support player, Cdew provides strategic insights to viewers that are crucial to building successful WoW betting strategies.

Towelliee And Musclebrah – The GoTo Top WoW Streamers

Towelliee And Musclebrah The Goto Top WoW StreamersBettors looking for more PVE content will want to focus on streamers Towelliee and Musclebrah. Towelliee is gaming personality and a WoW dungeon runner with a massive Twitch following. His stream is a must-watch for those looking to learn the intricacies of dungeon running and the PVE side of the game in general.

Musclebrah is a competitive PVE player for Method PogChamp and one of the more successful Mythic Dungeon players of the past two seasons. Musclebrah is super knowledgeable and fosters a welcoming community for newcomers and veterans alike. View his stream to get an idea of what the world’s top dungeon runners look like.

World Of Warcraft Gameplay Mechanics – Basics

World Of Warcraft Gameplay MechanicsPVP and PVE offer players vastly different competitive experiences, but in the end they’re both World of Warcraft. To be successful in both you need to work with your teammates. You can’t win a deathmatch or complete a dungeon on your own, so finding a group you’re comfortable working with is the key to not only being a successful WoW player but to ensure you have a positive gaming experience.

PVP And PVE – Made For Different Kinds Of Players

World of Warcraft gameplay is essentially the same whether you’re playing PVP or PVE. The only difference is that in PVP you’re competing against other live players in a confined arena and in PVE you’re working to beat NPC characters as quickly as possible. Individual PVP and PVE ladders track the world’s top players.

Those not interested in competing have the deep, immersive world of WoW to fall back on. It’s still a massive multiplayer online role-playing game and there are many quests and other adventures to take on. Choose your alliance and class, build your character your way and enjoy the ride.

World Of Warcraft eSports Betting FAQ

Why is the WoW eSports scene so small at the moment?

WoW is not seen as a typical esport because it is primarily an MMORPG. MOBA’s and shooters are tailored to be competitive in nature while WoW is first and foremost a sprawling MMO. The game is also 15 years old and struggles to attract new gamers.

How is World of Warcraft an esport?

WoW is an esport because it offers massive PVP and PVE tournaments and competitions. With huge prize pools, WoW looks to ramp up excitement for its growing competitive scene.

How to get into World of Warcraft eSports

First and foremost, spend time in the WoW universe. Learn the game, its mechanics, items, and spells before jumping into the competitive scene. A game like WoW requires much more than just technical skill; game knowledge is a must due to the amount of game mechanics combinations.

How does WoW Arena eSports work?

The WOW Arena is a 2v2 or 3v3 deathmatch between two teams comprised of human players. Teams are typically made up of two DPS characters and one support player in the competitive 3v3 arena. Without objectives, the Arena is a pure deathmatch game mode.

What happened to World of Warcraft eSports?

WoW is sometimes seen as unbalanced and too basic of an esport. As such, big gaming organizations have either left the esport or steered clear of it.

Has World of Warcraft failed in eSports?

The biggest gripe about the Arena is that it’s too basic, but 2019 should be a big year for WoW eSports. Prize pools are still in six figures and the expansion of the Mythic Dungeon adds a unique wrinkle to competitive WoW, we’ll have to wait how it develops.

How many players on WoW eSports teams on average?

Arena matches are 3v3. Some teams carry only three players but many have four on their active roster, one of which is a designated reserve.

How does betting work in World of Warcraft

For PVP competitions, moneyline, handicap, and futures bets are accepted prior to individual matches or tournaments. In PVE, bettors can wager on which teams will complete dungeons first or the fastest.

How to make money betting on World of Warcraft

Learn the game of WoW, familiarize yourself with the top teams and players and make educated bets. Pay attention to handicaps, as they can greatly affect moneyline wages.

How to start betting on World of Warcraft

Head over to your favorite online sportsbook, make an account or sign in and then navigate to the eSports section. From there, filter WoW matches or tournaments and place your bets.

How to win at World of Warcraft betting

Learn the game of WoW, familiarize yourself with the top teams and players and make educated bets. Pay attention to handicaps, as they can greatly affect moneyline wages.

Which are the best World of Warcraft betting sites? and offer competitive WoW odds for Arena Cups and other major WoW tournaments. These sites mostly accept moneyline bets but keep a lookout for futures bets ahead of major events, along with side odds which are pretty common in the industry.

What game mode will World of Warcraft eSports be played on?

The Arena game mode is the most exciting and attractive to eSports enthusiasts. Many of the mechanics mimic those of popular MOBA’s like League of Legends or Dota 2. PVE eSports requires a deeper knowledge of WoW but PVP is easier for casuals to pick up.

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