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IndyCar betting isn’t as old as IndyCar racing itself which goes back over 100 years. But a long-running fascination with one of America’s most treasured racing series surely is not going away and with the arrival of online betting sites watching it has become that much more entertaining. IndyCar is constantly looking forward and creating new ways of pushing auto racing to the extremes of innovation and design. If you add the multitude of betting opportunities offered by IndyCar betting websites you have one a combo that is hard to pass.

On our IndyCar betting page, you will find a comprehensive and valuable plethora of information to help you better understand IndyCar wagering. We cover how to bet on auto racing, explain different types of bet you can place, discuss winning betting strategies, tell you the most important races that you cannot miss betting on and finish with a bit of history of the sport in case you are new to IndyCar racing. This in-depth guide is geared towards both beginner and expert bettors. You will get all the basic information you need before graduating to the more complex betting advice and strategies found on SBS.

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    How To Bet On IndyCar Racing Online

    The mechanics of IndyCar betting online are the same as betting on any other sport online. The strategies and concepts are similar to what you would use when other motor sports or football.  Below you will find a quick step by step guide on how to bet on IndyCar at one of our recommended gambling sites.

    1. Choose A Trusted IndyCar Betting Site – Most online sportsbooks offer motorsports as part of their sports betting menu. Check out our recommended online motorsports betting sites.
    2. Choose An IndyCar Series Or A Race – Before you pick your driver, you must choose the race you want to bet on. IndyCar races usually happen on the weekends throughout the year with a few weeks off for the winter and summer vacations.
    3. Choose Your Driver And Bet Type – Here comes the time to place your bet. Look at the IndyCar race odds. Choose the race driver you want to bet on then select your bet type. Auto racing bets are easy to understand as you will read below.
    4. Confirm Your Bet – Online betting sites require few clicks to confirm a bet. One click to add it to your bet slip, another to place the bet and a final click to finalize the bet. Make sure that your bet amount and selection are correct before you finalize your wager.
    5. Enjoy The Race Weekend – Once you have placed all your IndyCar bets relax, grab a beer and start BBQ while you watch the drivers speeding around the circuit.

    IndyCar Bets Explained

    There are few betting markets for IndyCar which are typical for any motor sport. Various bet options provide enough action not only to seasoned sports bettors but also to novices who are just starting in motorsports betting. Below, you will find the most popular IndyCar bets and detailed information about each wager.

    IndyCar Series Championship Betting Odds

    IndyCar Series Championship Betting OddsAn outright bet on which driver will win the drivers’  NNT IndyCar series championship. The race driver which accumulates the most of points throughout the racing season wins the series. Points are awarded to drivers who finish the race. Each point is extremely valuable which leads to fierce competition amongst the drivers and makes watching the race and betting exciting.

    Podium Finishers Betting Odds

    If you are not sure who will be the winner, you can always choose this bet. While the odds will be different from if you had predicted just the winner but the good news is that, if you choose a driver who ends up on the podium either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, you will win.

    IndyCar Series Race Winner Betting Odds

    The series race winner is the most popular and simplest of bets in IndyCar wagering. The race winner in the series is decided by which driver finishes the race and crosses the finish line ahead of the rest of the field.

    Pole Position Betting Odds

    The pole position is decided in the qualifying stage. The driver that ends qualifying with the best one-lap time will earn the pole position on the grid. Whoever gets the pole usually has the highest chances of winning the whole race as on certain tracks this position provides a significant advantage. You may want to wait to place your race winner bet after the pole is decided but keep in mind that it may make the bet’s odds less attractive so taking an early bet may be a better strategy.

    IndyCar Proposition Bets

    IndyCar proposition bets are often referred to as prop bets and allow you to wager on all kinds of strange things that don’t really fall into any of the above categories. For example, an IndyCar prop might allow you to wager what manufacturer will provide the car that wins a particular contest or who will DNF first, or a driver to lead most laps.

    IndyCar Betting Strategies

    There are a number of different strategies when it comes to auto racing which you could use in order to improve your understanding of IndyCar races in order to increase your chances of placing winning bets. Below, you will find the most important strategies to help you start betting at online gambling websites on car races.

    Advanced Statistics In IndyCar

    As in any auto racing event, it is important to understand that it is a largely data-driven affair. Small details often have a profound impact on the outcome of any race or the driver’s performance. Therefore, having in-depth statistical knowledge of IndyCar racing will boost your ability to pick the winner. A fantastic resource for getting drivers’ statistics is IndyCar Stats site. This site breaks down statistics by the driver or by track and is a great resource for anyone who is serious about being a successful IndyCar bettor.

    IndyCar Driver’s Track Preferences

    Indycar Betting OnlineNot all racing circuits are made equal. Some have long corners, short straightaways, or dirty surface, therefore, knowing which track a certain driver favors is vital to take into account ahead of a race weekend. It is also important to be aware of each driver’s racing history and style as it pertains to a particular circuit as this will improve your betting success.

    Don’t Miss Reading IndyCar Race Betting Previews

    Don’t forget to read IndyCar race betting previews written by experts in the build-up to the race. They often have useful news and inside knowledge about race drivers and teams. You should take this insider information into account as part of your overall research before making any bet selection.

    The Weather Factor In IndyCar Races

    The weather during auto racing plays a huge roll in the final outcome more than you may think. Strong winds or falling rain have produced some of the most infamous racing incidents in the IndyCar’s history and caused some shocking race results. Research which driver and team fares better in wet or interchangeable conditions as it will influence the outcome of a race and affect your betting decisions.

    Best IndyCar Online Betting Sites

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    Best IndyCar Betting Sportsbook For International Bettors

    Betway sportsbook
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    New players get a 100% Sign-Up Welcome Bonus up to $100. Betway is one of the offshore betting sites. Their focus is more on European and British sports, but they have a large assortment of markets for both F1, IndyCar, MotoGP, and European football (soccer).

    IndyCar Most Popular Betting Events

    IndyCar Classic

    The IndyCar Classic is an IndyCar Series race that will be held at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. It is a new addition in 2019 to the 17 race long racing season. Even, thou it is a new venue because of the track’s design it makes it an exciting place to race and bet on the race’s outcome.

    Indianapolis 500

    Indianapolis 500 bettingThe Indianapolis 500 is the iconic IndyCar racing event. The 103rd running is scheduled for Sunday, May 26, 2019, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indiana. The event is 200 laps long and provides tons of excitement while cars speed around the track. Winning Indy 500 is a dream of every driver and it puts one on the list of racing legends like Mario Andretti or Rick Mears.

    Grand Prix of Long Beach

    The Long Beach Grand Prix is the longest running major street race held in North America. Commonly regarded as the greatest race in IndyCar after the Indianapolis 500, the longest running major street race in the US since 1975. The track is legendary and attracts hundreds of thousands of fans on the racing weekend and all major betting sites provide IndyCar betting odds for Grand Prix of Long Beach.

    NTT IndyCar Series Betting

    NTT IndyCar Series BettingThe IndyCar Series, currently known as the NTT IndyCar Series, is the premier level of auto racing in North America. The 2019 NTT IndyCar Series is the 24th season and the 98th official championship season of American open wheel racing. Will Power entering as the defending winner and Honda entered as the defending Manufacturers’ Cup champion. Scott Dixon entered the season as the defending National Champion. Betting on the series is explained above under “IndyCar Series Championship Betting Odds”.

    IndyCar History

    Have we mentioned that IndyCar racing has more than 100 years of history to its name? While the current auto racing showcases the pinnacle of technology and design things were not as easy in the early days of the sport. The first major auto races in American history took place in 1902, with several sanctioning bodies all contributing to the sport we can call today IndyCar racing.

    indycar historyThe most prestigious event of IndyCar racing, the Indianapolis 500, made its debut in 1911. The history of American auto racing runs very deep. After both World Wars, came the “golden era” that transformed racing forever helped by an increase in the technical innovations. Pretty soon, IndyCar racing turned commercial. With that came fame, feuds, legendary drivers, crashes and iconic races.

    You can gather from this information that IndyCar has had an incredible history and an exciting future in front of itself. It is a sport worth following if you are a car enthusiast and if you want to take your viewing experience to the next level putting on few online bets will surely make the whole thing so much enjoyable to follow.

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