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NBA over/under season win totals betting

The NBA has exploded in popularity in recent years. The NFL is still the king of sports, as far as viewership and betting handle, but the National Basketball Association isn’t far behind.

NBA season win totals are one of the betting markets to emerge with this increase in popularity. They have been around for quite a few years now and are now talked about almost as much as NFL season win totals.

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Snapshot Of Season Win NBA Totals

NBA win total betting is simply wagering on the number of wins each team will have in the regular season.

The market parallels over/under or totals betting where bettors choose the number of points a game will have and wager over or under that number.

They’re one of the best opportunities for sports bettors who follow the NBA to use their knowledge for profits.

NBA Season Win Totals Odds

TeamTeam Wins Total OverTeam Wins Total Under
Atlanta HawksO 35 (+105)U 35 (-135)
Boston CelticsO 50 (-120)U 50 (-110)
Brooklyn NetsO 35 (+105)U 35 (-135)
Charlotte HornetsO 23 (-105)U 23 (-125)
Chicago BullsO 33.5 (-160)U 33.5 (+130)
Cleveland CavaliersO 24.5 (-105)U 24.5 (-125)
Dallas MavericksO 40.5 (-140)U 40.5 (-110)
Denver NuggetsO 53 (-125)U 53 (-105)
Detroit PistonsO 37.5 (-130)U 37.5 (+100)
Golden State WarriorsO 49 (+130)U 49 (-160)
Houston RocketsO 52.5 (-155)U 52.5 (+125)
Indiana PacersO 47.5 (+125)U 47.5 (-155)
Los Angeles ClippersO 54.5 (+120)U 54.5 (-150)
Los Angeles LakersO 51.5 (+120)U 51.5 (-105)
Memphis GrizzliesO 28 (-110)U 28 (-120)
Miami HeatO 43 (-160)U 43 (+130)
Milwaukee BucksO 56.5 (-120)U 56.5 (-110)
Minnesota TimberwolvesO 35.5 (-120)U 35.5 (-110)
New York KnicksO 27.5 (+100)U 27.5 (-130)
Oklahoma City ThunderO 33.5 (+110)U 33.5 (-140)
Orlando MagicO 40.5 (-140)U 40.5 (+110)
Philadelphia 76ersO 54.5 (-135)U 54.5 (+105)
Phoenix SunsO 29.5 (-110)U 29.5 (-120)
Portland Trail BlazersO 47 (-110)U 47 (-140)
Sacramento KingsO 37.5 (-135)U 37.5 (+105)
San Antonio SpursO 47.5 (+115)U 47.5 (-145)
Toronto RaptorsO 46.5 (-125)U 46.5 (-105)
Utah JazzO 53.5 (-125)U 53.5 (-105)
Washington WizardsO 26.5 (-110)U 26.5 (-120)

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Players change places a lot in the NBA, so one team can instantly become a contender based on offseason moves.

Betting on NBA season win totals is all about analyzing these moves, coaches, and rosters.

If you can do that, they can be immensely profitable.

How Are NBA Season Win Totals Calculated?

Season win totals are calculated by the oddsmakers at sportsbooks based on factors such as:

  • The roster
  • The coaching
  • Game schedules
  • Performance in the previous season
  • The makeup of the franchise

Sportsbooks use an algorithm to calculate NBA season win totals using the above factors and many others.

They also monitor the betting market and make adjustments based on betting action and the movement of other sportsbooks.

When Is The Best Time To Bet On Season Win Totals?

The best time to bet on the NBA season win totals is after they are released in August. This is right after the NBA Draft and free agency period is completed. However, some sportsbooks may release them a bit sooner.

Every major sportsbook has them towards late August, as the start of the regular season approaches in late October.

Of course, if you feel confident in a particular bet– by all means, place it.

How To Bet On NBA Season Win Totals

Wagering on NBA regular-season win totals is a straightforward and simple betting market.

If you have ever bet on totals or over/unders – the concept is the same.

Sports bettors will get a number from the oddsmakers and they will have to wager over or under.

In this case, it’s the number of wins an NBA franchise will have during the regular season.

Example: Los Angeles Lakers – Total Regular Season Wins

Over 51.5 (-115)Under 51.5 (-115)
  1. We can place a wager on the Los Angeles Lakers to win over 51.5 games or under 51.5 games. Since it has a half-point, there can be no pushes.
  2. If we bet the over, then the Lakers have to win 52 games or more for our wager to be graded as a winner.
  3. If we bet the under, then the Lakers have to win 51 games or less for our bet to cash.

All NBA regular-season win total markets work this way. They’re easy to understand are easy to pick up, especially for those already familiar with betting totals.

NBA Season Win Totals Betting Tips & Strategies

There are a few strategies to implement when you start to look over NBA season win total markets.

They can be extremely profitable for those that know the league well and the projections of many teams move by several wins after sharp bettors attack the market.

Betting Tip #1Analyze Roster, Coaching, And Schedule

It should go without saying, the more you know about the NBA, the players, and coaches, the easier it is to handicap season win totals.

If you’re a fan of the league and already place wagers on it regularly, this should not be a problem.

The more knowledge of the league, the easier it is to place winning wagers.

Betting Tip #2Follow NBA Free Agency, And Make Sense Of It

NBA free agency is one of the most-hyped out of any professional sport.

Players are constantly being traded and signing massive deals that shift the balance of power in the league.

There are weeks of speculation where players will end up signing and even betting odds where some big names will end up.

It’s your job to interpret how these moves play out if you’re handicapping season win totals. Get your mind away from the hype-train, consider how these players will work together in the coach’s system and analyze the rest of the roster.

Betting Tip #3Know Your Betting Schedule

Like any betting market, season win totals move if they get hit with sharp action.

Betting limits can vary widely for season win totals, with some books accepting thousands of dollars and others only taking $500 in max bets.

Either way, the opening odds and closing odds (start of the season) can change quite a bit, sometimes by 3-4 games or more.

Betting Tip #4If You’re Confident, Bet Early

If you have a season total you really like and believe the number is incorrect by several games – don’t wait.

Place your bet early because the odds will certainly move.

You won’t always get the line move you want, but if you’re confident enough, it’s worth the risk.

Bet On NBA Season Win Totals At These Top Betting Sites

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In recent years, has risen to the top of our sportsbooks rankings.

Not only do they offer new bettors a 50% Up To $1,000 bonus on their first deposit, but they have an additional VIP Rewards Program.

They have NBA season win totals betting markets and a whole host of betting options for the Association throughout the season, including player and team props and an excellent live betting interface.

A true legend in the offshore betting world – Bovada has been in the industry for over 20 years.

Their deposit bonus is only 50% Up To $250 bonus, but it comes with only a 5x rollover. They also have an additional Bitcoin Bonus.

With super fast payouts, elite betting software, and an abundance of markets for basketball, including NBA team totals, it’s easy to see why millions of bettors choose Bovada.

With massive betting limits and endless deposit bonuses, is an excellent choice for wagering on NBA season totals and just about everything else.

All bettors will receive a 50% Up To $1,000 bonus on their first deposit and a 25% Reload Bonus up to $500 on every deposit for life.

They have fast payouts and more cashier options than any other betting sites, including a massive list of cryptocurrencies.

Historic NBA Season Win Totals

Most Wins In The NBA Regular Season

The 1996 Chicago Bulls held the record for most regular seasons wins with 72-10 until the Warriors broke that record in the 2016 season going 72-9.

Golden State ultimately did not win the title that year, losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Least Wins In The NBA Regular Season

The 2012 Charlotte Bobcats hold the record for least wins in the regular season.

The year was shorten with a labor despite, but the team still went 7-59, which set the mark for the lowest winning percentage in NBA history at .106.

The 1973 Philadelphia 76ers finished a full NBA season with a 9-73 record.

In 2016, the Sixers nearly tied that mark, with the franchise registering just 10 wins that year.

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