NHL Proposition Bets

nhl propositionsNHL proposition betting is one of the most exciting betting markets for hockey sports gamblers. NHL props are wagers that center on the team or player performances in the game and are not related to the final score. Hockey prop bets are a betting market that varies heavily between betting sites. It’s up to the oddsmakers of each sportsbook to come up with a list of NHL props each evening. Some are more eager than others!

Like all other propositions, betting hockey props can be profitable for fans and bettors that take the time to break down the games. They’re also one of the more unique betting markets when it comes to betting options. If you’re a die-hard hockey fan and bettor, propositions are an excellent addition to your betting repertoire, if you’re already betting sides and totals. These bets make the games more exciting and should lead you to more profits.

NHL Betting Sites For Prop Bets

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How Hockey Prop Bets Work

NHL propositions are typically outrights, which means there is a firm outcome and pushing a bet is not generally possible. Almost all have a half-point or hook in the odds. Bettors may find some bets like totals, but a lot of props from other sports, such as which team will score first are also available at most betting sites. If you understand the basics of sports betting, then understanding NHL prop betting is simple.

NHL Player Props

Players props are not surprisingly, centered on player performances. There won’t be player props for every player in the league. Instead, they will be focused on star players, mostly first and second liners. Here’s an example of one of the more common NHL player props, will a player score a goal.

To Score A Goal – Sidney Crosby

  • Yes (+115)
  • No (-160)

This prop as basic as it gets. You can bet yes or no on if Crosby will score a goal or not. He is an underdog to score a goal as the odds of him doing at juiced heavily on the ‘no’ at -160. Him scoring a goal pays +115.

Another common player prop is pitting two players against each other when it comes to points in a game. Here is another example.

PIT Vs CHI – Sidney Crosby Vs Patrick Kane – Most Pts Scored Goals+Assts

  • Sidney Crosby Most Points (-145)
  • Patrick Kane Most Points (+115)

This pits two superstars, Crosby, and Kane, against each other. Hockey bettors can wager on either guy to have more points in the game. In this example, Sid is the favorite at -145 and Kane is the underdog at +115.

NHL Team Props

Team props are betting markets geared towards team performances. There will always be NHL team props available for every game at all online sportsbooks. In many cases, some sites won’t offer player props, but will still have some team props. Let’s look at an example.

Team To Score First – Regulation Time Only 

  • Vegas Golden Knights (-140)
  • New York Islanders (+110)

Which team will score first is one of the most common props throughout all of sports betting. Gamblers can wager on which team will score first in the contest. If they choose the Knights to score first at -140 and the Islanders score first, then the bet is a loser, and vice-versa. It’s notable that this market is ‘regulation time only’ which means if the game went to overtime with no score then the bet would be graded as a push.

NHL Grand Salami Proposition Bets

Grand Salami bets are proposition betting markets that are over/unders on the number of goals scored each night. The number counts all the goals from every game of NHL action from that evening. The market also exists for MLB betting but is based on the number of home runs. Some sportsbooks will also have variations of this, which will allow bettors to on if home or away teams will produce the most goals. Let’s look at an example.

Grand Salami – Total Goals Scored in Tonight’s NHL

  • Over 24.5 (+100)
  • Under 24.5 (-120)

We can wager on the total number of goals in the evening and bet over or under the total amount of goals at 24.5. According to the above odds, the under is the favorite with the juice being -120 versus the over at +100.

How To Get Better At Picking NHL Prop Bets

Even if you’re a frequent side and totals bettors – NHL propositions are entirely different from those markets. One involves analyzing a team’s chances of winning compared to propositions, where you’re breaking down individual matchups, especially in the case of player props. There are a few tips to focus on if you’re looking to bet NHL props to improve your win-rate and increase your profits.

Tip #1 – There Is No Substitute for Knowledge

If you’re already betting the NHL – you’re most likely a fan of the league. Learning more about the teams and players can only help you when it comes to betting props. Watch as much hockey as possible and soak up as much hockey and NHL knowledge as you can.

Tip #2 – Use Advanced Statistics

Traditional hockey stats have value, but they’re nowhere near as valuable as some of the newer NHL advanced statistics when it comes to breaking down teams and players. These stats will help you in all forms of handicapping, mainly player props, where breaking down individual matchups is a must.

Tip #3 – Stay On Top Of News

It’s rare that scratches come out of nowhere in hockey, but it does happen from time to time. Goaltender changes are a lot more common, and that is something that can affect how a game plays out in a significant way. Twitter is an excellent way to get news as soon as it happens. You will often be able to beat the sportsbooks when it comes to moves on major markets and propositions.

NHL Props Betting Strategy

There are sportsbook specific strategies to betting NHL props. They go beyond increasing your NHL knowledge of advanced statistics or staying on top of recent news. These strategies will not only help you profit more from NHL props but will also increase your bottom line. You will improve your prop betting skill by using these strategies but improve your overall skills as a sports bettor. Visit our NHL Betting Online Guide to learn more strategies.

Strategy #1 – Utilize Multiple Sportsbooks

Using several different betting sites should already be a strategy that you employ, but it goes double for if you’re betting propositions. You will find a lot more variation in the odds when it comes to betting props, meaning that line shopping is even more valuable. It will allow you to bet more money as you will have access to multiple sites.

Strategy #2 – Preview Prop Markets Before Depositing

One thing to look at before you choose a sportsbook and make a deposit is the number of NHL propositions offered. If you plan on heavily betting props, then this an essential strategy. Prop markets don’t appear till a few hours before game time, so if you look earlier in the day, you may not see any posted.

Strategy #3 – Maximum Your Bonuses

Nearly every online betting site offers a bonus to new players that sign up in the form of freeplay. Freeplay does not have the same value as cash, but it is still an excellent bankroll builder, especially for new bettors. Those new to online gambling can easily get thousands of dollars in bonuses if they sign up for multiple betting sites.

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NHL Prop Bets Frequently Asked Questions

What is NHL proposition bet?

NHL proposition or prop bet is a wager on betting market that is not related to the final score or outcome of the game. It is typically centered around a player or team performances, but can also be related to the announcers, crowd, or any other factors. Hockey proposition betting markets continue to grow each year.

Are prop bets available for other sports?

Yes, every major sport has proposition bets. NBA propositions are likely the most popular behind NFL prop bets. However, there are a player and game props for baseball and both college football and basketball. It is hard to find a sport without prop market to bet on.

How long have prop bets been around? Who invented them?

Proposition bets have been around since sports and sports betting have existed. Friends would bet amongst each other and with local bookies during the early days of Major League Baseball on the outcome of at-bats, such as a player getting a hit or making an out. At least when it comes to modern-day proposition bets, these were originated in Las Vegas in the late 1970s.

Are proposition bets graded and settled as soon as they win or lose?

In almost all cases, no. NHL prop bets are graded and settled once the game ends, even though they are not related to the final scoreline. You should make sure of the rules before you place your prop bet.

What are the betting limits on props?

Most betting sites will take up to $500 on player props and $1,000 on team props. However, this varies heavily depending on the sportsbook. Propositions are one market that has low limits but are susceptible to sharp bettors. Local bookies may take a lot more on propositions than hockey betting sites.

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