Reverse Line Movement

reverse line movements in betting

Reverse line movement (RLM) is referred to as the betting odds movement that contradicts betting percentages in the market. The movement tends to happen when the majority of bets are placed on one side yet the line moves in the opposite direction. Therefore, it is vital to realize that betting percentages are not related to the total amount of money wagered on a particular game but rather the number of bets taken on each bet side.

The challenge using reverse line movement as part of a betting strategy is having the ability to guess the amount of money wagered on each side of the market and which side the more knowledgeable bettors favor. RLM is important because it shows a clear situation when the betting public and sharp bettors disagree, but the line moves in favor of the sharps.

It is essential to spot because it leads to profitable betting opportunities, provided you can place a bet before the line moves or moves too drastically. Spotting “sharp money” is vital in sports betting and if done well, can be a profitable strategy. If you can find off market prices in relation to reverse line movement or bet the line before reverse limit movement occurs, then you will profit in sports betting.

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Reverse Line Movement – Explained

Reverse line moves can be spotted when there is betting odds movement that contradicts the betting percentages in the betting market. When the vast majority of bets are placed on one side, and the line moves the other way – the reverse line movement happens. It can be spotted rather quickly, even by a novice sports bettors, if you incorporate public betting percentages into your handicapping.

Let’s say we have an NFL game where the Browns are a +7 underdog to the Steelers, which is a -7 favorite. The public has been betting heavily on the Steelers, and their betting percentage is over 70 percent. However, the line at major sportsbooks moves from -7 to Steelers -6.5 and Browns +6.5.

This is an example of RLM. Despite the public being heavily interested in the Steelers at -7, the line moved the other direction to -6.5. This reverse line movement is especially notable since it when through the critical number of 7. The situation is similar when considering college football odds.

Reverse line movement works the same way in other sports but is rarely as important as football when it comes to key numbers, such as 3 and 7. RLM doesn’t exist in smaller markets, such as the MLB and NHL, where almost all line moves come from sharp betting action.

Reverse Movement Line Frequently Asked Questions

Reverse Movement Line Frequently Asked Questions

Reverse line movement is not hard to understand concept in sports betting strategy. Thou, it has been around you will find a good number of seasoned bettors who still get it wrong or completely disregard it in their betting arsenal. If you are a novice who is starting your career in sports betting we have selected the most common asked questions about the reverse line movement and provided exhausting answers.

Which Side Do You Bet On When Wagering On Reverse Line Movement?

You would bet on the non-public side or the side that is moving against the public. If the public is heavily on one side of a game and it begins to move in the other direction, then you would bet the side that is going against public betting action. Reverse line movement is not related to betting volume, but instead percentages and which side the sharps are on in relation to the rest of the market.

Where Do I Find Reverse Line Movement?

It’s impossible to “find” reverse line movement before it happens, but there may be signs that it may occur, especially if a team appears to a substantial public side and the early action is coming in on them. RLM may happen, and then some sportsbooks may not react fast enough or simply not to move their odds to reflect the change. Finding the reverse line movement after it happens is straightforward. Just look at the betting odds and line movement and compare public betting percentages.

How Do I Use Reverse Line Movement?

Once the line moves, it can be hard to gain value from the reverse line movement. However, there may be value in the odds after a reverse line move, depending on the sport and number. Predicting RLM can be hard, but if you suspect reverse line movement may happen – it is best to take the current odds available. Reverse line moves may be used later to predict line moves for odds in the future accurately.

How Do I Bet Reverse Line Movement?

How Do I Bet Reverse Line Movement

The best way to bet the reverse line movement is before the odds move, but this is not always possible or hard to predict. You can wager on a reverse line move as a steam move, but again this is tough to do and often requires you to be watching odds nearly constantly. However, some sportsbooks may not move, even after significant odds changes. These are your best opportunity to take advantage of RLM if you have been “asleep at the wheel.”

Are Reverse Line Movements Profitable?

Yes, if you can accurately predict a reverse line move – they are profitable. A reverse line move signals a profitable bet in the long term, but the key is placing the wager before the line moves. In some cases, the line will continue to move and even after the initial change in odds – a bet still can be made that is profitable. Reverse line moves are indeed valuable, but the key is beating the reverse line more or beating the closing line.

What Are Line Reversals And Smart Money Betting?

Line reversals are another term for reverse line movement. Smart money betting refers to “smart money,” which is money bet by professional levels bettors, that are known as “sharps” or “wise guys.” Wiseguys and sharps will move betting lines due to their large wagers and superior betting acumen. Professional level handicappers will help sportsbooks shape their betting markets. Most times, they will value their input over the public, which is when the RLM happens.

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Reverse Line Movement Tracker Sites

Tracking the reverse line movement after it happens is simple, but it’s much harder to anticipate. Many sites track the instances of RLM and the success rate of those bets. Long term, taking bets before a reverse line move is a winning strategy. However, that can be tough to predict and potentially costly approach if you get the move wrong and it goes in the other direction.

What Sites Can I Use For Tracking Reverse Line Movement?

Several sites are excellent for tracking live odds and line movement. While we don’t recommend paying for picks from or the Action Network – they do have excellent live odds and line history. Using their line history, live odds, and betting percentages, you will easily be able to track reverse line movement. is another option for odds history, but their live odds lag behind SportsInsights.

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