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Few bettors consider the differences when betting on small market sports compared to larger, much more popular betting markets. American sports bettors rarely wager on markets that aren’t professional or collegiate football or basketball, and professional hockey and baseball. Large markets are still highly profitable for many, but there are some unique aspects of smaller markets that some bettors may not realize. It’s vital for sports bettors to understand the difference between the two, particularly when it comes to looking for +EV betting opportunities that can be found in inefficient markets.

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Large vs Small Betting Markets

Wagering limits are sometimes an afterthought for bettors until they run into a situation where they want their betting limits increased on a particular market. One of the biggest misconceptions among those who bet sports casually or those who know little about worldwide betting markets is that you can bet the same amount of money regardless of the sport and market.

Bovada eSports markets and betsOf course, that’s far from the reality. Betting limits between markets and particular sports vary widely, with the most popular and heavily wagered sports offering the largest limits. This makes perfect sense, however. Sportsbook managers devote the majority of their time to heavily wagered markets where the limits are highest, not those that with smaller betting limits. For instance, at Bovada, our top recommended sportsbook, the maximum bet on NFL sides is $2,000. This drops considerably when it comes to NCAA Basketball or MLB baseball. On these markets, the maximum betting limits on sides and totals are $500.

Now, there’s a logical conclusion why a sportsbook would take four times the amount of money on an NFL side compared to college basketball point spread or money line. It’s because the oddsmakers are less confident in markets where they offer smaller betting limits. The correlation is simple here, the higher the betting limits, the more confident the sportsbook on the particular market. The lower the betting limit, the less confident the sportsbook is in the market and the more susceptible it is to sharps.

Attacking Smaller Markets

Attacking smaller markets is one of the best ways that new bettors, who are still playing for smaller stakes, can find inefficient markets to attack. Since they aren’t yet wagering four figures on their plays, small markets are an excellent way to start your sports betting career.

Many small markets, such as propositions or other exotics, are geared towards recreational gamblers. These markets may have higher vig in some spots, but their low betting limits keep away high limits sharps. There are players and team props available for every NFL and NBA contest at most sites. These markets are usually a much better target than sides, totals and money lines because they are much more inefficient.

Props Bets In Small Markets

However, smaller markets aren’t limited to props of major sports. There are plenty of markets available at US-facing online sportsbooks that have extremely low maximum betting limits all limits. Baseball is one of the toughest sports for the sportsbooks. It’s considerably less popular than basketball, football, and hockey wagering. Many of those who bet baseball are more sophisticated and the new age analytics for the sport have given some savvy bettors an edge.

The wagering limits mentioned above at Bovada are not an anomaly when it comes to most sportsbooks. Most sportsbooks offer similar limits for baseball. Limits are usually around the same for college basketball. Now, when it comes to overseas sports, the limits are going to be right around the same range, or even slightly smaller. For instance, if your US-facing sportsbook offers Turkish League soccer, you can be sure that your betting limits will be markedly lower than other markets.

Small Betting Markets – In Summary

We recommend attacking small markets, particularly for newer sports bettors. Even those who are betting big may find enough room to get big money down on these markets, despite living in the US. Utilizing multiple sportsbooks and is the best way to get several thousand or more on smaller markets. Something to consider here is that max betting or betting large amounts on smaller markets can draw attention to your account from sportsbook managers. If you’re beating one of the more recreational sportsbooks in smaller markets, it likely won’t be long before your account is limited. By that time, you will probably have won several thousand dollars, at a minimum.

Be sure to check out our hub about all types of strategies for your betting needs and for all sports you might look out for. Here you can freely access expert-made exclusive content any of your devices!

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