Sports Bet Tracking

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Sports Bet Tracking

Tracking your sports bets is essential to monitor your profits and losses, as well as analyze your sports betting from different perspectives.

Once you move out of the amateur phase of sports betting – keeping record of your bets is an absolute must.

There are a few different ways to go about sports bet tracking, including different bet tracker apps, bet tracker software, websites to track bets, and using your own methods.

Bet tracking has come a long way since the early days. Even compared to five years ago, there are a lot more options for sports bettors when it comes to tracing and analyzing their results.

These days, you’re able to not only track your profits and losses easily but analyze which sports and markets you’re excelling and those where extra work is needed.

You can take a much more analytical approach to interpret your results.

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Why You Should Keep Track Of Sports Bets

Tracking your sports bets is vital to success at sports betting. You will be able to accurately determine your profits and losses at each sport and market type.

This will let you analyze your bet sizing and see where your most reliable and weakest edges are when it comes to your betting portfolio.

This will allow you to maximize your edge when betting and focus on the areas where you are the strongest and work on the areas that are your weakest.

Tracking my bets has helped me improve my process tremendously. There are lots of different sports to bet on, but many different bet types within those sports.

Examining your edge when it comes to sides, totals, prop bets, and live betting will help you greatly as a sports bettor.

Bet tracking software will also allow you to easily differentiate between bet types and track your profits and losses (along with units) for each type of betting market.

Bet Tracking For Taxes

Taxes On Sports Gambling Winnings

Tracking your wins and losses when you bet sports is vital to not only keeping track or your profits for your personal records, but also the IRS.

If you’re a US citizen and win money on any form of gambling, including sports betting – you owe taxes on your profits to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Keeping a record of your sports betting profits is ten times easier than it was years ago with the number of sports bet-tracking websites and software available.

Tax law as it pertains to gambling and sports betting, specifically, can get a little complicated. We recommend using our above link as a basis for preparing your tax return when you are declaring sports betting winnings.

However, if you’re filing as a professional gambler or sports bettor, then it may be worth consulting a tax professional.

Either way, if you’re betting on sports, keeping accurate records is a must when it tax-time comes.

Apps To Keep Track Of Sports Bets – Apps Reviews

There are several popular mobile apps that one can use to track their bets. Some of these also come with a desktop component.

Bet tracking apps are valuable because they can be used anywhere where you have a smartphone and an internet connection.

Most are available on both iOS and Android.

SharpSide Sports Betting App

SharpSide Sports Betting App for tracking bets

The SharpSide app is available for both Android and iOS. If you’re into daily fantasy sports, the app is from the team at It offers a plethora of features for bettors and is free.

SharpSide has odds for every major sport and some lesser known ones. It also goes beyond sides, totals, and moneyline and even has player prop odds. The app is extremely user-friendly and offers bet tracking options for all sports and betting markets.

*There is a community surrounding the app and However, we would be careful taking betting advice from their so-called “experts.”

The Action Network: Sports Scores & Live Tracker

The Action Network- Sports Scores & Live Tracker for tracking bets

We would not suggest paying for betting advice from the Action Network, but their app is quite useful for tracking your bets and for lives odds.

It is also available for both Android and iOS users. The free version allows you to track your picks, which is a big plus. It has access to over 40 sportsbooks, both offshore and those in regulated states.

However, unless you buy the pro version ($9.99 per month) or pro plus version ($29.99) you won’t be able to track parlays, teasers, and other bets besides straight bets.

theScore: Sports News & Scores

theScore- Sports News & Scores for tracking bets

theScore is one of the best apps for everyday sports fan and sports bettor.

The odds and real-time scores are the best around and the app is simple to use.

It is available on both Android and iOS formats and includes updated news, scores, and standings.

The best tracking interface is a bit lacking, but the app is completely free.

Bet Tracking With An Excel Spreadsheet

If you don’t wish to use an app or software to track your sports bets, then there is always an excel spreadsheet. There are a few sites online that offer free bet tracking spreadsheets that can be downloaded for free.

If you’re experienced enough with Excel, you may also be able to create your spreadsheet to track your bets.

The downside of using an excel spreadsheet is that you won’t be able to track your bets on the go as smoothly. This is the main advantage of using a smartphone app for bet tracking.

However, if you log your bets on the goal and import than later into your spreadsheet – this can easily be overcome. This is what I do when I am placing bets on my mobile phone, and I am not near my computer.

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Bet Tracking Websites Reviews

There are also several websites that will track your progress for you and not only give you your profit and loss, but also calculate your units.

Some of these sites can sync directly with online betting sites and bookmakers to track your record with little effort on your part.

These can be used in conjunction with apps and some apps may use also desktop websites, such as SharpSide app listed above.

Betting Metrics is one of the premier bet-tracking websites online. Not only do they allow you to get a feed of live odds on nearly every sport, but they also have a whole host of interactive features that will let you analyze your results and track your bankroll.

They can be linked right to your sportsbook accounts and combine all your bookmaker balances in one place. All your data can also be imported to your excel spreadsheets.

The only downside to Betting Metrics is that it is now free to use. It costs £9.90 per month for the pro version, but that does give you a lot of features.

Some sites offer bet tracking software without charge. As mentioned above, you can also track your bets in excel without paying a fee.

websites to track bets

Another site that tracks bets is Smart Bet Tracker. The site has been around since 2013, and the owner is quite active on Reddit.

It shares much of the features of Betting Metrics and is a lot lower when it comes to pricing. Smart Bet Tracker is totally free, with all features, if you place less than five wagers per day.

After that, there are tiers of subscriptions, depending on the number of bets you want to place per day.

$10 per month would seem to work for most casual bettors with a 20-wager max per day. It goes up to $50 per month with 400 bets per day. Smart Bet has a lot of features but does not have a better interface than Betting Metrics.

However, it does seem to be geared a bit more towards American bettors. Smart Bet Tracker is an excellent product but may not be worth it if you’re a high-volume bettor.

Stake Toys has both a desktop and a mobile component. Like the other websites, it allows bettors to track their bets, analyze results, and improve betting skills. Unlike the other sites, there is little when it comes to betting advice or community.

However, the price is much lower compared to Smart Bet Tracker and Betting Metrics, with much of the same features.

The community is not quite as large, but you will still be able to track your bets easily, and their mobile component is far better than the above two sites I reviewed. If you buy a subscription for one year, the price is only $35.

This is incredibly cheap for tracking program with mobile capabilities and customizable reports.

Is There An Online Sports Betting Tracker With Multiple Betting Sites?

There are a few sites that have software that works with multiple betting sites and links balances to the sports bet tracking apps or websites.

These can be extremely valuable when following your wins and losses accurately.

Also, when it comes to tax time, services that track bets can be a giant help when filing your tax return if you have a lot of sports betting income that you plan on declaring.

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