Best Bets You Can Place During the NFL Playoffs

Best NFL Playoffs Bets

The NFL playoffs are unlike any other postseason in American Sports. The win or go home scenario fills every weekend with lots of drama. There is no room for a mistake or a bad day.

It’s not that dramatic for sports betting fans, but it’s hard not to think that every weekend will be fewer chances to bet on football. With that mindset, we need to take advantage of every opportunity.

These are some of the best bets you can place during the NFL playoffs:

Bet Opening ATS Lines

Betting lines will be available Sunday night on most sportsbooks or Monday morning at the latest. The opening numbers present excellent opportunities for those who want to place a bet early.

Depending on the money coming on one side or even an injury, the opening number might differ from the closing one. It’s never a bad idea to jump early and take advantage of a line that might be fluky.

Let’s say you see the Chiefs -6.5 over the Titans on Monday, but you don’t grab it. Then the market moves towards Kansas City’s side.

By Sunday, the Chiefs are -7 or -7.5, and you lost any early edge on the favorite.

Kansas City might still win by eight points or more, but you missed the chance to bet the better number.

NFL Prop Bets And their Limits

Another way to get into the NFL playoffs’ action is the NFL proposition bets. They are fun, and the people making the odds have problems getting the right number more often than none.

NFL Prop Bets Limits

Sportsbooks are low-key scared of prop bets. They won’t say, but you can tell by their low wagering limits compared to larger markets. There are too many names and scenarios per game where they can get burned.

That’s why you will see sites with maximum betting limits of $250 and could go as low as $50. If a sportsbook is not confident about their odds, that’s where we lay the hammer.

Player matchups, injuries, and the weather should be factors to give it a look to find the best prop bets.

Don’t Forget About NFL Futures Bets

Plenty of people will hit some NFL futures early in the season and then forget about them. Right before the start of the playoffs, there is value in grabbing a future bet.

There will be 14 teams remaining, and each week that number gets chopped in half.

Last season, the Niners opened 35/1 at the start of the regular season and then moved to 3/1 before the postseason started. There was value on San Francisco even late in the year.

You can always find value in the playoffs, perhaps even with a team that is hot late in the regular season. The 2020 playoffs, in particular, are different from anything we have seen.

A Real Weakness On Every Team

Every team has a real weakness, even the Super Bowl Champs, Kansas City Chiefs. There won’t be the standard noisy home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, as fans won’t be attending games.

This means you can go into Lambeau Field or Arrowhead Stadium with a better chance than in previous years.

Quick NFL Playoffs Betting Tips

  1. Understand How The Postseason Works

    From now on, there are 14 teams in the playoffs, and just the conference top seed gets a bye week to rest. The change gives the top seeds a significant advantage over the rest of the competition.
  2. Be Aware Of The Major Injuries By Each Team

    Losing a critical player is tough to overcome in the playoffs. While a team can hide the loss of a top cornerback against a weak team in the regular season, it would be challenging to find the same success against better competition.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid Of Line Shopping

    Don’t be afraid of shopping for the best line but within the trustworthy sportsbooks, we recommend. Line shopping is a must to be successful at sports betting. Don’t grab the first line but try to compare prices to take the best one.

We have a complete section dedicated to NFL Playoffs Betting. It’s a comprehensive guide with valuable information — check it out if you’re looking to increase your knowledge even further.

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