How To Bet On The NFL Playoffs 2024

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NFL Playoffs Betting Online

NFL Playoff betting online can be a different animal compared to the regular season.

Playoff betting lines aren’t calculated any different than regular season betting lines, but there are some trends and strategies to consider when making playoff betting picks.

We’ll go over how to bet on the NFL playoffs, the most popular bets, odds, and lines.

We’ll also take a look at the current season’s playoff picture. Let’s dive in!

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2024 NFL Playoff Season Betting

Playoff betting and, more specifically, Super Bowl betting make up a significant portion of the overall betting handle for both Vegas and offshore sportsbooks.

Whenever you sign up for a new sportsbook to bet on the NFL playoffs, take a quick look at the future odds.

Finding out which teams have better odds to represent each conference in the Super Bowl is valuable information.

But beyond looking at the favorite, it’s good to see the value of a surprise upset or look at the underdogs.

You can learn a lot about the team’s real chances of winning the Super Bowl by looking through the oddsmakers’ eyes.

NFL Playoffs Betting Lines and Odds 2024

The NFL playoffs will be played after an 18-week regular season.

Seven teams per conference will try to earn the right to be in Super Bowl LVIII.

Below, you can find the odds to win each conference, focusing on the favorite teams.

The winners will earn a ticket to the Super Bowl to be played on Sunday, February 11, 2024, at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Odds to Win the AFC Championship

AFC TeamBetUS NFL Odds
Baltimore Ravens+125
Buffalo Bills+275
Kansas City Chiefs+450
Miami Dolphins+850


Odds to Win the NFC Championship

NFC TeamBetUS NFL Odds
San Francisco 49ers-125
Dallas Cowboys+320
Philadelphia Eagles+750
Detroit Lions+800


NFL Playoff Bet Types Explained

NFL Playoff betting odds don’t change when it comes to grading compared to the regular season.

However, in most cases, sportsbooks will have more betting options available, along with higher limits.

This means there are more betting markets (more prop bets) and getting more money down is considerably easier.

Prop Bets During The NFL Playoffs

NFL Playoffs Prop Bets

NFL propositions are amplified in the postseason, particularly when it comes to the Super Bowl.

There will be more bets available and higher limits for NFL playoff prop bets compared to the regular season.

NFL prop bets are an excellent market to attack, especially for new bettors looking to build a bankroll.

However, betting props can lead to your account being limited a lot quicker than if you’re betting straight wagers.

Playoff Spread Betting

NFL Playoffs Point Spreads
Point Spreads

There’s no difference in playoff spread betting when it comes to how you attack betting markets and look for value.

Betting limits are usually increased for the playoffs, making it easier to get down bigger bets.

With the playoffs being single-elimination rounds, it is best if you follow our betting tips in order to make smart choices.

Point spread betting on the NFL playoffs can be a little trickier than in the regular season.

Bet On The NFL Playoffs At These Football Betting Sites

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How To Bet On The NFL Playoffs

The general betting strategy for NFL football doesn’t change when it comes to the playoffs, but there are some considerations for postseason betting compared to the regular season.

NFL playoff betting strategy can center on both betting market analysis and team study.

Betting Tip #1Props mean opportunity – Look for the Props!

Props are the least efficient markets, and the playoffs are an ideal time to bet them.

As mentioned above, these may get you limited or banned from a book, especially if you’re max betting them, but limits will typically be higher in the postseason and Super Bowl.

Props can be a gold mine for pay-per-head sites with local bookies. Limits are higher than offshore and getting limited or banned takes far longer.

Betting Tip #2Are the Dogs Overvalued?

One of the first things you learn as you look to become a profitable sports bettor is how underdogs and unders are usually preferable to favorites and overs.

There are two main reasons for this:

  • The main one being the public’s infatuation with betting on “safe wagers”, which draws them to favorites.
  • As well as wanting to see points scored.

Nevertheless, underdogs seem to get a bit more credit in the betting markets than they do in the regular season.

Perhaps it’s a public betting action, some overzealous wagers from some sharp bettors, or the market giving too much credit to teams only because “they’re playoff teams”.

Betting Tip #3Divisional Favorites May Be More Profitable

With that said, divisional favorites, especially those with a first-round bye, seem to be the most profitable regarding divisional round betting.

Unless there is a severe mismatch between the two teams, it would make sense to look towards betting the favorite.

The NFL season is long and an extra week of rest and hometown playoff crowd is a significant advantage, mainly when the team already has a better record and on-paper edge.

Betting Tip #4Don’t Forget About Bankroll Management – No Money, No Bets

Bettors make the mistake of betting too much when it comes to the postseason and the Super Bowl, which can have a severe effect on their overall profits.

It’s true that edges, for many bettors, will increase throughout the season as they have more data, but that doesn’t mean they’re massively increasing their bet size.

Don’t abandon bankroll management just because the games mean more now for the players.

A win or loss is still the same for sports betting, whether it’s on a meaningless Week 17 game or the NFL Playoffs.

2024 NFL Playoffs Bracket Betting

If you love the NFL playoffs you shouldn’t feel guilty about laying down a bet to encourage some friendly competition among your friends or workmates.

When you have gotten a group together, you can print the NFL Playoffs Bracket and read the instructions on how to fill it out and make it a fun betting event for everybody.

Should I Use NFL Playoff Betting Trends?

For the most part, no. There are some strategies outlined above that you can utilize.

However, when someone tells you that “divisional favorites are 14-2 against the spread against when they are -10 or more”, that’s not advice that you can place a profitable wager with.

The data from even ten years ago has changed with the new rules regarding extra points and other factors.

There are very rare cases in which these trends make sense and are truly valid. Also, in those scenarios, the market usually corrects itself rather quickly.

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