Betting The NFL Combine 2018 At SportsBetting Sportsbook

Betting The NFL Combine 2018 At SportsBetting Sportsbook

With the Super Bowl in the books and the NFL over, it’s a long wait until we can bet on NFL action again. However, it’s March, and even though we don’t have live game action to be on, we do have the NFL Combine. The NFL Combine, along with the NFL Draft, has emerged as a newer betting market in recent years as football betting seems to be something that people want year-round.

Right now, the other sportsbooks offering odds on the NFL Combine are SportsBetting and its sister sportsbook, BetOnline. SportsBetting offers a generous bonus of 75% up to $1,000 for the first deposit.

Betting The NFL Combine

The NFL Scouting Combine is a showcase for players entering this year’s NFL Draft to showcase their skills through a series of on-field workouts. The Combine begins on Friday, March 2nd with running backs, offensive lineman, and special teams workouts. Saturday, it’s quarterbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends. On Sunday, defensive lineman, and linebackers. Finally, making it a 4 day event, are the defensive backs, on March 5th.

SportsBetting Sportsbook NFL Scouting Combine Betting Markets

As you can see, there is a whole lot of options here, but most are centered around the top prospects for this year’s draft, such as Saquon Barkley, Baker Mayfield, and Nick Chubb. However, there are a few bets covering record-breaking times, such as if someone will break the NFL Combine 40-yard dash record of 4.22 seconds. There are some more novelty ones than others, with NFL Network’s Rick Eisen’s 40-yard dash time available for betting with an over/under of 6.05 seconds.

NFL Combine betting markets won’t have much regarding betting limits, a few hundred dollars at the most. Also, be sure to line shop before placing your bet. These smaller markets may have a few differences between sites compared to larger markets.

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