NFL Bets You Can Make During The Season

Top Bets To Make During The NFL Season

You have probably been a football fan all your life, but betting has never been a part of your lifestyle. But, if you are here, that’s about to change.

The NFL season is the busiest time of the year for sports betting sites and with good reason. Betting on football has become more and more conventional. Now we see analysts talking about point spread betting and giving NFL picks against the spread before the games start.

But football betting is more than that. So much more.

Betting Beyond Match Outcomes

Online sports betting sites will give you a ton of odds and betting options to choose from every week.

And I mean a ton.

Here’s one quick tip before we show you all the bets available: Pick a sportsbook with a solid reputation. Review our best NFL sportsbooks selection.

Let’s review everything you can bet on during the 2020 NFL season:

The Usual Against-The-Spread, Money & Game Total Bets

Like I mentioned above, the most common form of betting during the football season is spread betting.

  • The sportsbooks set the lines between Sunday night and Monday.
  • You can bet as early in the week as you want.
  • You can also wager the money line, which means picking the outright winner of the game (no point spread).

The spreads, moneylines, and total numbers can change during the week.

See a line you like? Bet on it before it moves!

Remember, it’s vital to use multiple accounts at several different online sportsbooks. Shopping for the best line is an excellent way to increase your chances to win during the NFL season.

NFL Proposition Bets

A day or two before each NFL game, the oddsmakers will set up a bunch of different scenarios to bet on your favorite players. These bets are unrelated to which team will win the game or the final score. We call these prop bets.

Let’s say you are a Chiefs fan:

  • You can bet on the number of touchdowns Patrick Mahomes will throw during a game.
  • You can also go over/under the passing yards and even the interceptions.

You will find bets like these every weekend on several of the most prominent names in the NFL. The prop bets are fun because it is like picking a good matchup in fantasy football. The difference is you need to beat the number the sportsbooks are giving you.

NFL Futures Bets

Most new players won’t dare to think about a play that will be paid months ahead. Why bet something now that will give me winnings in four to five months, right?

But future bets are both a longshot investment and an exciting opportunity to increase your bankroll.

Future bets will pay more than a standard bet because it will take some time to find out if it’s a winner.

Bet On Virtually Untapped Markets

Future bets are a great chance to find valuable teams that no one expects and collect big winnings.

For example, how many people had San Francisco to reach Super Bowl 54 last season?

If you had bet the Niners early in the year, you would have found plenty value (and beaten the closing line) in San Francisco winning the NFC West and NFC Conference.

These bets can also be about the season awards. You will find odds on:

  • The NFL MVP
  • Coach of the Year
  • Rookie of the Year

…and more. These are easy to find as most sportsbooks have them. Just remember to place your bet on a trustworthy sports betting site.

Don’t run from future bets. They can be very profitable if you are a savvy football fan.

NFL Super Contest 🔥

NFL fans rejoice! MyBookie is giving you the chance to win big during the NFL season with their Super Contest. In our opinion, it is the most attractive betting tournaments during football season.

You only invest $100 for the chance to win up to $125,000 if you finish first place. You can still get cash prizes and other great perks during the NFL season!

NFL Specials

Sportsbooks are extremely creative, you will find many interesting bets available all season.

For example:

  • At MyBookie, you can bet the team with the more losses in the 2020 or the team with the most wins in the regular season. You know, if you want to see the glass half full.
  • At BetNow, you can wager if the Chiefs or Ravens will finish the regular season undefeated, like the 2007 New England Patriots.

There really are plenty of bets you can place if you know where to look.

Head-To-Head Season Matchups

Another attractive bet is a head-to-head season matchup between players. For example, at BetNow, you can bet who will score more touchdowns during the season in a matchup between Tom Brady vs. Cam Newton.

If the oddsmakers want to get creative, there are plenty of exciting bets to find during the four months of the regular season.

Select your preferred sportsbook and take advantage of the best time of the sports calendar.

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