NFL Playoffs – Printable Bracket Betting Contest [Updated]

2019 NFL Playoffs PDF Bracket

I have to be honest. I love having bragging rights over my friends, especially during football season. To do that, I have to fill the perfect NFL playoffs betting bracket.

I’ve been successful for the past couple of years, and I’m aiming for a third consecutive year. Experience and strategy is everything, so I have a few pieces of advice for you to fill the bracket.

Don’t forget the NFL playoffs are a lot different from the regular season games. The one game elimination scenario changes everything.

Here are quick tips for beginners:

  • If you haven’t played the NFL playoffs bracket before, you need to find a contest. There are so many options online. Here’s our NFL playoffs bracket printable version. See, I just made your life easier.
  • Take a look at the NFL futures. The NFL future odds at betting sites will tell you which teams have the better chances to win the Super Bowl. Then you can pick your favorites to fill out the winners of every weekend.
  • You will have a better chance than March Madness. Trying to fill a bracket in March is fun, yet nearly impossible to accomplish. The NFL will give you a far better shot with only 12 teams in the postseason.

 Official 2019 NFL Playoffs Bracket

NFL Playoffs Betting Tips That Will Set You Apart

We tackled the tips for beginners. Those should be the easy ones, but these are the ones that will separate you from the rest of your friends. These will give you an edge during January Football.

Consider The Weather

Postseason weather is a thing since the ’70s and it hasn’t changed. Warm weather teams going to cold weather places are in for a long afternoon. Those teams who are passing driven will have plenty of problems as well.

Dogs Are Dogs For A Reason

There is an overestimation that just because a team is a playoffs team is dangerous. People tend to give them too much credit.

They are underdogs for a reason. Unlike the regular season where anybody can beat anybody, those upsets are harder to find during the playoffs.

Divisional Favorites Are The Way To Go

during the divisional round, the favorite teams would have one more week to rest. Instead, the team playing in the wildcard round will have one more game in their bodies.

At this point in the season resting and health is as important as the quality of the players. Teams with a one week of rest have a huge advantage.

Avoid Looking At Te Betting Trends

they never tell the full story. Let’s say you look for a team that’s 12-4 against the spread this season. That team must be a good one.

But what happened if that team took advantage of a weak schedule? The betting trends won’t tell you that. It’s better to avoid them.

Don’t Force That One Hot Team

Remember the 2007 Giants or the 2010 Packers of? All of those teams came in hot and won the Super Bowl. But that doesn’t happen often.

The last five Super Bowl winning squads had a bye week during their run. They were amongst the favorites when the playoffs started. Don’t try to push a Cinderella story just because we have seen it happen a couple times per decade.

There are 12 playoffs teams, two paths to the Super Bowl and one winner. Fill in your bracket with these tips, dominate your NFL playoffs bracket and enjoy the games. Your strategy will set you apart from the rest of the competition.

When you end up as a winner, people will be asking for YOUR NFL tips. You can thank me later. If still want more visit our best NFL betting sites page for real money betting.

Free 2019 NFL Playoff Bracket Printable PDF – Print Your Betting Bracket

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