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Written by: Joseph Falchetti, Editor-in-Chief, Pro Sports Bettor and Casino Expert
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With the arrival of crypto-currency and massive success of Bitcoin, there have been plenty of other coins entering the crypto world. Many are new to the market, and lots of have failed, but one that has succeeded so far are both Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Bitcoin and Litecoin are the most commonly used cryptocurrencies in online betting markets, (with BTC having the vast majority of the transactions) but there is a host of other players, including Bitcoin Cash, which is abbreviated in many spots as “BCH,” “BCC” or “Bcash.” In this article, we’ll run down the of basics sports betting with Bitcoin Cash and using it at BCH gambling sites.

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – Explained

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that is a fork of Bitcoin Classic (BTC) which was created in August 2017. Bitcoin Cash has larger block sizes than Bitcoin Classic and allows more transactions to be processed faster. As of this writing, Bitcoin Cash has a faster processing speed than Bitcoin Classic and comes with far fewer fees. Bitcoin Classic is still the most dominant cryptocurrency, both when it comes to worldwide usage and market cap and in online betting markets, but many proponents are advocating for Bitcoin Cash over Bitcoin Classic.

Online Gambling Sites – Bitcoin Cash Acceptance

Online gambling sites that serve the American market do accept Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies. Online bookmakers in highly regulated markets do not accept cryptocurrencies but instead opt for more traditional iGaming cashier methods, such as e-wallets and credit and debit cards. Anyone in the world can buy Bcash and other cryptocurrencies, but those interested in Bitcoin Cash Sportsbook and other forms of Bitcoin Cash gambling will typically be from the United States or other areas where online sports betting is in a legal grey area.

How To Use Bitcoin Cash (BCH) To Bet On Sports Online

Depositing with Bitcoin Cash is basically identical to depositing with Bitcoin or Litecoin. If you’re familiar with using BTC at gambling sites, gambling with BCH will be second nature. Many wallets and exchanges can accept both Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Bitcoin so users will send coins to BCH addresses.

  1. Step 1 –  Find a sportsbook with positive rating and accepted Bitcoin Cash. Right now, we recommend Sportsbook. Thou, we expect more online sportsbooks to start accepting Bitcoin Cash in the coming years.
  2. Step 2 – Deposit using BCH. The process is basically the same as depositing with Bitcoin and Litecoin. Send the coins from your Bitcoin wallet to the address provided by the sportsbook. Once the sportsbook confirms the Bitcoin Cash coins – they will be available in your account.
  3. Step 3 – Some sportsbooks operate in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, but most convert into traditional currency once the transaction is confirmed. Once this happens, the funds are available to bet. From there, it’s as simple as choosing your sport and betting market and then placing a wager.

Best Bitcoin Cash Gambling Sites

Bitcoin cash is being accepted at a number of online bookmakers and other gambling sites. Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks and Bitcoin Cash gambling may one day become the norm at online betting sites. As mentioned above, Bitcoin is still the preferred method of payment for online betting sites these days, and Litecoin is a close second. These days, only a few sites accept BCH as a cashier option. In almost all cases, the cryptocurrency is also converted into USD by the sportsbook once the deposit is received. Bitcoin Cash can be used for all forms of online gambling, including poker and sports betting. It also might not be long till we see a Bcash casino.

Bovada Sportsbook

At this time, there is only one sportsbook that meets our criteria as a top sportsbook that currently has Bitcoin Cash available in their cashier. It’s easily the most trusted sportsbook servicing Americans, and they accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for deposits and withdrawals. The sportsbook is and you can read our expert’s honest and in-depth review before you place your winning bets there.

Recommended Online Bitcoin Cash Sportsbooks

Bovada sportsbook
  • Accepts both BTC & Bitcoin Cash
  • Excellent and timely payouts
  • Large betting limits on larger markets
  • VIP Points Program which converts back into cash
  • Competitive odds on NFL, NBA, and NHL games and other markets

Start Betting & Winning at Bovada

Why Is Bovada The Best?

Bovada offers 100% Match up to $250 Welcome Bonus on your first deposit and  50% Match Bonus up to $500 on your first Bitcoin deposit. Players will earn additional cash for each bet they place with the VIP Points Program. Bovada is the best option for American sports bettors and nothing comes even close.

Alternative To Bitcoin Cash Gambling – Litecoin Sports Gambling

Bitcoin Cash Sports Betting – Pros & Cons



BCH is cheaper than most other methods and faster, as well. No more waiting two weeks for a check or several days for a money transfer. Get Bitcoin Cash payouts in a matter of minutes or at worst a few hours

Cost Effective

Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks allow players to save money on fees. Other methods will eat into betting profits. With checks, bank wires, and money transfers, bettors may lose 10% or more of their earnings


Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies allow more anonymity than other methods, which protects players from fraud and the sharing of information. No need to give out your banking information or credit card numbers when using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin.


Price Stability

Speed and cheaper transactions matter, but BCH and other cryptos can drop hundreds of dollars in a matter of seconds. For some people, that’s a no-go. It’s worth noting, however, that, in most cases, transfers are converted to USD by sportsbooks when received.


Using cryptocurrencies can be daunting for some and something that some people simply just don’t want to utilize. They’re a better option in almost all cases than traditional fiat currencies for betting online, but, they’re not for everyone.

Not As Widely Accepted as BTC

BTC is available at every online sportsbook online these days, while BCH is at just a few. This will likely change, but if you want more betting options – Bitcoin is still the best choice.

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