MasterCard Betting Sites

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MasterCard Betting Sites

Adding money to your sportsbook account can be done in many ways. But just about every online sportsbook accepts MasterCard credit and debit cards. It’s one of the most popular deposit methods because it’s easy to do.

MasterCard is one of the most popular cards in the world, accepted in over 210 countries around the globe. It is just as popular when it comes to sports betting.

If you reach into your pocket and open your wallet, there is a good chance a MasterCard is lining up with the rest of your credit or debit cards.

Top MasterCard Betting Sites 2024

Payment Grade
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  • 1
    100% Up To $2,500
  • 2
    50% Up To $250
  • 3
    125% Up To $1,250
  • 4
    50% Up To $1,000
  • 4
    100% Up To $500
  • 5
    100% Up To $1,000
  • 5
    50% Up To $1,000
  • 5
    50% Up To $1,000

How To Use MasterCard To Place Sports Bets Online

Depositing and betting at offshore sports betting sites is a simple process. In most cases, this will take just a few minutes.

  1. Find a reliable MasterCard sportsbook – Create an account or more than one in betting sites that accept MasterCard. Use a trusted sportsbook. If you don’t know where to find one, read the reviews of our experts. Once you fill out the form and sign up, you can access the account with your password.
  2. Find the cashier – Once you have created your sportsbook account, it’s time to add money. Every sports betting site has lists of deposit methods, including funding the account with a MasterCard. The section usually is on the top menu.
  3. Deposit using your MasterCard – Funding your account on sports betting sites that accept MasterCard is like any other online transaction. Type your card information and the amount of money you want to deposit. Remember, the first step was finding a reliable sportsbook. If you did that, then you are good to go.   
  4. Start betting – Once you added the money with your MasterCard, it’s time to have fun. When selecting a bet, double-check your selection and the amount you wish to bet before confirming

Top MasterCard Betting Sites 2024

Almost every sportsbook allows players to deposit with a credit or debit MasterCard, especially the top sports betting sites that we recommend. When you deposit with a MasterCard, the money will show up in the account immediately.

Not all sportsbooks are the same. Some may offer promotions when using a MasterCard to add money for the first time. The minimum and maximum deposit amount also varies between betting sites.

Rank Top Sportsbooks Deposit bonus Get Started
1 Deposit bonus 100% Up To $2,500 Bet Now
2 Deposit bonus 50% Up To $250 Bet Now
3 Deposit bonus 125% Up To $1,250 Bet Now
4 Deposit bonus 50% Up To $1,000 Bet Now
5 Deposit bonus 100% Up To $500 Bet Now
6 Deposit bonus 100% Up To $1,000 Bet Now
7 Deposit bonus 50% Up To $1,000 Bet Now
8 Deposit bonus 50% Up To $1,000 Bet Now

Advantages When Betting With MasterCard At Online Sportsbooks



Players can deposit in a sportsbook that accepts MasterCard online or via the phone. The simplicity of a few clicks or one phone call gives MasterCard an edge over the other deposit methods.


Instant Deposits

The deposit will show up immediately in the account if successful. Adding money is quick and straightforward. Once you add the funds, bettors can play right away.


Widely Accepted

Over 37 million businesses worldwide accept MasterCard. The acceptance rate is so high it makes depositing money to your sportsbook account one of the most reliable methods in the market.

Disadvantages When Betting With MasterCard At Online Sportsbooks


MasterCard Deposits Come With Fees

There can be fees charged when depositing with MasterCards. These can go up to 5%, depending on the sportsbook. Although some betting sites do offer free deposits.


Credit Cards Get Declined

MasterCard do not work as often as cryptocurrencies, which have a 100 percent success rate if used properly.


Lower Deposit Limits

The deposit limits are lower than cryptocurrencies. Most sports betting sites set the max limits for deposits between $2000-$2500.

Online MasterCard Card Security

It is safe to make a deposit using your card at any MasterCard online sportsbooks. Online betting sites use encryption and cutting edge security measures to keep your data safe.

The main risk to your card is your transaction being declined. If you try to deposit with a MasterCard and the transaction is denied, the first step is to call your bank or credit card company.

This can fix the issue immediately. Simply tell your bank to allow the MasterCard to process foreign transactions. 

Pro Tip:

Do not tell them you are using the card to deposit at online gambling sites. Online betting is still a grey legal area in some states or jurisdictions. Some credit cards and banks won’t knowingly process gambling-related transactions.

Types Of Cards Issued By MasterCard

Having a MasterCard is very convenient nowadays because just about every sportsbook accepts it. It doesn’t matter if it is credit, debit, or a prepaid card. If you are looking to bet on sports, depositing via MasterCard will make your life easier.

Prepaid MasterCard

Prepaid MasterCard is as popular as Visa prepaid cards. Load the amount of money you will use before depositing in your favorite sportsbook. Many bettors love this option because it limits them from impulsive betting. The amount you load on to the card is the max you can play with before you have to reload it again.

Debit Card

A debit MasterCard is accepted all around the world. It has a high success rate when it comes to depositing money in the sportsbook cashier. Be sure your bank allows foreign transactions for offshore sportsbooks with operations outside the US. Most banks do.

Credit Card

A credit MasterCard is a fun toy. It will give sports bettors and anybody who owns one financial freedom. Depending on your line of credit, you can bet on your favorite teams without worrying about limiting yourself.

MasterCard Debit Vs. Credit Cards

There isn’t much of a difference between using a debit or credit MasterCard when betting on sports. The obvious difference is the amount of money available to use in one card or the other.

The fees won’t vary by using one or the other, and neither do the limits. Both are very secure and convenient ways to depositing money into your sportsbook account.

There are no significant pros or cons to using a MasterCard debit or credit card.

MasterCard Betting Sites FAQ

Do Any Sports Betting Sites Accept MasterCard?

Yes, most trusted betting sites will have a MasterCard deposit option for you.

Can You Cashout With MasterCard From Sports Betting Sites?

In almost all cases for US bettors, no. The process can be difficult for sports betting sites. There are other methods for processing withdrawals.

What Are The Deposit Limits When Using MasterCard?

It depends on the MasterCard sportsbook, but some sites will accept up to $2,500 per deposit using a MasterCard. Others will take up to $5,000 per day.

Do MasterCard Cards Work At Online Betting Sites?

For the most part, yes. For deposits, MasterCard works perfectly. However, US bettors can’t use it to cash out.

What Should I Do If My MasterCard Card Gets Declined?

The best option is to call your bank. Many bettors report that their card works after they enable foreign transactions.

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