Inter-book Transfers & Options For Sportsbooks

One way to move money around between sportsbooks is through an inter-book transfer or what also is known as a ‘book to book’ transfer, which is sometimes abbreviated as ‘B2B’. These transfers allow players to transfer funds between offshore sportsbooks, which are a quick way to move funds around to different bookmakers without having to withdraw and then deposit. They can be a fast way to move funds around for those looking to take advantage of a market at another sportsbook.

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How Inter-Book Transfers Work With Sportsbooks

Sportsbook transfer may be available in the cashier section of an online sportsbook’s cashier menu, usually under withdrawal. If that’s not the case, searching the sportsbook’s site for may be the best way to find it. Sportsbook transfers can’t be done automatically. Bettors will need to speak to support either by phone, email, or live chat. Live chat support is the best way to get in touch with the sportsbook and start the transfer process.

Asking Support To Get Banking Information About Sports Betting Sites


Of course, to transfer money from one sportsbook to another, you will need an account at the sportsbook in which you desire to send the transfer. This shouldn’t be an issue. However, many sites don’t list their options for sportsbook transfer. In most cases, bettors aren’t given a list of sportsbooks that participate in balances transfers.

They will have to ask support if they can transfer funds to “sportsbook x” and they will let them know if that is an available option. Live chat support may offer players the full list of participating sportsbooks once they inquire about sending a transfer, but this isn’t always the case. Once players find the participating sportsbook where they decide to send the funds, support will begin to process the transfer.

Inter-Book Transfers And Its Process Speeds And Fees

Inter-book transfers will be faster than typical withdrawal methods like bank wire, check, or even person-to-person transfers. While they are quick, they aren’t instant and must be processed manually by the sportsbook staff. Players should count on waiting 24 hours for a sportsbook transfer to be credited. They can take just a few hours, but may take a day or so to process. There can also be delays in this process. It’s definitely worth following up with the sportsbook if your transfer has not been credited within 24 hours.

Limits On Transactions For Inter-Book Transfers

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Sportsbooks won’t generally process book-to-book transfers for less than $500 and most have maximums around $5,000 or so, but this varies depending on the bookmaker. Fees can be somewhat steep for B2B transfer, and they’re generally not tied to the amount transferred. Instead, they’re just a flat fee. These typically range from $50-$200 per inter-book transfers regardless of the amount sent. However, some sportsbooks will cover transfer fees, but this depends on the client and relationship between sportsbooks.

Rollovers and Bonuses

Sending a transfer to another sportsbook doesn’t count as a deposit. Players will not get a bonus for their transfer and there won’t be any rollover requirements associated with the transfer amount. Provided they meet the security and identification process for withdrawing, players should have no issues withdrawing funds if they have transferred to another sportsbook. However, sportsbooks will likely refuse inter-book transfer if the player has a pending bonus or deposit requirements.

Overall Thoughts About Inter-Book Transfers

Sportsbook transfers are an awesome way to move money between bookmakers that some sports bettors may not even be aware is available. The fees can be high for smaller amounts, but if you’re moving several thousand dollars, they’re comparable to withdrawal fees for many popular methods. Some players may also get their fees comped, as described above.

If you are looking for information on another transfer method we’ve got you covered in our review hub. There you’ll find information per site with their different payment methods. In any other case when looking for other deposit or withdrawal options besides this one, such as credit cards, bitcoin or any other, where we offer our detailed point of view, be sure to check out the hub page.

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