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Today’s online betting markets make the ones from a decade ago look entirely ancient. Stuff like eSports betting and now drone racing are the future of sports betting and online betting markets.Drone racing is a competitive racing sport using FPV drones. Pilots fly quad-copter drones through courses through three-dimensional courses in a race to the finish.

Much like eSports, it has exploded in popularity in a short period of time and may be as popular as “real-life” racing, such as NASCAR and Formula 1 before we know it. As with most sports that begin to garner a following – people become interested in betting on it. That seems to be human nature!

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Sports Betting Sites For Drone Racing

Betfair made headlines in 2017 when they signed on to offer betting markets for the UK’s first professional drone race. Although, Pinnacle Sports is the first online bookmaker to provide drone racing betting markets. The DRL also signed a deal with ESPN and Sky Sports to televise a ten-episode series of races.

Betting on Drone Races

Betting on drone racing is as much as betting on the drone as it is on the driver. At this point, betting markets are limited year-round, as the Drone Racing League only goes on during the month of June. However, there are other competitions and races to wager on throughout the year. As the sport grows, we will undoubtedly see more growth regarding betting options. Drone racing betting markets are limited and are like those in Formula 1 or NASCAR. Outrights (picking a pilot to win with no spread) are the most common and often, only market available for each race. However, during significant events, there is betting available on each “heat” or lap of the course.

Drone Racing Betting Limits

Betting on Drone RacingThe DRL and drone racing, in general, are relatively new betting markets. That means there’s not a lot of action on them compared to other sports, and betting limits are much lower than major markets. This likely means betting a maximum of $500 on outrights and probably a similar amount on heat betting, which amounts to a proposition bet. As the DRL and drone racing, in general, increase in popularity, you can expect the number of markets and the amount you can bet will increase.

Best Bets for Drone Racing

The best bets for drone racing come down to your knowledge of the sport. Outrights on a particular driver will have the highest payout. That’s going to be the most popular wager available, by far. Some betting sites will also have props on each heat. As the sport gets more popular, these will inevitably expand.

Drone Racing Betting Tips – How To Bet On Drone Racing

As far as betting tips with it comes to betting on racing drones – gamblers should look to other racing sports for a handicapping blueprint. Bettors who are profitable at other racing events know the races, drivers, and courses inside and out. Following the competition and the DRL, more specifically, will give you the most knowledge to make profitable wagers.

How To Bet on Drone Racing

Drone Betting Step 1 –  Choose a trusted betting site. The above betting sites are two excellent choices whether you’re from the US or based internationally to place drone bets.

Drone Betting Step 2 – Take advantage of any deposit bonus offers before funding your account. This may mean entering a bonus code, but some sites apply first-deposit bonuses automatically.

Drone Betting Step 3 – Deposit your funds. This can be done in a number of different ways, depending on your location. Most of the sports betting sites accept bitcoin and litecoin deposits.

Drone Betting Step 4 – Look at the drone betting markets, read what the pros are picking for the winner, set a betting limit according to your bankroll management limits. Place your winning bet.

Drone Betting Step 5 – Review your bet slip. Make sure all is as you planned. Collect your winnings.

Best Betting Sites For Drone Racing Betting

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The Drone Racing League

The DRL has pioneered FPV drone racing. FPV stands for “first-person view”, which refers to the headsets equipped with cameras that pilots use while racing their drones. Like air races, the goal in the drone racing league is to finish the course as fast as possible.

Drones can reach speeds of 120 mph while flying through courses that feature LED lights and obstacles. The FPV headset gives them the viewpoint of the “eyes” of the drone, not an above-ground view or one from other cameras.

Of course, any drone could be used to race, but the DRL has specific standards for entry into events. The league makes all the drones used in its events in-house. They supply those to pilots, along with backup drones, with parts also provided by the league.

Drone Pilots and Races

In DRL races, pilots compete against each other in many heats or laps around the course. There are many heats per race. Pilots score points by passing checkpoints and finishing the course within the time cap. The pilot with the highest score at the end of the heats is the winner.

After each heat, the DRL has a protocol to ensure fairness and their own standards on each drone. They clear the course after each heat to remove any obstacles or broken parts from the course. Then they provide each pilot with a new drone after checking the video and control of each device.

Racer3 Racing Drone

Racer3 – The New Racing Drone

The Racer3 is the next generation of drone racing. It’s the ultimate drone for speed, agility, and competition. It is built with 209 LED lights and goes from 0 to 80 mph in just under a second. Drone innovations are commonplace, with each year, FPV drones are outclassed by the previous year.

DRL Allianz World Championship

The Allianz World Championship is currently the pinnacle of drone racing. The DRL holds the event every year after a playoff race. The 2017 Championship was held in Munich, Germany. 16 racers from all over the world competed for a top prize of $100,000. The 2017 final was held in London, England and Jordan “Jet” Temkin from Fort Collins, Colorado took down the top prize.

DRL Allianz World Championship

World Drone Prix

The World Drone Prix is another annual event for drone racing that is continually growing. The Dubai World Drone Prix had a prize pool of over 1 million dollars. A British teenager won $250,000 after placing first in the event.

World Drone Prix

Drone Racing League 2018 – What To Expect In Drone Racing

The Drone Racing League had an active 2017, but the 2018 DRL Allianz World Championship will take pilots to Saudi Arabia. There will be other events held around the world where players can qualify for the finals. Prize pools will also be larger than last year’s, and the final and other qualifying events will be televised on ESPN.

Drone Racing and Betting FAQ

How fast are racing drones?

Drones can go as fast as 120 mph in the DRL. Most consumer drones, not designed for racing, have a top speed of about 50 mph.

What is the Drone Racing League?

It’s the top professional drone racing league in existence today. They have several large events each year with millions of prize dollars awarded.

How do I bet on drone racing?

Just like you would like for any other betting event. Right now, Pinnacle Sports and Betfair are the primary online bookmakers that offer drone racing markets on the DRL.

What is FPV racing?

FPV stands for “first-person view” or “first-person video.” It refers to the form of drone racing in which pilots have a headset which they pilot through a first-person view directly from their drone.

What are the best racing drones?

That’s tough to say, but currently, the Racer3 appears to be the top product on the market for drone racing.

What does it cost to build an FPV-racing drone?

Anywhere from $200 to $900 for the drone and the FPV google will cost you another $300-400.

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