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The Open or the British Open is the last major tournament in the PGA Tour during the golf season. It’s the oldest of the four majors dating back to 1860, and it was played for the first time in Scotland. It is traditionally performed during mid-July every year.

In a time when sports betting fans have only the MLB as a wagering opportunity, having the chance to bet on the best golfers in the world comes in handy during midyear.

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How to Bet On The British Open

Betting on golf is as simple as betting on any other sport, but if you have never done it, we are here to help. Follow these easy steps to start betting on the British Open today!

Betting Tip #1Find a trustworthy sportsbook

There are a ton of sportsbooks out there, but the key to getting into the sports betting world is finding a great one. A reliable sportsbook will have excellent customer support, attractive betting lines, a variety of odds, but mostly, fast payouts.

If you have no idea where to bet,  just read the recommendations of our experts. We have been inside and out these sportsbooks doing the homework, so you don’t have to.

Betting Tip #2Maximize signup bonuses

One key factor about opening a new betting account is finding out which sports betting sites are giving the best bonuses out there. Most of them want your business, so they will put together several ways to allure you.

You can find bonuses up to $1000, and this is why sports betting online is the best way to place a wager.

Betting Tip #3Make a deposit

Once you find out the best sportsbook for your needs, adding money to your account is one of the easiest steps. It’s like making any other purchase online.

All sports betting sites allow deposits on Credit or Debit cards, and from PayPal as well. Most of them are also allowing cryptocurrencies, which has become a new striking way to add some funds.

Betting Tip #4Place your golf bet

After making your first deposit, it’s time to place your first bet online for the British Open. Remember, the tournament goes from Thursday to Sunday, and it gives plenty of opportunities to win money.

Follow the betting picks from our experts and place the bet you like the most. When you have selected the wager, double-check the cash you want to invest. Then hit confirm, sit back and enjoy a good weekend of golfing and betting.

The Open Championship Betting Tips and Guide

Let’s say you have never bet on golf before, so the idea is to pick the winner of the tournament. It’s simple, right? Well, not so fast. The best players in the world don’t win all the championships as it might happen in tennis or any other individual sport. There are four essential tips to be successful in golf betting:


Golfers will tell you winning a golf tournament has to do a lot with the confidence of the player. Even the biggest names in the PGA might be feeling their spirit shaking from time to time.

Follow the player who has been successful during the year and in the most recent tournament. Bet the hot hand.


Golfers who know the course they are playing in have the edge. For example, the British Open rotates the host country, so it’s hard to find out who has the advantage.

The golf course at the Royal Portrush Golf Club in County Antrim, Northern Ireland hasn’t been used for this tournament since 1951. However, a player like Rory McIlroy might have the upper hand because he knows the playing field.


We all know the biggest names on the PGA Tour, and they jump on as the favorites for a reason, but they don’t always win. If you can spot on an underdog in the early days of the competition, you might have a valuable bet worth taking a risk.

Unlike other sports, golf has a lot of room for unknown names winning a major tournament.


We won’t find who is going to end up as the winner of the British Open until Sunday, but there is no reason to wait that long to pick some winning plays.

The propositional bets in golf are an everyday thing, and they are available for those looking to make a few bucks daily. Live betting is another great tool, as well.

British Open Betting Picks and Odds

The golf betting odds will tell anybody interested in a tournament which is the favorite player to win it. It doesn’t mean because someone is the betting favorite that he is an automatic win. The chances to end up winning The Open are based on current form, history in the tournament, and other elements.

The betting numbers for the favorite players will vary at the end of each day. A bad round of golf will change the odds from favorites to a longshot in seconds.

For example, Rory McIlroy is the current favorite to win the British Open, but a bad start on Thursday could end up being too difficult for him to bounce back.

Odds to Win the Tournament

Betting odds during a tournament have an implied probability of success. It’s a percentage of the chances to win that particular bet by the time you place it. The implied probability is an information source you want to take into consideration when betting on The Open.

Rory McIlroy +850

Rory is in a current Majors’ drought, having won its last major tournament back in 2014. That year he took home both the PGA Championship and The Open Championship but has failed to live to the expectation since.

The good news is he’s playing on his backyard. This will be the first time McIlroy performs the British Open in his country. There is a double motivation to win it, or perhaps even some added pressure.

At +850 there is 11% of implied probability the bet on Rory becomes a winning play by the end of the tournament.

Brooks Koepka +1000

If you are looking for the hottest hand on the tour, look no further than Brooks Koepka. The American won the 2019 PGA Championship and finished second in his quest to win a three-peat in the US Open.

Koepka’s best performance in the British Open was the sixth place in 2017. This is the one major that hasn’t been kind to him, so he might see it as an exciting challenge to conquer.

Tiger Woods +1500

Tiger hasn’t won The Open Championship since 2006, but months ago we were discussing if he was ever going to win any tournament again. After performing his best at The Masters, Woods comes to the British Open mostly relieve and enjoying his time on the tour.

If Tiger is relaxed, he becomes dangerous, especially if he’s in contention when the weekend arrives.

Dustin Johnson +1600

After Tiger and Koepka, Johnson becomes the American with the best odds to win the tournament. His best result was back in 2011 when he finished second. Last year he ended up in the 27th place which is not flattering at all.

Dustin ended tied second at The Masters behind Woods and in second place at the PGA Championship behind Koepka. He hasn’t been able to put it together in the end, but he’s always in the mix.

Jon Rahm +1600

John Ram is making a name for himself in the tour fast. He hasn’t won any majors yet, but many experts are expecting him to add his name to the list anytime soon.

His best performances at the British Open was the 44th place in 2016. He remains as one of the value bets.

Justin Rose +2000

The 38-years old Justin Rose was very close last year of lifting The Open Championship trophy but finished tied in second place. It was by far his best performance in the tournament.

Rose is a US Open winner from back in 2013, and he has been sniffing his second majors’ victory but hasn’t put it together just yet.

Francesco Molinari +2500

The current champ of The Open Championship comes with +2500 future odds to win it back-to-back. Molinari had been flirting with a major tournament for the past couple of years. He even finished second in 2017 during the PGA Championship. It finally happened for him in 2018.

The last time a player won the British Open in consecutive years was the Irish Pádraig Harrington in 2007 and 2008.

Xander Schauffele +2500

The youngster Xander Schauffele has won four PGA tournaments but never a major. It doesn’t mean he hasn’t had the chance. Schauffele finished second at the British Open last season and did the same at The Masters this year.

During the US Open, he ended up in third place. A massive win is coming his way sooner rather than later.

Henrik Stenson +2800

The Swedish Henrik Stenson is quite the wildcard. He has six PGA Tour wins on his career and 11 European Tour titles. Stenson knows the courses in Europe in and out, and that why he used his knowledge to win the British Open back in 2016.

Henrik Stenson is one of the best in the European tour, that’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise his only major title was at The Open Championship.

Adam Scott +2800

It’s been a while since we talked about Adam Scott as a worthy contender. He won the Master back in 2013 and hasn’t delivered another major win since.

His best performance in the British Open was in 2012 when he landed a second place.

Odds to End Up in the Top 5

Part of the fun about betting the major tournaments, including the British Open, is you don’t have to wager exclusively on the winner.

You can place bets on the golfer ending either inside the top 10 or the top 5.

Betting Odds For The 2019 British Open – TOP 5
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Rory McIlroy+200
Brook Koepka+225
Dustin Johnson+330
John Rahm+330
Tiger Woods+400
Justin Rose+400
Francesco Molinari+500
Xander Schauffele+550
Justin Thomas+600
Henrik Stenson+600
Tommy Fleetwood+600

Show More ↓ Show Less ↑

Odds to End Up in the Top 10

Betting Odds For The 2019 British Open – TOP 10
Rory McIlroy-110
Brook Koepka-105
Dustin Johnson+150
John Rahm+150
Tiger Woods+185
Justin Rose+185
Francesco Molinari+225
Xander Schauffele+240
Justin Thomas+275
Henrik Stenson+275
Tommy Fleetwood+275

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Types of British Open Golf Bets

Placing a wager on the possible winner of the Open is fun and profitable, but it’s not the end. There is so much more.

Besides the future betting odds available for this tournament, there are also the matchup odds, the propositional bets and what some like to call the situational bets. Those last ones are attached to a specific situation on the playing field, for example, either making of missing the cut.

Let’s look at other British Open bets available.

Real Money Betting

There is nothing like betting real money in the British Open. Any other form of wagering is just a missed opportunity to fill up your bank account with cash. Don’t forget there are multiple options to wager on The Open Championship.

To miss the Cut

Bettors can take a swing on players that are going to collapse on the idea of making the cut of the championship. Here you are betting on the golfer that won be able to qualify on the tournament.

David Duval is the favorite right now at -800, mostly because he misses the cut on most of the majors regularly. From 2010 to 2018 he hasn’t been able to play in the British Open either by missing the cut or withdrawing from playing.

To make the Cut

On the contrary, you can place bets on players qualifying to The Open Championship. Of course, the favorites will have a high price because everyone is expected to see them from Thursday to Sunday.

The most valuable bets will come after researching the unknown names that can get in the tournament.

British open matchups

The sportsbooks will pair up different players around the British Open, and you can wager who is going to have a better tournament performance in a head-to-head battle.

For example, you can bet Tiger Woods will perform better than John Rahm. But if you don’t like that matchup, you can choose Tiger against Justin Rose or Dustin Johnson.

Bettors can bet on these same matchups just for the first round, as well. There are a variety of wagering options all over the place.

British Open 1st round leader

This wager is self-explanatory. The bettors will take the player they believe is going to have a better first-round performance at the British Open. If your selection ends up as the leader of the first round, or even co-leader, the play becomes a winner.

British Open 72-hole group betting

The sportsbook will divide many of the main players into different groups and add odds to their possible performances. The group selection is mostly based on the grade and current form of the golfers. The idea is to select who is going to have a better tournament inside that group. The best go against the best, and then there is a second, third and four tiers of players.

Let’s say Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka, John Rahm, Dustin Johnson, and Tiger Woods are in one group. Then, you bet Tiger to finish on top of the other four players. It doesn’t matter if the winner of The Open Championship comes from another tier, your bet is seeing Woods outperforming those four guys inside the group.

British Open 72 match betting

This is very similar to the British Open Matchups betting option. The difference is the oddsmakers will lineup the players that have pretty much the same odds number at the start of the tournament.

The idea is to bet on a matchup with two players with the same quality and expectations.

Another difference is the British Open 72 Match Betting allows bettors to bet on the draw. It means if the two players finish with the same number of strokes at the end of the tournament, then plenty of dollars are coming your way if you took the draw.

Top 5 betting odds

It is as simple as betting any player to finish inside the top 5 after four rounds in the tournament.

Top 10 betting odds

Like the wager above, it’s about picking the players that will end up inside the top 10 after four days of competition in the Brisith Open.

Top 20 betting odds

Yes, you guessed it. The idea is to bet on the players that will finish The Open Championship inside the top 20 spots of the competition.

Keep in mind; there will be 156 players trying to outperform each other on a Par 71 golf course in Northern Ireland.

Fantasy British Golf Betting

If you have played fantasy football or basketball, you know how this works. It’s pretty much the same in golf, and the number of players interested in fantasy golf betting is definitely on the rise.

The game, like in football, is about creating a winning roster to score the most points. While golf is an individual sport, it doesn’t keep us from forming a roster, and beating the team of our best friends and coworkers. What is the best part of fantasy golf, you asked? Bragging rights.

British Open Tournament Information

  • Location: County Antrim, Northern Ireland
  • Course: Royal Portrush Golf Club
  • Date: From Thursday, July 18 until Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • Prize money: $10,750,000
  • Winner’s share: $1,935,000
  • Where to watch: Golf Channel (Thursday and Friday), NBC (Saturday and Sunday)


Bet Now On 2019 British Open With The Best Picks & Odds

Best British Open Betting Sites

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Best British Open Betting Sites For International Bettors

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British Open Live Streaming – Where to Watch the 2024 British Open

The 2024 British Open will be televised on The Golf Channel (Thursday and Friday) and the NBC, but there will also be several streams available at the official British Open website throughout the tournament. The live leaderboard can be found at just about any sports betting website online.

If you are looking for other Golf Tournaments we’ve got the place just right for you in our hub page.

Read Our In-Depth Golf Betting Guide For Online Sportsbooks Here

British Open FAQ

What are the odds on the British open?

The odds on the British Open are the amount of money a bettor can win on a $100 bet of any kind. To win the Open Championship, Rory McIlroy is the favorite listed at +8500. A $100 wager on Rory will have a $950 payout ($850 + $100) if he ends up winning the tournament.
Brooks Koepka follows McIlroy at +1000, where a $100 bet has an $1100 payout ($1000 + $100) if the Americans add another major to its resume. Tiger Woods is the third name on the list at +1500 with a $1600 payout after a $100 wager on his triumph.

Who won the most recent British Open?

The Italian Francesco Molinari became the British Open Champion in 2018 at the Carnoustie Golf Links in Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland. Molinari won with 276 strokes (8 under Par) with a two-stroke winning margin over the runners up Kevin Kisner, Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose, and Xander Schauffele. Francesco Molinari became the first Italian to win the British Open.

Who have been the last five champions of The Open Championship?

  • 2018 – Francesco Molinari
  • 2017- Jordan Spieth
  • 2016 – Henrik Stenson
  • 2015 – Zach Johnson
  • 2014 – Rory McIlroy

What channel is the British Open on?

In the United States, the British Open will be broadcasted by the Golf Channel on Thursday and Friday. During the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), NBC will pick up the broadcast service. In the United Kingdom, the 2019 Open Championship will be televised by the Comcast Group on Sky Sports.

How many golfers will play in the open championship?

There will be 156 players in competition during the 2019 British Open. All 156 golfers will square off on a Par 71 golf course, from around 7,344 yards of length. There are three tours involved in this tournament, the PGA Tour, the European Tour, and the Japanese Tour.

How much is the golf British open prize money?

The total prize money for the 2019 British Open will be $10.75 million. It is an increase from last year’s $10.5 million. The winner of the 2018 Open Championship took home $1.89 million check. In 2019, the winner will win $1.93 Million.

Where is the Open Championship being played?

The 2019 British Open will be the 148th Open Championship and will be held at the Royal Portrush Golf Club in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It is only the second time this golf course has hosted the event and first since 1951.

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