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MMA Round Betting Guide

Betting on MMA rounds is a great way to increase profits when wagering on mixed martial arts. Instead of just picking who the winner of a fight will be, you can also try to predict when the fight will end.

In this guide, we’ll show you how MMA round betting works and how to place these bets in a smart and profitable way.

Read on if you want to expand your winning possibilities in every fight!

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What Is Round Betting In UFC / MMA?

UFC round betting

MMA round betting is all about guessing the exact round a particular MMA fight will end.

UFC round betting is just the same concept applied to the Ultimate Fighting Championship; the biggest MMA organization in the world.

Online sportsbooks will give you options for any situation that might happen during the fight. Each will have a unique value decided by the oddsmakers.

Types Of MMA Round Bets

There are three ways to bet on MMA rounds:

Simple MMA Round Betting

You can wager on the round the contest will end without caring about which fighter wins. You won’t be rooting for any side in this bet, only for a particular round to give you the win.

Each round will have a different value. For example:

What round will the fight end?

  • Round 1 +400
  • Round 2 +650
  • Round 3 +800
  • Round 4 +1000
  • Round 5 +1400
  • Fight to go the distance -110

This is the easiest bet to place when wagering on mixed martial arts rounds.

Round Betting + Winner

The second option is combining MMA round betting with the winner of the matchup.

Let look at a quick example based on the Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal fight:

Kamaru Usman in Round 1+750
Kamaru Usman in Round 2+1000
Kamaru Usman in Round 3+1200
Kamaru Usman in Round 4+1600
Kamaru Usman in Round 5+2000
Kamaru Usman by Points-140
Jorge Masvidal in Round 1+800
Jorge Masvidal in Round 2+1400
Jorge Masvidal in Round 3+2500
Jorge Masvidal in Round 4+3300
Jorge Masvidal in Round 5+4000
Jorge Masvidal by Points+1000

This type of bet is harder because you will need to pick the correct winner of the fight and the exact round it will end. But sportsbooks will give you a better value on each number.

Round Betting + Winner + Method Of Victory

The third way is not only selecting the winner and the round, but also how a fight will end.

The sportsbooks usually name this bet as method + round combo. These wagers are harder to predict but very lucrative when you guess right.

To win this bet, you need to select who wins, in what round, and the method of victory.

Here is an example:

  • Fighter A to win in round 2 via KO/TKO +700
  • Fighter B to win in round 3 via submission +400

Tip: MMA round bets and moneylines are great to start wagering on the sport. If you are looking for alternative ways to bet on UFC fights, make sure to take a look at MMA prop bets.

Top Sportsbooks To Bet On UFC Rounds

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UFC Round Betting Tips

Here are some tips from our experts to help you place better mixed martial arts round bets online.

Betting Tip #1Know The Fighters

Be aware of any of the fighters being a KO artist or a low-key full-distance kind of a guy. This is also a must when betting UFC Over Unders.

When you know their style, you will be able to predict the most possible outcome and understand where there might be value.

Research the fighters’ injuries and recent coaches. Find out their fighting style and if they had a genuine training camp for the upcoming event.

Betting Tip #2Search For Performance Trends

Every fighter has a win and loss record. But also, each displays how they won and why.

When researching each fighter, see if you can spot trends in winning or losing their fights. Bet what the trend suggests.

Find out if the fighter usually goes the distance or if he ends fights quickly. The trends from his/her past contests will tell you a lot of valuable information.

Betting Tip #3Line Shopping Is A Must

Line shopping is one of the best ways to find value in MMA round betting and any other type of wager.

This strategy is all about finding the best betting lines available and comparing numbers across trustworthy sportsbooks.

Let’s say fighter A is +300 to win in round 1 at the sportsbook X. But you see that same bet at +350 in sportsbook Y.

You should take the second number and bet on that sportsbook, because it pays more.

MMA Round Betting FAQ

Where Can I Bet On MMA Rounds?

The best way to bet on MMA rounds is at online sportsbooks. With a few clicks, you will find the odds days before the event. Make sure to use our recommended online sportsbooks to bet safely.

How Many Rounds In UFC Fights?

The UFC schedules regular fights up to three rounds. Yet, all championship fights are five-round contests. This is something important to take into account when round betting.

How Long Is An MMA Round?

The unified rules of MMA set all rounds to five minutes each. The rule applies to the UFC, Bellator, Rizin, ONE Championship, and Invicta FC.

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