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MLB Betting SystemsMLB betting systems usage is yet another way to try your hand in baseball wagering. There are lots of different methods one can use to win. Many do it through line shopping and using the essentials of sports betting while others handicap by using their baseball knowledge and watching the games. Betting systems are extremely popular and complicated at the same time. There are positives and negatives to using them worthy of understanding before you decide to use a particular methodology yourself.

In this article, we won’t single out a single MLB betting system and advocate it to our readers. Instead, we will run down through the most popular systems for baseball and give you a verdict on their effectiveness. It’s up to you to figure out which method works for you. It’s certainly worth a read if you decide to use a betting method – it will be your bankroll at stake. There is also one, the best, method that can and is used across all sports wagering you should use before any other approach. Read on to learn about it.

Best MLB Baseball Betting Sites 2024

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Baseball Betting Systems

A baseball betting system that is genuinely profitable will have a lot of value. The baseball season, is, well, extremely long. It’s six months of regular season and another month of playoffs. If you had a winning baseball betting technique, then you could get down a lot of money and pull in some generous profits. There is no way around it –  systems are something that every sports bettor wants.

They’re also a way that many bettors try to shortcut the knowledge and hard work that it takes to win at betting. The issue with most methodologies that are posted online is that the sportsbooks have already adjusted to them being utilized by sharp bettors. Making them, in many cases, useless or without much value. To learn more about other baseball betting strategies visit our MLB Baseball Betting Online Guide.

Baseball Betting System: Betting Against the Public

There are a lot of mixed opinions when it comes to betting against the public system. There is value in the strategy, but it’s unlikely to be much use when it comes to betting baseball. One thing to realize as a sports bettor is that it’s quite rare that the public moves the odds. In fact, sports with high liquidity are generally the only ones where they even affect the odds.

Furthermore, public betting percentages from offshore sites are debatably accurate. It’s hard to know where the public truly is on a team. Also, many people will say to bet the public and to “take advantage of reverse line movement,” but that doesn’t work if the line already moved. It just means you’re taking a worse price compared to where the odds were before the move.

Pros of Betting Against the Public

  • It can be a profitable strategy depending on how much you use it
  • A lot of the time, you’re siding with the oddsmakers, and they win in the long run

Cons of Betting Against the Public

  • As a blanket strategy for every sport. It does not work
  • It’s not ideal for baseball as the public’s effect on the odds is minimal

MLB Betting System: Underdogs Betting System

Underdogs baseball Betting SystemThis underdogs betting system isn’t so much of a system as much as a strategy. And, it’s a good one. Baseball and hockey are the only two major U.S. sports where you don’t need to hit 52.38% of your bets to be profitable. You will have far more upside betting on underdogs in baseball, particularly if you can identify if a team is overvalued or undervalued by the market. Baseball is a game of short-term variance, and it’s certainly true that the top baseball handicappers wager on far more underdogs than favorites.

Pros of Betting Lots of Underdogs

  • Breakeven percentage far lower when betting underdogs
  • Betting underdogs is a profitable strategy for any sports betting

Cons of Betting Lots of Underdogs

  • Variance can be brutal in a sport like a baseball, especially betting on underdogs
  • Finding value still isn’t easy as you must identify the right teams

Baseball Betting System: Wind System

The wind betting system centers around wind forecasts for baseball games. One sports wagering strategy site alleges that you can gain an advantage in the betting lines by betting the under when the wind is blowing in. And we quote, “When the average wind speed is five mph or greater and blowing in from center, betting the under has gone 764-613-75 (55.5%) since 2005.”

I am unsure of what odds they used to determine that record, but I would venture to say it’s not likely the closing odds. MLB weather factors are essential to consider, but any strong winds will be hit immediately by sharp bettors. It’s tough to beat this type of move unless you’re watching weather forecasts intently.

Pros of the Wind System

  • Weather factors are important to capping a game
  • Heavy winds do affect game conditions

Cons of the Wind System

  • Odds likely move too fast to capitalize on this system.
  • Unclear if the sample size used above is accurate against closing odds.

MLB Betting System: Avoid The Series Sweep

This “Avoid The Series Sweep” betting system involves wagering on teams that are about to be swept. Let’s say a team has a three-game series and they lose the first two games, this system advocates wagering the team in the third game. The same would apply in a four-game series. If one team lost the first three games, then you would bet them in the third game.

This is probably the worst betting method around. There is zero evidence that teams try harder if they have lost in their first two or three games. They’re professional athletes, and they’re motivated to play every game, regardless. Worst of all, this system takes into no actual game factors, such as the pitchers, offenses, or bullpen usage.

Pros of the Avoid The Series Sweep

  • There is a random chance you will get a better price since the team has lost a few games

Cons of the Avoid The Series Sweep

  • There is no basis for this system working

Baseball Betting System: Coors Field Alt Runlines

Coors Field Alt Runlines betting systemCoors Field betting system easily has the most offense-friendly ballpark. Balls fly off bats in that ballpark, due to the high altitude which makes offense far more prolific. The variance of outcomes at Coors Field is quite high. One tactic that is popular among bettors is taking the underdog on the alt-run line. A run line is basically a point spread designed for baseball. The standard runline is +1.5 / -1.5 runs. This system revolves around wagering the underdog on alternative runlines. You will be taking the underdog at -1.5 runs, which typically pays between +200 and +300.

Pros of the Coors Field Alt Runlines

  • Alt run lines can be profitable in environments with a broad range of outcomes.
  • Alt run lines are not as sharp as regular MLB runlines and moneylines.

Cons of the Coors Field Alt Runlines

Best MLB Betting System – Welcome Bonuses Advantage

With all the talk of baseball betting systems, there is one system that works better than any other, and that’s taking advantage of bonuses. Online gambling sites almost always offer players new bonuses that can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. Those entirely new to online wagering can earn themselves deposit bonuses at several sportsbooks when they sign up and deposit – that’s far better than any of the above betting techniques. Most baseball betting sites offer bonuses in the form of freeplay, but some do have cash bonuses. Both come with what is called a bonus rollover.

This is the amount you must wager before the bonus, and any winning can be withdrawn. Most bonuses come with a rollover of 15x, but you will often find some excellent offers with a 5x rollover. Rollovers are typically calculated like this: deposit amount + bonus amount * rollover. For instance, let’s say you deposited and took advantage of a 50% up to $250 Bonus with a 5x rollover with a $500 deposit. You would have to wager $1,750 (500+250*5) before you could withdraw. Always try to get the maximum bonus when you sign up.

Best 2019 Baseball Betting Sites

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