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The iPhone has been one of the world’s top-selling mobile phones since the product premiered in 2007. Despite an excellent number of sales, Apple’s iPhone sales still lag far beyond Google’s Android smartphone platform. Nevertheless, compatibility and success with the iPhone and the App Store is a must for bookmakers looking to enter the mobile market and convince people to place sports bets on iPhones devices.

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Mobile Betting Apps – The App Store

Unlike Android, the Apple iPhone’s platform is a lot less open sourced. However, Apple made a significant change that affected mobile gaming markets several years ago. They used to ban all gambling applications from the App Store, (still the policy for Android’s Google Play Store) but have amended that to allow gaming apps that meet the approval requirements.

Apple’s acceptance of iGaming applications, including sports betting apps is a welcome sign. Unlike Android, which allows third-party sales of apps, the App Store is the only way to download apps on iPhones or iPads.

iPhone Betting – Mobile Betting App Approval

iPhone Sports BettingApproval to the App Store can be difficult. Some bookmakers seem to have a hard time receiving approval, despite having a strong reputation in regulated internet gambling markets. With that said, most of the largest bookmakers, (in regulated, legal markets) do have apps available in the Apple App Store. Apple is excellent when it comes to geolocation technology. It enables customers in countries where the apps are legal to access the sports betting apps, but also does a great job of blocking those who are in grey or prohibition online gambling markets.

However, if you’re a grey or unregulated online betting market, like the United States, mobile betting will still be available on iPhones, iPads, and other devices. Almost all sportsbooks have mobile betting sites, which can be accessed by simply having a connection to the internet. Mobile betting sites have come a long way in recent years, and in some ways outperform apps.

iPhone Features For Mobile Sports Betting

The iPhone isn’t just another smartphone. It’s a top of the line product and is one of the leading companies when it comes to mobile innovations. When it comes to overall technology, iPhones may be the best phones in the world.

As far display, iPhones have always had a large display, which allows for more space on the screen, making mobile betting easier. Their software is perhaps the most stable in history. Users will typically pay a premium for an iPhone or Apple product, but they will receive an excellent product. The software is always being improved, and Apple will continue to be at the forefront of mobile betting.

Sportsbooks’ Bonuses For iPhone Sports Betting Apps

Many sportsbooks offer bonuses for customers for betting on their mobile app or site for the first time. A few select online bookmakers provide a small bonus to players who only download their app or log in from a mobile device.

Sportsbooks’ bonuses are typically given to players in the form of freeplay, but some sites will offer cash bonuses. Some sites offer promotional wagers with no deposit required, but most freeplays come in the form of a reimbursement on the first wager placed on an Apple device, if the bet loses. It’s important to note that bettors are still eligible (in most cases) for bonuses on the mobile sites of sportsbooks if for some reason they can’t download the app from the App Store or it isn’t approved.

iPhone’s History

Apple’s path to the smartphone market began with Steve Jobs directing his engineers to investigate touchscreens and tablet computers. The first mobile smartphone designed by Apple was released on September 7, 2005. Apple partnered with Motorola to release the ROKR E1. Jobs wasn’t thrilled with the ROKR and didn’t like that Apple had to compromise with Motorola. He reportedly felt that it kept Apple from designing the type of phone they desired to make.

A year later, Apple announced that they would no longer support ROKR. Around this time, they also released the first version of iTunes. The version of iTunes also cited a still yet to be released mobile phone that had multimedia capabilities. In January 2007, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone at the Macworld convention. On June 29, 2007, the first iPhone was released to consumers.

 iPhone Betting Summary

Android smartphones outsell Apple iPhones by a significant margin, but that doesn’t mean they an inferior product. For our money, Android smartphones offer more value, but much of their growth is likely due to the open source platform. iPhones are used by hundreds of millions around the world and have many consumers who won’t buy any other product.