NBA All-Star Game Betting

The NBA All-Star game takes place every February. It marks the halfway point of the NBA season. Not only is it a big event for fans, but sports bettors alike.

The NBA All-Star game is easily the most popular event of its kind out of the four major professional sports in the United States.  

Standard betting markets such as the sides, totals, and moneylines are available, but the game also offers a host of propositions related to the game.

You will find more betting markets for the game than you would with a regular-season or even an NBA Playoff game.

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Game Format

The All-Star game features 24 of the league’s best players from the Eastern and Western Conference teams. The starting lineup of each team is selected by a combination of players, fans, and media voting.

Starting in 2018, the NBA changed the format to allow the top vote-getters from each conference to become team captains and choose their reserves. They can choose players from either conference.

Instead, of East Vs. West, the team names are now named after the captains, such as “Team Lebron” and “Team Giannis.”

Each player will play for a charity of his choice. The NBA will donate $100,000 to each player’s charity of choice if their team wins the game.

NBA All-Star Game Betting Lines & Odds

As mentioned above, you will find just about every betting option available for the NBA All-Star Game that you would for regular-season games, plus more. Betting limits won’t differ much either.

In fact, sportsbooks may take more on this game in some cases than they would on a regular-season contest.

There are at least one hundred different betting markets for the game, and even more, if you include live betting.

How To Bet On The NBA All-Star Game

Betting on this game is super easy! Just follow these steps to place your bet on the game.

  1. Finding a Safe Online Sportsbook – Before you can bet on the NBA All-Star game, you need to find safe online NBA sportsbooks. Be sure to check out our extensive reviews on just about every sportsbook online and the ones to avoid.  
  2. Make a Deposit – Once you’ve found a sportsbook to use, deposit using the method of your choice. The fastest ones are usually credit cards or Bitcoin deposits (or other cryptocurrencies). Deposits are instant with cards and cryptos. 
  3. Finding the NBA All-Star Game Odds – Just like any other NBA game, the game odds will be under the NBA odds section. You will see the main bets of moneyline, spread, and over/under. For the NBA prop bets we discussed, you’ll have to click on extra bets or expand the section.
  4. Choose Your Bet – When you see a bet you like, be sure to select it and enter the amount you’d like to wager. Be sure to check over your bet amount and selection before placing your wager. Once you’re ready, hit the confirm button and the wager will be placed!
  5. Don’t Forget About Live Betting – Once the game has started, the action doesn’t end. Live betting is available for the entire game, and more odds are available for the second half of the contest.

Bet On The NBA All-Star Game At These Top Sportsbooks

It’s important to choose a sportsbook that is reliable and pays you on time when betting NBA games.

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Betting The NBA All-Star Game Point Spreads

The primary way to bet on basketball is through point spread markets. This will also be the most popular bet for the NBA All-Star Game. The basics of point spread betting are straightforward.

NBA All-Star Game 2020 – Point Spread

Let’s look at an example for this year’s game using the two teams involved.

Team Odds
Team LeBron +3.5 (-110)
Team Giannis -3.5 (-110)

In this example, Team Giannis is favored by -3.5 points. Team LeBron is the underdog and is getting 3.5 points. Both teams have -110 attached moneyline odds or American odds. That means you need to wager $110 to win $100 on your bet.

If you take Team Giannis, you need them to win by 4 points or more, since they are laying -3.5 points. If you place a bet on Team Lebron, you need them to win the game outright or lose the game by three points or less.

Betting On The NBA All-Star MVP

The All-Star MVP is voted on a panel of media members after the conclusion of the game.

It’s not exactly a prestigious title that players dream about getting, especially compared to the regular season and playoff awards, but most of the games all-time greats have been All-Star Game MVPs.

Betting on the MVP is one of the most popular betting markets surrounding this game.

With team captains and players picking their own rosters, it adds another element to handicapping MVP odds. However, for those that dive in, there can certainly be value found.

Player MyBookie All-Star Game MVP
BetOnline All-Star Game MVP
Giannis Antetokounmpo +400 +500
LeBron James +400 +450
James Harden +600 +600
Luka Doncic +800 +900
Anthony Davis +900 +400
Trae Young +1000 +1000
Kawhi Leonard +1200 +1400
Kemba Walker +1400 +2000
Joel Embiid +1600 +1800
Pascal Siakam +1600 +2000
Jimmy Butler +2000 +2000
Russell Westbrook +2000 +2000
Devin Booker +2500 +2500
Jayson Tatum +2500 +2500
Ben Simmons +3300 +3300
Donovan Mitchell +3300 +3300
Nikola Jokic +3300 +3300
Brandon Ingram +4000 +4000
Chris Paul +4000 +4000
Bam Adebayo +5000 +5000
Khris Middleton +5000 +5000
Kyle Lowry +5000 +5000
Domantas Sabonis +6600 +6600
Rudy Gobert +6600 +6600

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Betting The NBA All-Star Game Moneylines

Wagering on the moneyline merely is trying to pick which team will win the game outright.

How many points each team wins by or the total number of points scored in the game is not relevant when wagering NBA moneylines. 

NBA All-Star Game 2020 – Moneyline

Let’s look at another example:

Team Odds
Team LeBron +135
Team Giannis -155

Once again, Team Giannis is the favorite, and Team Lebron is the underdog. Team LeBron is +135 to win the game and Team Giannis is -155 to walk out with a victory.

If Team Lebron wins, any wagers placed on team Lebron will be graded as winners, regardless of the final scoreline or victory margin. The same is true for bets placed on Team Giannis.

Moneylines may seem hard to understand at first, but they’re actually quite straightforward. The odds represent the amount you have to bet to win $100.

For instance, you need to wager $100 to win $135 if you’re betting on team Lebron. To earn $100 on the favorite, Team Giannis, you have to risk a bit more. You will need to wager $155 to win $100.

Betting The NBA All-Star Game Totals

Behind point spread betting, wagering on NBA totals is the second most popular betting market.

The total is the number of points scored by both teams in the game. In basketball, it also includes overtime.

NBA All-Star Game 2020 – Totals

Let’s take a look a look at yet again another example:

Bet Odds
Over 280.5 (-110)
Under 280.5 (-110)

Bettors can wager over or under the total points scored in the game. In this example, we have set that number at 280.5 points.

In this contest, if you wager the over, you need the number of points scored in the game to be 281 or more points.

If you bet the under, then you need the game to stay under 280 points or less.

NBA All-Star Game Prop Bets

NBA Propositions are a mainstay of basketball markets. These will most likely be expanded at online betting sites when wagering on the NBA All-Star Game.

Propositions are bets not related to the final score or total of the game, but instead, focus on other aspects or statistics in the game.

Basketball propositions are often centered on the number of points a player may score or which team will get to 10 points the fastest.

NBA All-Star Game 2020 Player props

Let’s look at an example.

James Harden Odds
Over 32.5 (-115)
Under 32.5 (-115)

This is a market that allows betting on the number of points James Harden will score in the All-Star game. We can take the over or under on the number of points the Rockets’ guard will score in the game.

Although this is a player prop, it’s functions similarly to a total. We can simply wager on over or under 32.5 points.

Harden must score 33 points or more for this bet to be graded a winner if you bet the over and under 32 points if you placed a wager on the under.

There are lots of player prop options, including:

  • The number of points
  • Assists
  • Rebounds
  • Rebounds+Assists
  • Pts+Rbs+Assts
  • The number of 3 pointers made

Other popular props can include if a player will record a double-double or triple-double.

NBA All-Star Game Team Props – First Team To 10 Points

Team Odds
Team Lebron +120
Team Giannis -140

This is another extremely common game prop. Instead, of a player prop, this is a team prop, where we can bet on which team will be the fastest to 10 points scored.

The team that is favored in the game will also be favored to score ten points the fastest. Here we can bet on Team Giannis at -140 or Team LeBron at +120.

NBA All-Star Game Tips & Predictions

The game is just once a year, but it is a highly watched and wagered event. There are a few things to keep in mind when betting that should increase your profits when betting the NBA All-Star game.

Betting Tip #1Consider Where The Game Is Held

The site of the All-Star game may have an impact on the MVP voting. The 2020 Game is in Chicago. There are no All-Stars from Chicago in the game, but it is something to keep in mind for future games.

For instance, in 2017 the game was held in New Orleans. Then Pelicans-forward, and now Laker, Anthony Davis, was an in the game that year for New Orleans.

The game MVP odds moved rapidly in his favor as the game moved closer to tip-off. His points and rebound player props also went up.

The Role Of Teammates To win The MVP Award

Davis was continually getting the ball throughout the game. His teammates did everything they could to make sure he was MVP. He took 39 shots and scored 52 points. AD easily got the All-Star MVP Award.

There was plenty of value on Davis until tip-off. How players will perform in front of their home crowds is something to consider when handicapping the MVP odds.

Betting Tip #2Be Aware Of “Active” All-Stars

Players won’t be available for a roster selection if they’re injured, but some may decide to play, despite having something nagging (but not serious) that wouldn’t necessarily keep them out of regular-season action.

We’ve seen a few All-Star games where some players get in the game for just a few minutes or get far less playing time than others.

Coaching Decisions And Player Decisions

Of course, some of these are coaching decisions, but others are certainly a playing deciding to sit out the rest of the game due to some tenderness or a tweaked muscle. He’s making a choice to “play it safe” in what is still an exhibition game.

It’s hard to make a bet solely based on this information, but it may be something to consider in player prop markets.

Props are also much slower to move than other markets. So, you may be able to see the “tea leaves” in the odds on rumors like this and act before the market fully adjusts.

Betting Tip #3Don’t Consider The Over A “Lock”

While writing this, I saw quite a few sports betting strategy sites recommend taking the over in the All-Star game, by default.

This is horrible advice and the sort of blind-wagering strategy that is so dangerous in sports betting.

Yes, there isn’t much defense played. But, to say this isn’t already adjusted into the odds is ridiculous. The total for last year’s game was 300 points. It easily went over that number, but the year before, it was under 300 points with several to spare.

Teams Don’t Play Defense In The All-Star Game?

The oddsmakers know that teams don’t play defense in this game. This isn’t some angle that will fly past the sportsbooks.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t bet the over, but blindly wagering the over because “the teams don’t play defense” is something that is already accounted for in the betting odds.

Why You Should Bet On The NBA All-Star Game

Don’t think that the NBA All-Star game is just for show, and there’s nothing there for sports bettors. There are plenty of opportunities to bet on various parts of the game.

Whether it be the game’s outcome, total points, live betting, or even prop bets the NBA All-Star game is always a ton of fun to watch and has loads of betting opportunities.

Definitely don’t miss the once in a year chance to bet on the best of the best as they duke it out!

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