NBA Futures

NBA futures is a wager made for any future basketball event. The most common future bets in pro basketball are related to:

  • Win Totals
  • Playoffs
  • NBA Finals

Individual game betting will always be the most popular market that garners the most substantial betting handle. Futures is still a market that some bettors forget about and that is a mistake.

Best Betting Sites For NBA futures Bets

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You won’t be able to wager as much on futures as you would sides and totals of individual games, but payouts are typically higher. Especially if you’re wagering on longshots. One key point about betting futures is that they’re not the sharpest markets around.

NBA futures odds have higher vig than the 10% charged to straight wagers. However, the market is far less efficient, making it a profitable opportunity for bettors.

Best NBA Futures Bets

You have many options when it comes to betting on NBA futures. offers 50% up to $250 sign up bonus and it has just about all the futures options you could want. Here are a few options for the types of futures you can wager at Bovada and other betting sites.

NBA Championship Futures

NBA Championship Finals Futures

These are odds to win the NBA Championship. This is the most popular betting market when it comes to futures. In this market, we’re picking the team we think will win the NBA finals. The LA Lakers are the firm favorites to win at +300.

NBA Conference Futures

NBA Conference Futures Odds

Betting on the conference winner is the second most popular future in NBA betting markets. Bettors can wager on the winner of the Western and Eastern conferences.

NBA Divisional Futures

NBA Divisional Futures Odds To Win

Not all sportsbooks will have divisional NBA futures, but most should these days. In this market, you’re betting on which team will win each of the NBA divisions.

Other NBA Futures Bets You Should Wager

Here are a few other popular futures bets you can place before the NBA season:

  • Win Totals – you bet on how many games an NBA team will win during the season.

MyBookie NBA Win Totals Futures 2019-20

Where To Bet On NBA Futures

Below are the best NBA sportsbooks where you can place all of our futures bets:

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#2 Sportsbetting Sportsbook Logo

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#3 BetOnline Sportsbook Logo

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#4 Bovada Sportsbook Logo

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#5 GTBets Sportsbook Logo

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Basketball Futures Betting Tips and Strategy

There are a few tips that one can use to maximize their profits when betting NBA futures. The market is a little more complicated and complicated than betting straight wagers, but many of the same principles still apply.

Betting Tip #1Use Multiple Sportsbooks

Bettors will find a lot more differentiation in the odds when it comes to futures compared to other betting markets. That’s why it is essential to have money at a few different sportsbooks to line shop correctly and always get the best price.

Futures, even more so than straight wagers, are heavily price dependent. If you’re going to tie up your bankroll for several months in many cases – you ought to get the best odds out there on your bet.

Betting Tip #2Wagering On Heavy Favorites Isn’t Ideal

It’s not a hard and fast rule but wagering on the odds-on favorite in futures markets isn’t a place to find a lot of value. The main reason for this is the vast majority of bettors are wagering on the favorite to win. This is especially true for stuff like the Super Bowl or NBA Championship.

This inflates the odds and one of the reasons why there is so much more vigorish in futures markets compared to straight wagers.

Betting Tip #3Utilize Hedging When You Have Potential Winner

We don’t always advocate hedging. In fact, bettors do it too often. But, in the case of a futures bet that has a big payout – it can be a solid strategy to lock in a profit. For instance, if you bet a team to win the NBA Championship and they make the NBA Finals – you place a wager on the series line for the other team and lock in a profit.

Whether you decide to hedge is up to you, but it is a strategy to consider with any futures wager when there are two teams left. If you stand to win a “life-changing” or a large amount of money, it should certainly be considered.

How To Bet On NBA Futures

You could be betting NBA futures today, it only takes 3 simple steps to palace a wager:

  1. Choose A Sportsbook – All sportsbooks offer NBA title and conference futures, but it’s possible that futures on player awards, such as MVP  may not be available. It’s good to research your sportsbook before signing up. Check out our top NBA betting sites.
  2. Make A Deposit – Bitcoin is the most popular option, but most sportsbooks take several different cryptos. We recommend using cryptocurrencies when making a deposit into an online betting site. There are more traditional options, such as credit and debit cards and bank wires.
  3. Place Your Bet – Once you have decided on your market and selection – it’s time to place your bet. Enter the amount and click confirm or submit on your bet slip. Be sure to check that the selection and amount are correct before placing your bet.

NBA Futures Best Bets?

I don’t recommend betting a lot of futures if you’re a new bettor, at least, not for large amounts. The reason for this is that ties up bankroll and is an exceptionally high vigorish market. That money is put to better use betting day-to-day. Still, the NBA betting basics apply when betting futures.

Always line shop for the best price, avoid odds-on favorites, for the most part, and look for teams that are undervalued by the oddsmakers. Futures take place over a longer time frame compared to traditional wagering. In many cases futures might take months to settle.

Learn More About NBA Futures

How Does NBA Futures Betting Work?

NBA futures work in the same way other futures markets operate. Placing a futures bet is quite simple, pick the team you wish to bet on, the amount, and place your wager. NBA title futures are the most popular, but there are all sorts of futures available for betting, such as conference, divisional, and playoff futures.

Futures are outrights, meaning your selection must win for the bet to be graded as a winner. There are no pushes.

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