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nba betting systems NBA betting systems is a loose term and can mean several things, from a long spreadsheet that analyzes a lot of factors or simply wagering teams when they come off back-to-back games. For the most part, we think betting systems are mostly smoke and mirrors, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be some out there that have some value. The main sell behind this betting methods is that they have edges that are not incorporated into the line by oddsmakers, which is rarely the case.

Profitability for any sport is tough, especially ones outside major markets such as pro basketball. The league’s rise in popularity has increased gambling interest in the sport. With that, has come sports bettors looking for more ways to profitability bet the NBA. Many seem to look at betting schemes as a path to profits wagering sports. We will analyze the best known NBA betting systems and see if they have any value for gamblers.

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The Blowout Betting System

This Betting system involved fading a home favorite after they blow out another team in their previous game. For instance, say the Lakers win by 30 points and then face a team at home where they are favored. This system advocates that you bet against on the underdog team they are facing and against the Lakers on the spread. A few articles are advocating for this system, but they have little sample size and have not been updated for some years. It doesn’t make much sense even from a theoretical perspective, and if it were widely utilized, the market surely would have been adjusted by now. This one is not a system I would try to employ.

The Bounce Back Betting System

This betting method involves betting on a team that has a poor offensive performance on the road (sub 40% shooting) in their next home game. The theory here is that teams will bounce back and have a better offensive performance having the home court advantage if they shot poorly in their previous game on the road. This is a ridiculous system, the system says, “you should bet teams who shoot poorly in their previous game int their next home game.” It gives no care to the point spread when you should bet them or any other factors. This is a genuinely worthless system and not one that I would recommend anyone even consider.

The Three in Four Betting Method

This betting system advocates that you play the over in games where both teams are playing their third game in four nights. This is a rare occurrence in the NBA these days, and this system won’t likely result in many betting opportunities. Regardless, it shouldn’t be taken seriously, anyway. There is some guy shilling for BetLabs that calls this system a winner, but it’s curious what he’s using for establishing the totals under this “system.” There is no proof this system works and the number of betting opportunities, as mentioned above, are extremely small.

The Back-to-Back Betting System

This betting scheme advocates betting against teams that are playing games on back-to-back nights. I’ve seen this system mentioned on several websites. What is missing from all the people promoting this system is a true win-loss when it is implemented. Furthermore, it’s something that is clearly factored int the lines by oddsmakers. This isn’t a betting system. It’s an obvious part of the game that is CLEARLY factored into NBA wagering odds before they come out. This cannot even be described as a betting system. Instead, please focus your time, energy and money on building a solid NBA betting strategy to help you grow your bankroll.

The Tunnel Betting Scheme

This betting system advocates betting both sides of an NBA total and looking for a middle so that you can win both bets. Of all the NBA betting systems on this list, this might have the most potential. Of course, you would need to bet the odds early, and they would need to move significantly to have a potential middle, but there is at least a chance this system could turn a profit.

The Martingale and D’Alembert Betting Systems

Yes, it’s the year 2018 and people are still advocating the use of the Martingale system. The Martingale system requires that you double your bet each time you lose until the bet is a winner and then you start over with the original bet size. The D’Alembert system is like the Martingale system but is more conservative in staking style. Both systems are horrible ideas for any form of gambling, but especially bad as an NBA betting system or wagering strategy, if you still feel to give it a try (which I don’t recommend) make sure to do it when you redeem bonuses from NBA betting sites or you have money enough to tolerate bad results from testing the systems.

NBA dunkSports betting is about quantifying your edge. That means betting more when you believe you have a more significant edge and smaller when you feel your edge isn’t as strong. If you adopt either the Martingale or the D’Alembert system – you can’t possibly be altering your bet size, which is a crucial part of betting on sports. Secondly, It’s not a proper way to bet on sports as it limits you to a single play a night and does not advocate any staking strategy of any kind.

Finally, it’s a disastrous way to bet on anything and is not proven to be profitable in the short or long term. NBA markets also don’t have unlimited or massive wagering limits. You may easily max out your bet at a sportsbook and not be able to bet more on a side, total, or moneyline. Not all people can fund multiple sportsbook accounts (though we recommend it) and may get stuck busting their bankroll and in a situation where you can’t bet enough if they used the Martingale or D’Alembert system.

The Truth About NBA Basketball Betting Systems

If you’ve just skimmed through some of the NBA betting systems above – spoiler alert: they’re pretty much all garbage. In general, betting schemes, at least, posted publicly, aren’t worth anything and are likely already accounted for in the sportsbook’s numbers. If you have a betting system that was beating the market consistently, why would you post it free on the internet for everyone to use and for the oddsmakers to eventually adjust to it?

Instead of trying to adopt an NBA betting system, that likely won’t work, you ought to take it back to the basics when wagering on pro basketball. Choose a top sportsbook and maximize your bonus. Adopt a bankroll management strategy to keep your head above water as you learn to handicap NBA basketball. Utilize multiple sportsbooks and read every bit of our NBA betting content to learn everything you need to place smart bets.

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