5Dimes Fraud Claims Continue

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We initially reported (5Dimes Credit Card Fraud?) on issues with 5Dimes credit and debit card deposits back in early January. Users have seen fraudulent charges on their cards appear after depositing at the sportsbook. Since that time, more allegations have surfaced on sports betting forums, such as Reddit’s /r/sportsbook and Sportsbook Review Forum, but apparently, those posts are being deleted and altered by moderators.

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5Dime Fraud – Not an Isolated Incident

Issues with users finding unauthorized charges on cards they used to deposit at 5Dimes have been going on for at least over a month. A recent Reddit thread, by the user, “gregmav1” spoke about his own experienced with fraudulent charges on his cards after depositing at 5Dimes and chronicled past complaints. Considering the frequency of complaints over the past two months – we have concluded that they are legitimate.

Redditor, “themandrew007” saw fraudulent charges appear on a credit card that he only used to deposit at 5Dimes. He made a deposit at 5Dimes for $500, and over the next few days, he saw an additional $600 in fraudulent transactions appear on his card from AT&T and Time Warner Cable. The user stated that he uses Verizon for his cell phone and FIOS for the internet.

5Dimes Fraud Claims Continue News Update

Even before all the issues with charges on cards started happening, some users reported back in November that they had been the victim of identity theft. Their data was an exact match to the information that they entered at 5Dimes – it even included a misspelling.

Is 5Dimes Management to Blame for this Scam?

5Dimes continues to be silent on the scam, despite the mountain of evidence that users depositing with credit cards are getting hit with fraudulent transactions. However, their silence is a different matter than indicting management with some credit card scheme where they are selling users information to 3rd parties. We don’t think that is happening. With that said, there are undoubtedly problems at 5Dimes and their payment processors.

Users who make deposits are regularly seeing their cards hit with fraudulent charges that number from several hundred to multiple thousand dollars. There clearly needs to be a change with the company that processes their credit and debit card payments. The issue may be with rogue employees stealing customer data as well, a hack from an outsider, or a combination of all three. They also need to address the issue publicly. SportsbookReview.com and other industry-leading sites need to step up and report the facts.

Been a Victim of 5Dimes Fraud?

It’s important that you immediately call your credit card company or bank and report the charges if you are affected by the 5Dimes credit card scam. In almost all cases, they should be successfully removed from your statement, and you will not be liable.

Contact us at Safest Betting Sites. We are interested in hearing your story, as it appears that few other sites are reporting this news, or worse, actively trying to suppress it. If you can provide evidence of the fraudulent charges (while protecting your personal information) – that is even better.

5Dimes has been one of the best sites in the history of offshore sports betting, and while they are still paying all players in a timely fashion – this needs to be reported. We have posted a warning on our 5Dimes Review and have removed their affiliate links. If you’re still interested in depositing at 5Dimes, despite these issues, we highly recommend that you use cryptocurrency where you don’t have to give out much (if any) sensitive information.

Content refreshed: October 18, 2018

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5 thoughts on “5Dimes Fraud Claims Continue”

  1. Jaff says:

    Sportsbook.ag is slow rolling my $4,900 bitcoin payout. I’m trying to find the proper site to report them. I keep getting emails that it should “happen anytime soon now” This has been going on for 2 weeks now. I am very concerned that I’m not going to be paid out.

    1. Joseph Falchetti says:

      Can you use use the “Contact Us” form link above and let us know your situation? Provide as much information as you can.

  2. Wes says:

    I have 2 checking accounts and a savings account from the same bank. I have only used a debit card for my second account strictly only for 5dimes deposits. I do not keep a balance available in that account ever. Today (March 4, 2017) I noticed I had 2 “telephone assisted transfers” into the account I used. These transfers totaled over $1750 dollars, and there were 2 transactions for the Apple store in Garden, NY totaling $1652.23. These guys took my debit card, called the 800 number, and transferred funds into the empty account. I am blown away they can accomplish this.

    My father also has an account and both his cards were hacked 6 weeks ago as well. This is a big problem, and its unfortunate because I really liked using 5Dimes.

  3. Jon Dutra says:

    How can you trust your information with a company that operates outside the United States. The company basically hides behind a computer. Who is accountable ? I would never use my primary credit card only a pre-paid one.( if one must gamble) your best bet is go to Nevada or use a local bookie or the last option is that more and more states in the U.S are legalizing sports book gambling. Check your local state to see whether it’s an option or not.

  4. Se says:

    I have had credit cards come up with fraudulent charges that I’ve used on 5dimes but my credit card company monitors them and calls me when strange charges are made so I immediately nixed those cards and my company sent me new ones. The problem I have with 5dimes is their stall tactics to payout. I have over 7k in winnings that they keep rejecting my payout due to missing authorization verification. I have sent the correct documents over 15 times and they continue to ‘not have received them.’ I have tried speaking to a ‘manager’ through online chat and they are just the same as the peons. They are very vague in explaining what documents they need to receive and continue to refuse to pay me. In the past I have received bitcoin payment from them for a little over 2k, but things have gone downhill lately. I just want my payout so I can use some other stateside sports betting site from now on. Eff these guys…

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