Update: 5Dimes Tony Dead In Costa Rica | William Sean Creighton’s Body Found

5Dimes’ Tony – Missing In Costa Rica | William Sean Creighton Kidnapping Rumors
5Dimes Tony Dead In Costa RicaWe feared for the worst when it came to the disappearance of ‘Tony’ aka William Sean Creighton. The local police have not confirmed the report but the Costa Rica Star has reported that the body of the 43 yrs old was found last Saturday. Our condolences go out to Tony’s wife, his children, and 5Dimes staff. Violent crime surrounding the online sports betting industry has been relatively non-existent these days, which is why this abduction is especially shocking.

Police in Costa Rica is investigating the disappearance of a local online sportsbook owner after he was reported missing in late September. CalvinArye.com has reported that the Coast Rican police are looking into the disappearance of William Sean Creighton, otherwise known as 5Dimes’ ‘Tony.’ He has not been seen since September 24. His wife, who is a Costa Rican national, reported him missing the next day.

Possible Kidnapping and Ransom?

Costa Rica’s Judiciary Investigative Police (OJI) have confirmed Creighton’s disappearance but have not released further details. However, local Costa Rican tabloid, Diario Extra, has reported that Creighton was ambushed and kidnapped by several men and that his family has already paid a ransom.

5Dimes’ Tony - Missing In Costa Rica | William Sean Creighton Kidnapping

According to their report, Creighton was abducted by four men, two on a motorcycle and another in following BMW. They also state that the family had paid a sizable ransom of $750k to the kidnappers after Creighton called his wife to assure her that he was fine. The payment was reportedly made using cryptocurrency, but after the payment went through – Creighton was not released. The family also reportedly hired two private investigators, two former FBI agents, to track down Creighton before calling Costa Rican police.

Who Is William Sean Creighton aKA Tony?

William Sean Creighton is the owner of 5Dimes Sportsbook. He’s been known to talk to customers through live chat and over the phone and certainly drew the ire of many sports bettors over the years. He’s somewhat of an offshore sports betting legend. It’s probably correct to say that Creighton has made many enemies over the years, but we’re hoping for a safe return for him to his family.

What About 5Dimes Sportsbook?

It’s hard to think about business at a time like this, but 5Dimes is still a sportsbook that has hundreds of thousands of customers. Already, this is being heavily discussed at industry forums, such as Sportsbook Review Forum. Many posters are telling others to “get their money out” of 5Dimes or something to that effect. I think that’s an overreaction. Even though things do not look good in this situation – there is nothing that says 5Dimes funds are not safe. The sportsbook has multiple owners and stakes, and there isn’t a reason to be worried, yet.

However, we don’t recommend 5Dimes due to the amount of credit card fraud that has been linked to deposits there. There are much better choices for betting online if you’re a U.S. resident. Take a look at our trusted betting sites review hub.

Content Updated: October 23, 2018

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2 thoughts on “Update: 5Dimes Tony Dead In Costa Rica | William Sean Creighton’s Body Found”

  1. Holly Steele says:

    5dimes is THE ONLY ONLINE SPORTSBOOK WITH U.S. AND CANADIAN 3 AND 4 DIGIT LOTTERIES. What would happen to the tens of thousands of customers who rely on 5dimes for this?

  2. RJ says:

    the latest word from the reporter at the Star is that his body has not been found according to 2 on the record statements as well as the local morgue. I received that information this morning.

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