2024 Oscars Betting Guide

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Oscars Academy Awards Betting

Betting on the Oscars represents one of the best novelty wagering opportunities. You can make fun of some awful dressed actors and actresses, and you can make big bucks during Hollywood’s biggest night of the year.

Academy Award bets are easy to find and place, and most importantly, easy to get right. By the time the ceremony opens, hopefully we have some wagers placed that will make us some money on the evening of the Academy Awards.

If you’re into novelty betting, then you can’t miss placing your wagers on the Oscars.

Best Oscars Betting Sites 2024

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An Already Chosen Outcome

Unlike sports betting, the outcome when betting on the Oscars is already chosen. What this means is that much of the information might be leaked on the internet.

Even so, the best Oscars betting sites offer plenty of opportunities to hit several upsets through the night.

Oscars betting odds for directors, producers, writers, costume, makeup, and design can sometimes be a coin toss, and there is a lot of value in hitting the winners.

2024 Oscars Odds, Predictions & Expert Picks

How To Bet On The Oscars

The greatest thing about jumping into Oscars betting is you can place online live bets while watching the show or place the bets hours before the ceremony.

Several sportsbooks will offer plenty of Oscars betting odds for us. We do provide bits of advice before placing the wagers.

  1. Pick a Good Sportsbook

    Be sure to use a trustable sportsbook to place your bet. If you are a regular bettor, you probably already have one. Let our experts tell you which are the best offshore betting sites out there to bet on the Oscars if you are a beginner. We have done our homework, so you don’t have to.

  2. Follow The Oscars Betting Tips

    Read predictions, gossips, and reviews about the Oscars’ nominees. When the ceremony starts, we will know all the favorites, and there will be leaked information online. Consume as much information as you can to place a favorable bet.

  3. Find the Best Bonuses

    Examine the reviews and the odds but don’t forget about the Academy Awards sportsbook bonuses. If I’m investing my money on several academy awards betting sites, I want the best return available. The best bonuses are there for betting fans to cash.
  4. Make a Deposit

    Once you have concluded what sportsbook is better suited for your interests, it’s time to put your money in play.

    Making a deposit is into an online sportsbook is a straightforward and simple process. We recommend making deposits via cryptocurrencies as most sportsbooks won’t charge any fee for deposits and withdrawals. However, electronic check deposits and credit and debit card deposits are also allowed on Academy Awards betting sites.

  5. Place Your Bet

    We offer a few sets of betting guidelines before placing your bet. It’s the last piece of the puzzle. After searching for the best betting bonuses, picking the right sportsbook, and reading the betting tips, all we have left is placing a winner.

Where to Bet on the Oscars Online

Finding the best betting sites is slightly different from looking for a sportsbook for sports betting.

Some sportsbooks have many academy award bets, and they will set up crazy but entertaining Oscars prop bets. Those will give us bigger chances to win.

Rank Top Betting Sites Deposit Bonus Get Started
1 Deposit Bonus 100% Up To $2,500 Bet Now
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3 Deposit Bonus 125% Up To $1,250 Bet Now

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Oscars Betting Odds Explained – 93rd Academy Awards

Most wagers on the Oscars will be futures on awards. There may be other betting markets, but that will usually not be the case. For the most part, we’re betting on outrights or futures in award categories.

Sportsbooks offering Oscars betting odds to Americans will also typically provide them in American or moneyline odds.

Let’s look at an example using the odds from this year’s Best Actor category:

93rd Academy Awards Best Actor Betting Odds

  • Chadwick Boseman -1700
  • Anthony Hopkins +600
  • Riz Ahmed +1200
  • Gary Oldman +2200
  • Steven Yeun +2200

This betting market is for the Best Actor awards category. Bettors must choose who they think will win the Best Actor Award based on the choices above. In this particular betting market, there can be no pushes.

Bettors must correctly choose the category’s winner, and their bet will be graded as a winner. If they do not correctly select the winner, then the wager will be graded as a loss – it’s as simple as that.

If you’re not familiar with moneyline or American odds, the above betting market may seem a bit more confusing. These odds are based on how much you need to wager to win $100.

A Deeper Look Into the Moneyline

For instance, Boseman is a considerable favorite to win the Best Actor Award. Bettors would need to vet $1700 to win $100 if they placed a wager on Boseman to win the Best Actor Award.

Their risk would be $1700, for a $1,800 return on a winning bet, and $100 in net profit.

The rest of the field has much longer odds. For instance, a $100 bet on Anthony Hopkins at +600 would give bettors $600 in net profit if he should win. Steven Yeun (+2200) would net $2,200 in earnings for a mere hundred-dollar wager.


TitleBetNow Best Picture Odds
The Trial of the Chicago 7+500
Promising Young Woman+1300
Judas and the Black Messiah+2800
Sound of Metal+7500
The Father+7500

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ActorBetNow Oscars Best Actor Odds
Chadwick Boseman-1700
Anthony Hopkins+600
Riz Ahmed+1200
Gary Oldman+2200
Steven Yeun+2200

Show More ↓ Show Less ↑


ActressBetNow Oscars Best Actress Odds
Carey Mulligan+105
Frances McDormand+300
Andra Day+500
Vanessa Kirby+1200
Viola Davis+135

Show More ↓ Show Less ↑


DirectorBetNow Oscars Best Director Odds
Chloe Zhao+2600
David Fincher+800
Lee Isaac Chung+1300
Emerald Fennell+1300
Thomas Vinterberg+2200

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Types Of Academy Awards Bets

Oscars Betting Odds

New bettors find themselves in a world of trouble when they don’t understand what they are betting on.

The first piece of advice is always to know how the deal works and how to take advantage of it. Once you get the basics, the rest of the dominos will fall on your lap.

Let me explain what type of Academy Award bets you will find during the Oscars.

Oscars Future Winners

Bettors don’t need to know the Oscars nominees to place a bet. This is by far the most valuable and most profitable type of bet available.

The Academy Awards betting odds will be lined up for you, even as the pictures haven’t been nominated.

Many believe it is a lucky guess, but hitting on a category months before it becomes a reality has a higher potential payout and is worth taking the risk.

Academy Awards Outright Winners Bets

Once the nominees get announced, the sportsbooks will list possible winners for each category. It’s as simple as picking who will get to take the statue home.

Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Actress are always the most popular Oscars betting categories. Cinematography, custom design, and best soundtrack have also become popular wagers over the last few years.

Oscars Over/Under Bets

The totals are one of the more straightforward bets in the sports betting world as the Academy Award betting world.

Depending on how many nominations an actor or a picture gets, the bookmakers will set a middle number on how many awards they will win. The bettors can bet OVER the number set or the UNDER.

Oscars Prop Bets

The Oscars proposition bets are without a doubt the most fun of the type of bets available. It involves any situation during the show and even at the red carpet.

Will someone swear during their acceptance speech? Will someone fall on the way to the stage? Will the announcers mess up the winners? There are many options.

Oscars Betting Tips

Now that you have the basics down when it comes to novelty betting, it’s time to move onto a more advanced strategy. Academy Awards is betting online, more so than traditional sports.

There are different options in multiple areas, like Oscars props, but developing a strategy while keeping a handle on the basics is necessary.

The next Oscars betting tips will allow you to place your wagers more smartly.

Betting Tip#1Follow Top Academy Award Insiders

It’s an annual tradition for us to create a list for every Twitter insider about the Academy Awards.

Most of them will have news up to the minute, alongside opinions of several Hollywood members who can, in some form, predict the outcome of the winners.

Betting Tip #2 Look For The Major Award Winners Before The Oscars

The Golden Globes, Critics Choice, and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards have proven to be a great source of predictions over the last few years.

Those with a vote for the Oscars tend to avoid picking the same winners, but predicting 70+% of the night winners like the Critic’s Choice Awards is a pretty solid rate.

Betting Tip #3Don’t Chase Underdogs

One of the worst mistakes in betting, in general, is to seek value when there isn’t any to be found. Many times we all know which film is set to win Best Picture, but we start chasing the underdogs just for the slight chance to have a more significant return.

A good bet is a correct bet. It doesn’t matter if it is the favorite, the one making money.

Betting Tip #4The Talking Heads May Have A Point

Hours before the Academy Award ceremony starts, we get to watch the red carpet show. As much as you hate hearing “what are you wearing?” part of the preview has experts giving predictions about the important Oscars betting categories.

Those talking heads on TV have both sources and friends who might have given them scoops.

Betting Tip #5Follow Social Media Trends

For those of us in the content business, following Twitter trends are an everyday tool. It works just as well during the week of the Oscars.

Whenever a movement hits the Academy Awards, there might be a political intention behind it. #Moonlight won Best Picture in 2016 after a protest there were non-white nominations the year before.

The Academy Awards History

First Oscars Ceremony 1929

The first Academy Awards ceremony was broadcasted on the radio in 1930 and televised for the first time in 1953.

Did you know there isn’t a sure story about the origin of the name “Oscars? There are several theories, but none of it proven. It’s crazy, right?

Ben-Hur (1959), Titanic (1997), and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) remain the only three films in the Academy history to win 11 awards.

The Lord of the Rings is the only film that won every single nomination they had with 11. The late Walt Disney has the record with 22 awards won by an individual.

Rating-wise, the most-watched Academy Award ceremony was held in 1998 when Titanic won 11 Oscars tying Ben-Hur at the top.

Over 55 Million viewers tuned in to watch Titanic hit 11 of their 14 nominations. In contrast, the 2018 ceremony had the worst ratings ever, with just 29.5 million people watching.

Best Picture Winners 2016-2020

YearFilmAccepted By
2020ParasiteKwak Sin-ae and Bong Joon-ho
2019Green BookJim Burke, Charles B. Wessler, Brian Currie, Peter Farrelly, and Nick Vallelonga
2018The Shape Of WaterGuillermo del Toro & J Miles Dale
2017MoonlightAdele Romanski, Dede Gardner & Jeremy Kleiner
2016SpotlightBlye Pagon Faust, Steve Golin, Nicole Rocklin, Michael Sugar

Best Actor Winners 2016-2020

2020Joaquin PhoenixArthur FleckJoker
2019Rami MalekFreddie MercuryBohemian Rhapsody
2018Gary OldmanWinston ChurchillDarkest Hour
2017Casey AffleckLee ChandlerManchester By The Sea
2016Leonardo DiCaprioHugh GlassThe Revenant

Best Actress Winners 2016-2020

2020Renée ZellwegerJudy GarlandJudy
2019Olivia ColmanAnne, Queen of Great BritainThe Favourite
2018Frances McDormandMildred HayesThree Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
2017Emma StoneMia DolanLa La Land
2016Brie LarsonJoy NewsomeRoom

Best Director Winners 2016-2020

2020Bong Joon-hoParasite
2019Alfonso CuarónRoma
2018Guillermo del ToroThe Shape of Water
2017Damien ChazelleLa La Land
2016Alejandro González IñárrituThe Revenant

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