Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley Betting Odds & Prediction

Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul Betting Odds And Prediction

I don’t think we can call Jake Paul a professional boxer just yet, but the guy has built a serious resume.

Love him or hate him (we hate him) Paul needs to be taken seriously after his demolition of former MMA fighter, Ben Askren, this past March. Now he will face a far more imposing test in Tyron Woodley, a former UFC Welterweight Champion.

The fight came to be after a scuffle between one of Paul’s cornermen and Woodley during his bout against Askren. Woodley called out Paul publicly and a fight was made.

Here is everything you need to bet on Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley. Let’s dive in!

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When Is Jake Paul Vs. Tyron Woodley?

The date of the fight is August 28, 2021. The Showtime PPV will begin at 8 PM EST with an undercard, but the main event should begin around 12 AM EST.

So far, a price has not been announced for the PPV event. Likewise, the fight will take place in Miami, but a precise venue has not been confirmed as of this writing.

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley Betting Odds

Paul vs Woodley Odds To Win
Tyron Woodley -105 BetUS Boxing Sportsbook
Jake Paul -125

Early market odds like Jake Paul to win this fight, as he has been installed as a -125 favorite at BetUS. Tyron Woodley is just a small underdog at -105.

We have a ways to go until the fight on August 28th, so these odds may look a lot different come fight night.

This will be a big event, so you can expect a lot of betting options. As we get closer to the event, we will have the over/under rounds and a variety of propositions bets in the fight.

How Good Is Jake Paul Boxing? really?

Jake Paul KO's Ben Askren in a boxing fight

It’s a question that needs to be asked. I, for one, did lose a hefty amount of money wagering on Ben Askren in his fight against Paul.

Askren clearly looked outclassed by Paul, as he got knocked to the ground halfway through the first round. Askren did get to his feet but the referee called the fight due to him being unsteady.

Ben Askren did look unprepared, a bit robotic in his movements, and frankly a bit out of shape. But, there is no denying how good Paul looked, both from an athletic perspective and when it came to in-ring talent.

Of course, we don’t know how Paul may far against a professional boxer at a similar weight class, but as far as “celebrity boxing” goes – and yes folks, that’s a thing now (and it’s only getting bigger) – Paul is the best.

Paul trains hard and has a team of former professional boxers training him while sparring with current and former professional boxers.

Will Woodley’s MMA Skills Translate Into The Squared Circle?

Tyron Woodley prepares for his boxing fight against Jake Paul

Woodley has a storied MMA record of 19-7 with seven knockouts, but he has recently flamed out of the UFC after losing four straight fights.

However, Woodley is still a former MMA Champion and has plenty of knockout power. He defended his UFC Welterweight title five times before losing it to the current title holder and star, Kamaru Usman.

Tyron is already in camp for his fight against Paul and has shown off some of his skills on YouTube. There is no doubt that Woodley has knockout power, but throwing combinations in a boxing ring is much different compared to an MMA fight. 

It’s tough to say how Woodley’s skills will translate into boxing. I would love to offer a prediction here, but there’s simply no way to tell because we’ve never seen the guy in a boxing match.

We can see some of his strong knockout power against Robbier Lawler below:

Does he have knockout power? Absolutely. But, boxing is an entirely different sport, with different fighting gear, ring size, fighting dimensions, rules, and so on.

The only major similarity between the two sports is that they are both combat sports.

Woodley is also at a point in his career where he truly needs a victory.

He’s no longer employed by the UFC and is on a four-fight MMA losing streak. Right now, he’s trying to shake off the label of a has-been and to continue his fighting career one way or another.

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley Prediction – Who Will Win?

Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul Boxing Betting Prediction

I think it’s fair to say that Askren underestimated Jake Paul. I don’t think Woodley will make the same mistake. However, even so, I think this is a tough hill to climb for “The Chosen One”

For one, Paul does have a considerable height advantage and a two-inch reach advantage. Paul is 6’1” and Woodley is 5’9”. “The Problem Child” has a reach of 76 inches versus Woodley’s 74 inches.

I don’t think age is as much of a factor in these fights as some may believe (conditioning and skill go a long way), but it’s fair to note that again Paul is much younger.

Woodley is 39 years old and Jake Paul is 24. Still, with Woodley coming off a string of losses, it’s hard not to question if age is getting the best of him.

Woodley Vs. Paul Betting Pick

I believe in Paul’s talent as a boxer. Many have underestimated him and he has continually shown that he is a force.

He also has some advantages going into this fight with Woodley when it comes to age, reach, height, boxing experience, and likely a better team surrounding him.

We may look back on this and think that Paul was actually a cheap price at -125 if he ends up dominating Woodley. Frankly, it is far tougher to envision an outcome where Woodley dominates and finishes Paul early.

You don’t have to like him, in fact, you can even hate him, but I think the value lies with Jake Paul in this fight at -125.

Where To Bet On Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

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