2022 World Cup Betting Guide

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2022 FIFA World Cup Betting Guide

This guide will help you find the best FIFA world cup betting odds and sportsbooks to place your bets like a pro.

We will teach you how the tournament works and how to bet on it, including the always popular World Cup group stage betting format and other propositions.

In a once in a lifetime opportunity, you will be able to combine FIFA World Cup betting with NFL, NBA, UFC, and NHL gambling as the 2022 Qatar World Cup will hit the stage in November.

The World Cup usually gets played in June. However, FIFA is a money-grabbing entity that took money to move the soccer calendar to please Qatar. That’s why we won’t feel remorse when placing many World Cup bets this fall.

Brazil is the favorite to win the cup, and BetUS Sportsbook is our recommended site to bet on the event. But if you want to dive deeper, you are in the right place. Keep reading.

Best Sites To Bet On The FIFA World Cup

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2022 FIFA World Cup Betting Odds

Odds To Win The World Cup
Bet On The World Cup Winner At BetUS Sportsbook

Only eight nations have won the World Cup since the tournament started in 1930. There have been three South American winners and five Europeans.

The 2022 World Cup has the usual suspects as favorites to win the biggest prize in the soccer world.

These are the countries to keep an eye on to win the cup.

Brazil +375


Brazil is a five-time World Cup winner and the favorite nation to win it all in Qatar.

The Brazilians had an almost perfect qualifier road winning 14 of their 17 games, scoring 40 goals, and allowing only five.

With Neymar as their most prolific player, Brazil hopes to win the World Cup for the first time since 2002.

Their current generation of players is good enough to come up as winners, but their most impressive feature is their ability to defend well.

They recorded 12 clean sheets in their 17 qualifying games to win a spot in Qatar 2022.

Argentina +500


Argentina hasn’t won the World Cup since 1986, and it’s crazy to think about, considering how many skilled players they have had over the past 30+ years.

Qatar 2022 will be Lionel Messi’s last chance to win the World Cup with his country. He already announced that this will be his final major tournament.

Argentina will enter the competition with the second-best odds to win the World Cup at +500. At the time we are writing this, they have recorded 35 straight games without a loss.

While their style is questionable, the streak suggests the team is good enough to put seven games together and finally win the World Cup after all these years.

France +650


The current world champs have a solid base of players that know exactly what people expect of them. France has a strong defense with strikers that counterattack at the speed of light, with Kylian Mbappe leading the way.

Mbappe will play next to the current Ballon D’Or winner, Karim Benzema, in the attack. Both are different players, but their style complements each other well.

However, France has two things going against them to repeat. First, they have been hit by injuries lately.

Midfielders Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kanté will miss the World Cup because of injuries. Both were critical pieces in France’s WC win during Russia 2018.

But also, no team has repeated as a World Cup winner since Brazil did it in 1958 and 1962. History is against France in this one.

Who Is The Favorite To Win The 2022 World Cup?

Question mark icon

Considering how well they have played over the past two years, Brazil at +375 is the best bet available to start the tournament.

After getting eliminated by Belgium in the quarterfinals four years ago, the Brazilian players are ready to win this year’s World Cup.

France is way too injured, and Argentina is slightly overrated. The best bet is to put money on Brazil and live with it.

If I’m looking for a longer-shot team, I will take England at +800.

They reached the semifinals four years ago and the European final last year. They are just missing the final step to bring a significant tournament back home.

Best FIFA World Cup Betting Sites For US Bettors

Below, you will find the best sites to bet on the 2022 World Cup. They all provide bonuses and competitive odds for the biggest tournament on the planet.

Rank Top Betting Sites Deposit Bonus Get Started
1 Deposit Bonus 100% Up To $2,500 Bet Now
2 Deposit Bonus 50% Up To $250 Bet Now
3 Deposit Bonus 125% Up To $1,250 Bet Now

Read Our Review Of The Best Offshore Sportsbooks

Where To Bet On The World Cup (Sportsbook Reviews)

Our main sports betting sites for the World Cup come down to three well-known brands.

Here we will tell you why they are the best and what they offer for the event.

#1. BetUS Sportsbook

At BetUS, you will find not only futures and round-robin odds for the World Cup but also prop bet odds about the first fixture of the tournament.

Usually, prop bets are available once the games get closer. But BetUS has put together an impressive prop bet offer for anybody who wants to take it now.

Use their 200% Crypto Bonus to bet on the World Cup.

The crypto welcome bonus gets 150% destined for your sports betting efforts, claiming up to $3,750 if you deposit using any cryptocurrency.

You can use the remaining 50% of the prize to bet on any of your favorite casino games. You just can’t miss with BetUS.

#2. BetOnline Sportsbook

At BetOnline, you will find all sorts of World Cup special bets alongside the usual moneyline, spread, and totals market.

You can bet specials like how many points a team would score during the group stage, their elimination stage, and how many goals a country will score in the tournament.

BetOnline’s best bonus is the 100% Crypto Welcome Bonus with a total value of $1,000 on your first deposit.

To claim the CRYPTO100 promo code, you must deposit only using cryptocurrency.

You can also use the 50% welcome bonus if you want to deposit using another method. Both work perfectly for your FIFA world cup betting plans.

#3. Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada is another excellent place to wager during the World Cup. You will find plenty of different markets, such as outright forecasts for each nation, that will give you plenty of value.

Their $750 Bitcoin Bonus is the most attractive promotion they have right now. Claim it by using the code BTCSWB750.

You might consider the total value of the promo a little less satisfying than perhaps what BetUS or BetOnline offer.

However, what makes Bovada unique is they offer the smallest rollovers in the business.

The crypto sports bonus comes with a tiny 5x rollover, the smallest in the industry. It’s perfect to claim it and use it during the 30 days of the 2022 World Cup.

How To Bet On The 2022 World Cup In Qatar

If you’re new to sports betting or soccer betting, we have a step-by-step guide describing the online sign-up process and how to place a bet.

Betting on the World Cup isn’t much different than wagering on other sports, but knowledge of soccer betting markets is essential.

  1. Choose An Online Sportsbook

    Every online betting site will have bets for soccer, especially the World Cup.

    Betting on the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be a prominent event, no matter where you place your wagers.

    We have reviewed most of the sportsbooks online and recommend you join BetUS to place your bets.
  2. Understand Soccer Betting

    Even if you’ve bet on American sports, such as football and basketball, it’s worth reading about soccer betting strategy since there are some fundamental differences.

    For example, a moneyline bet in soccer has 3 options, not just 2 like in other sports. A draw is a possible outcome to consider.
  3. Fund Your Account

    You may have different banking options depending on your location.

    We recommend cryptocurrencies for US bettors. Using Cash App to bet on sports is a great option.

    You can use an e-wallet, such as Neteller or Skrill, if you’re betting internationally.
  4. Place Your Bets

    Understanding soccer betting markets, choose your wagers for the World Cup. Look at the wagers on your bet slip before you hit confirm.

    Once a bet is confirmed, it cannot be undone, so be sure your wagers and amounts are correct.
  5. Enjoy The World Cup

    After you place your bets, enjoy the beautiful game of soccer on the world’s biggest stage.

    If you want more action, consider live betting on the games, as they happen in real-time.

Best 2022 FIFA World Cup Bets (With Picks)

The World Cup presents so many opportunities to bet that it is unfair to enlist just a few, but here we are.

Below you will find the most popular bets for the tournament, alongside some examples and early predictions.

FIFA World Cup Moneyline Bets

Soccer moneyline bets

The moneyline bet is just a wager where you select the winner of the game.

However, because there is a three-way outcome in soccer, you need to consider that a draw is also a possibility, unlike in American sports.

A 2022 World Cup moneyline bet for the game between France and Australia looks like this:

France To Win-425
Australia To Win+1200

In this case, France is the favorite to win, and you must wager $425 to win $100 with their selection.

A $100 bet on Australia will pay $1200 if they win this game, and a $100 bet on a draw delivers a $525 payout.

Not all moneyline bets have such a big difference between teams as in the France vs. Australia example. You can find favorite teams like Croatia at -110 when playing a weaker team like Morocco or Wales at +120 to beat Iran.

You can place a moneyline bet on every game during the World Cup, and there are 64 games, so there are plenty of chances to win.

FIFA World Cup Spread Bets

Soccer Spread Bets

When there isn’t enough value on the moneyline bets, you can always turn your head toward the spread betting.

Oddsmakers will give you a number to handicap the game, and you can pick either side.

Let’s use the same example with the France vs. Australia game on November 22.

France -1.5 (-125)
Australia +1.5 (+105)

There is no value in betting France in the moneyline, but betting it in the spread comes at a lower price of -125.

The -1.5 number means that, to win, you need France to beat Australia by 1.5 goals or more. They are the current World Champions, which means a two-goal difference victory is not necessarily a reach.

If you want to bet on Australia, you will have three outcomes that can go your way. You will win if the Australian beat France, but you will also become a winner if they tie the game or lose by a one-goal difference.

The spread makes both sides more enticing to bet than the moneyline.

FIFA World Cup Totals (Over Unders)

Soccer Total Bets

Game totals are another fun way to bet on the FIFA World Cup. Like any other game, the oddsmakers will set a number of goals they believe teams can score during a game.

Players get to bet if the total will go Over or Under that number of goals.

Following the same example between France and Australia, the oddsmakers set the number at three goals.

France vs. Australia
Over 3 (+120)
Under 3 (-140)

If you believe this game will have a lot of scoring, you bet Over three goals with a solid price of +120 for that bet.

But if you think the game will be a low-scoring affair, you take Under 3 goals with a -140 price.

Every game in the tournament will have enticing Over/Under markets that bettors can take advantage of daily.

FIFA World Cup Prop Bets

Soccer Prop Bets

Proposition bets have gained massive popularity over the last few years. You don’t need to guess the outcome of the game correctly.

You can win by betting on a favorable matchup or scenario inside the game.

Many sportsbooks already have prop bets available for those who wish to bet on the first set of games in the World Cup.

Best Early World Cup Prop Bet Pick

For example, you can bet that the first goal in the game between Argentina and Saudi Arabia will get scored via a shot at -190.

Argentina has a team with players mostly of average to lower height. They don’t use headers to score like England or the USA. It’s a solid bet for the odds-on favorite team to score first in that particular game.

You can find many more prop bets during the entire month of the World Cup.

FIFA World Cup Futures Betting

Soccer Future Bets

Future bets are wagers trying to guess what will happen in a tournament or league long-term.

In the case of the World Cup, you can bet who will be the champion, who will win each of the eight groups in the tournament, and more.

Players can also bet on which round each team will get eliminated or the best player, the top scorer, and the tournament’s best goalkeeper.

We already discussed the best future odds to win the World Cup, but you can double down by betting on which group will win the tournament.

World Cup Betting Tip: Find Value On Futures

Brazil is in Group G alongside Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon. It’s unlikely that any other team in the group not named Brazil can win the tournament, and a bet that Group G will have the World Cup winner pays +350.

Another good example is Group E. That group has former World Cup champions Spain and Germany alongside weak teams like Costa Rica and Japan.

A World Cup champion coming out of Group E pays +350, just like Group G. Yet, you will have two real options in Spain and Germany, rather than just Brazil. That way, you will double your chances.

FIFA World Cup Group Stage Betting

2022 FIFA World Cup Groups
Qatar 2022 Group Distribution

Besides betting on which team wins it all, wagering on the group stage is also available at just about every online betting site.

World Cup group-stage betting is just another betting market available to soccer bettors. There are eight groups of four teams each. Two squads from each group get to advance to the Round of 16.

The group stage has three games per team and lasts around two weeks.

You can bet which teams will advance and the position they will finish in at the end of the group stage. You can also wager the position of the eliminated teams.

The group stage gives players countless opportunities to bet and win during the World Cup. However, the most popular bet it’s who gets to win each group.

2022 World Cup Group Winner Odds

To Win Group A
Bet On Group A Winner At BetUS Sportsbook

To Win Group B
Bet On Group B Winner At BetUS Sportsbook

To Win Group C
Saudi Arabia+2500
Bet On Group C Winner At BetUS Sportsbook

To Win Group D
Bet On Group D Winner At BetUS Sportsbook

To Win Group E
Costa Rica+5000
Bet On Group E Winner At BetUS Sportsbook

To Win Group F
Bet On Group F Winner At BetUS Sportsbook

2022 World Cup Group Stage Betting Picks

You will find teams like France (-250), Argentina (-250), Netherlands (-225), and England (-300) as massive favorites to finish in first place in their respective groups. Those are “can’t miss” types of odds.

However, if you look for some value, Germany at +110 to win Group E presents the best opportunity. The Germans are four-time World Cup winners and one of the most ruthless teams in soccer history.

If you don’t believe me, ask Brazil, who was hit hard with a 7-1 loss in the semifinals of the 2014 World Cup, which they were hosting.

Germany is not a favorite as the other big soccer nations because they share the group with Spain (-120). The Spaniard team is the favorite, but they will have a young squad in Qatar with little to no experience in these big games.

Pick: Germany to win group E should be your best play in the 2022 World Cup group stage betting strategy.

Betting On The FIFA World Cup Top Goalscorer

2022 FIFA World Cup Top Goalscorers

Betting on the tournament’s top scorer is another popular betting market. Betting on the top goal scorer in the World Cup will offer some massive payouts compared to other markets.

Usually, strikers don’t score many goals in a World Cup run. For example, Harry Kane was the top goal scorer in Russia in 2018, with only six goals.

2022 World Cup Top Goalscorer Betting Odds

Top Goalscorer
Harry Kane+700
Kylian Mbappe+800
Cristiano Ronaldo+1800
Lionel Messi+1200
Neymar Junior+1200
Karim Benzema+1400
Bet On The Top Goalscorer At BetUS Sportsbook

2022 World Cup Goalscorer Betting Prediction

Harry Kane

Our best pick to win the 2022 Qatar World Cup top scorer award is precisely Harry Kane at +700.

Harry Kane plays for England, and he’s the main reason the English team is among the countries with the top five odds to win the tournament.

As mentioned before, Kane was the leading scorer in Russia 2018, and no one will be surprised if he wins it again.

Two things will help him in Qatar 2022. First, you must choose a player with a team that will go far in the tournament. England reached the semifinals in 2018 and the European Cup final in 2021.

They have proven they can reach the late stages of these big tournaments. They must show they can win it all, but that hardly matters for the top scorer discussion.

The other thing that helps Harry Kane is that he is the chosen player to kick penalties in England. This means he will get more opportunities to score than any other player.

Unlike Lionel Messi or Kylian Mbappe, Harry Kane’s main job is to score goals. That is why he is the best bet to win the top goal scorer award in the 2022 World Cup at +700.

Best FIFA World Cup Betting Contest

Bovada Icon

Across many sportsbooks, you can find exclusive promos and contests for the World Cup.

One exciting contest comes from Bovada. They guarantee $50,000 amongst the players in a World Cup Predictor contest.

You get to make your predictions and compete against the rest of the Bovada users. You get one entry per player to prove you can pick World Cup winners better than the competition.

It’s both fun and profitable. Give it a try.

2022 World Cup Bracket Betting

If you love the World Cup like most Americans adore March Madness you shouldn’t feel guilty about laying down a bet to encourage some friendly competition among your friends or work colleagues.

When you have gotten a group together, you can print the 2022 Official World Cup Bracket, read the instruction on how to fill it out, and make it a fun betting event for everybody.

Free Printable World Cup Soccer Bracket

When the “Round of 16” is set, circulate the sheets and award two points for each win, then four and eight, respectively, for wins in the quarters and semis.

Award twelve for the consolation match (third and fourth place) and sixteen for the championship.

Throughout the World Cup, bets like selecting the player or team with the most goals, or picking a player to strike at some point during the game, are popular side prop bets.

FIFA World Cup Betting FAQ

When is the FIFA World Cup 2022?

The 2022 World Cup starts on November 20th, 2022.

Where is the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

The 2022 World Cup is in Qatar.

Who is predicted to win the world cup?

Brazil is the favorite team to win the 2022 World Cup.

Who won the last FIFA World Cup?

France won the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 by beating Croatia in the finals.

What’s the most popular bet type for the world cup?

The futures bet to win the World Cup is the most popular bet type during the World Cup. Brazil is the favorite to win the tournament and become the champion.

Can you bet live on the world cup games?

Yes, you can live bet the World Cup games on most sportsbooks.

How much money is bet on the world cup?

It is estimated that people bet around $155 billion on the 2018 World Cup. Sportsbooks expect that number to rise in 2022.

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