How To Increase Your Odds Of Winning At NFL Betting – 5 Tips You Cannot Miss

How To Increase Your Odds Of Winning At Sports Betting

Even the most successful sports bettors are constantly looking for ways they can improve their edge against the sportsbooks. If you’re looking for ways to improve your bottom line and increase your odds of winning at NFL betting online, we have some the top 5 tips that may help you to achieve that.

Tip 1 – Spread Your Bankroll Across Multiple NFL Betting Sites

Our recommendation for bettors who are just diving into sports betting is to use at least two online football betting sites. The combination we like best is a recreational sportsbook, such as or BetOnline paired with reduced juice sportsbooks like 5Dimes, or Heritage Sports. For international players, our recommendations are Betway and a reduced juice option in Pinnacle Sports. If you need more betting choices you should visit our page ranking the best NFL online betting sites.

Of course, the more sportsbooks you’re funded at, the better when it comes to wagering on sports, provided they are trusted operators. The online sports betting market is quick to adjust these days and the more places you have funds, the more opportunities you have to line shop and seek out value without worrying about depositing. Arbitrage betting opportunities are also a lot more plentiful when you have your bankroll spread out across a large number of sites. It also allows bettors to hit multiple sportsbooks quickly if there is a specific market that screams value. In the end, the more “outs” you have to place wagers, the better off you are as a sports bettor. It also allows you to get the most money down across multiple betting sites while getting an elite price.

Tip 2 – Consider NFL Proposition Bets

nfl prop bets to increase sports betting winningsWe make it a point at Safest Betting Sites to point out the value of proposition bets to bettors, too many of which are only focused on traditional markets, like sides, totals, and money lines. Prop bets don’t have the wagering limits for the high stakes player, but they’re excellent targets for low to medium stakes players to build their bankroll. Despite a higher default juice at -115 instead of the standard -110, there is still a ton of value on propositions. Oddsmakers don’t spend much time creating odds for props and savvy gamblers will not only be able to handicap them successfully but the benefit of the late-breaking news, especially when it comes to NFL betting markets.

Those using multiple sportsbooks can also get more out of propositions. If a prop is priced incorrectly, the ability to bet it across multiple sportsbooks is a huge positive. Most props have a maximum bet of around $500. The ability to bet it across multiple sportsbooks only increases the amount you can get down on what is usually a soft market, but with low betting limits.

Tip 3 – Learn a Smaller Market Sport

Prop bets are a smaller market of larger sports, such as the NFL or NBA. Small market sports themselves are a whole different ball game. In these sports, the main betting markets, like sides and totals, still have relatively low betting limits compared to more prominent sports, such as football and basketball. A low betting limit means that the oddsmakers still don’t have a lot of confidence when it comes to their markets. Even though a market is small when it comes to betting action, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not popular.

Some recent examples of this include mixed martial arts and eSports. Both of these sports have seen a massive increase in popularity in recent years, but still, have lower limits at the vast majority of sportsbooks. Learning these sports inside and out will give you an edge on the oddsmakers and a further advantage when betting limits inevitably increase. Becoming an expert in smaller market sports is one area where sports gamblers looking for an edge sometimes don’t consider.

Tip 4 – Correctly Predict NFL Line Movement

Easier said than done, right? Yeah, predicting NFL line movement isn’t easy and is something that bettors will get better at over time. However, if you can correctly predict line movement and beat the closing line consistently, you’re going to be a profitable sports bettor. There are nuances to each sport when it comes to line movement. It isn’t as simple as betting favorites early and underdogs late, as some might tell you. With that said, that’s a fairly decent starting point.

If you use public betting percentages along with your own analysis, it may be possible to predict line movements somewhat accurately. It’s important to realize what is a public move versus a wise guy move and when each is most likely to occur. In some markets, the public may not bet enough to ever truly influence the odds.

Tip 5 – Use Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies to increase winnings at sports bettingWe highly recommend using different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Etherum for online betting. For those betting from inside the United States, it’s been a godsend for sports betting and other unregulated online gambling activities. Bitcoin and other cryptos come with little to no fees on deposits and withdrawals. That’s a stark comparison to more traditional fiat methods, which often come with depositing fees and always costlier withdrawals. Bettors can expect to lose around 10 percent of their profits in withdrawal fees when cashing out via the U.S. Dollar or other fiat currencies.

Cryptocurrency betting may seem intimidating, after all, they are virtual currencies. It’s not as if everyone is accustomed to buying virtual money, but it’s a lot easier in practice. Once you’ve bought cryptos and understand how to use them, it becomes second nature. We offer an in-depth guide to crypto sports betting.

Content Updated: October 8, 2018

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