Free Sports Picks – Why You Should Read Free Betting Picks

Free Sports Picks - Why You Should Read Free Betting Picks

free sports betting picksSports betting is a lot of work and winning at sports gambling is difficult. A tiny percentage of the population can make living betting sports and the vast majority struggle to beat sports betting markets in their spare time. If they’re managed correctly, online betting sites and Vegas sportsbooks, simply, never have losing years. In fact, they almost never have losing months.

The good part about the sports betting world is that there are plenty of people that work hard to become profitable sports bettors and many of them will offer sports picks. Unfortunately, this also brings out a lot of charlatans to the industry, that are selling their picks to bettors for a fee with the promise that they are winners.

Should You Pay For Guaranteed Sports Picks?

The short answer: No.

The long answer? Well, probably not. There are some legitimate touts out there, but the problem is finding them when there is a sea of frauds. Generally, the ones that are making the most noise about how much they win are the ones that aren’t winning at all. Look at Deadspin’s analysis of’s picks. They’re one of the biggest pick-selling, or sports betting touts online, and they don’t win. We dive deeper into why you shouldn’t pay for picks, but here is a basic rundown:

  • It makes little sense to sell picks if you’re winning large amounts of money betting sports. Why would you sell picks for hundreds or thousands of dollars when you’re raking in massive profits as a professional bettor?
  • Lines move quickly. If you’re betting enough to move markets, it’s rare that a line won’t move if you’re betting significant amounts, especially when it comes to smaller market sports. Many touts give out plays after the lines have already moved, telling clients to bet the Chiefs +3.5 when the line has moved to +3 or +2.5.
  • They have no proof that they are winners and spout nonsense about sports betting. Furthermore, a lot of touts have criminal records and have been involved in other fraud schemes, such as stealing from old people.

Free Expert Sports Picks At Safest Betting Sites

Here at SBS, we offer free picks for nearly every sport, year-round. We have more than a decade of experience in the world of sports betting and best of all – our picks are free of charge. We will never ask you for a cent. We also sent them out to sports gamblers in our weekly newsletter, so don’t worry if you don’t make it back to our free picks page. You will still get our NFL picks every week and our newest content.

Essential Sports Sports Betting Tips

There are a few basic tips that will help you as a sports bettor when looking to make a bet or reading free picks. These tips are simple, but it’s shocking how the betting masses follow so few of them.

Always Line Shop

Getting the best price is the most important aspect of betting on sports. When you read our free picks and see our quoted line, we still encourage you to line shop for the best odds. Winning at sports betting is about numbers and not teams. The best way to do that is line shopping by using multiple betting sites.

Maximize Your Sign Up Welcome Bonuses

Just about every online betting site offers bettors some form of deposit bonuses. These are paid in the form of freeplay, but can add up to thousands of dollars in cash, especially if you sign-up, deposit, and maximize your bonus at multiple sportsbooks. Deposit bonuses are an excellent way to add extra money to your bankroll.

Use Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have saved offshore betting sites. They’re not only a godsend when it comes to helping keep the sportsbooks in business, but they’re ideal for bettors, as well. They come with no fees for depositing and almost all sportsbooks process payouts with cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, completely free. They’re ideal for moving money around to different betting sites due to the quick speed of payouts (1-2 days) and low fees compared to traditional methods. If you’re not using cryptos – start today. They’re by far the best way to bet sports online.

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Joseph Falchetti

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