Rocket League Betting

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Rocket League Betting

Rocket League betting has taken the world by storm as interest in eSports and other gaming titles now attract mainstream attention.

The fast-paced and team-based gameplay is analogous to traditional sports in many ways, and the continuous potential for a comeback makes betting on Rocket League very exciting.

Betting companies are increasingly interested in offering odds for tournaments and are also sponsoring teams – a clear sign that this eSport is here to stay.

Keep reading to learn all the concepts and strategies to start wagering on Rocket League like a pro.

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How To Bet On Rocket League Online

  1. Pick Your Sportsbook

    Choose a safe and trusted Rocket League betting site that suits your specific needs. In this article, you’ll find a section where recommend sportsbooks that offer great odds and a variety of bets. Pick one and sign up.
  2. Take Advantage Of Bonuses

    Make sure to choose sportsbooks with the best welcome bonuses. Some gambling sites offer 50% of your deposit in bonuses and up to $1000. Maximizing your bankroll is key to have better results wagering on eSports.
  3. Find The Best Odds And Bets

    Specialized sportsbooks will offer you different Rocket League betting options to pick from. Make sure to do some line shopping before deciding to place your bets. Finding the best odds will get you more money if your bet is a winner.
  4. Make Your First Deposit

    Try to deposit a good amount to take advantage of the first deposit bonuses. You can add funds to your account via credit card deposits, or by using cryptocurrencies. Choose what works best for you.
  5. Place Your Bet

    Once you have everything in place and you know which bet you want to place, go ahead and complete the process in the sportsbook. Double-check all your information, confirm your bet, and start having fun!

Rocket League Bets Explained

Betting on Rocket League is easy for beginners and seasoned bettors alike, however, understanding the whole variety of bets available can be a challenge.

Let’s take a look at the most popular Rocket League betting markets and see how they work.

Rocket League eSports Betting

Rocket League eSports Betting

Since the professional matches are always played by the same ruleset on essentially the same maps, sportsbooks are able to offer a good variety of bets.

The most straight-forward bets are on the winner of a full match, on the winner of a specific game, or on the spread (number of games), but there are more options.

Next, you will find a description for each type of bet.

Rocket League Match Betting

This is the most straightforward way to wager, figuring out which team will eventually triumph at the end of the series. Also known as moneyline bets, the odds only take the end result into consideration.

Point Spread Betting On Rocket League

Point spreads are the next most popular type of bet after moneylines. In this type of bet, you wager on the number of points a team loses or wins by.

Game Winner Bets

Since competitive Rocket League matches are either best-of-five or best-of-seven series, you can also bet on which team will end up triumphant in a specific round of the match.

Rocket League Live Betting

You also have the option to make live bets while the game is already in progress.

Keep in mind that the odds will be shifted according to how the match has developed. So this requires some extra attention.

Handicap Betting On Rocket League

This is an interesting option to mix up your standard bets by essentially “giving an edge” to one of the teams and then predicting how that would impact the end result.

If the skill gap between the two sides is so large that you’re confident of the favorites winning the match 3-0, you can give a +2 game advantage to the other team and bet accordingly.

Of course, this means that you’ll lose your bet even if the favorites win 3-2 as the 2.5-game spread essentially gave a 3-4.5 victory to the underdogs.

The offered odds are often much juicier than what you get for standard moneyline bets for this very reason.

Outright Bets On Rocket League

You can also make bets on which team will win the entirety of the tournament even before it began. This can also be found in other sports betting markets as futures bets.

Correctly pegging an upset winner will net you fat stacks of cash but keep in mind that this will deprive you of using the information you’d gather over the course of the event itself when making your betting decision.

Rocket League Skin Betting

Rocket League Skins Betting

Skins and other virtual cosmetic items are given tangible monetary value thanks to Steam’s built-in marketplace as players could buy and sell these items there for store credit.

While the platform’s terms of service explicitly forbid this kind of conduct, it didn’t take long for third-party websites to take advantage of the worth of these items, establishing shady cashout methods.

Whether Valve purposefully looked the other way about skin gambling or held their fire until they were sure they could shut most of it down remains a mystery to this day.

What we do know for sure is that many skin betting sites were established in that period and a decent chunk of them are still going in some capacity.

Should You Try Skin Gambling?

The problem with using skins as a currency for betting is that it runs against Steam’s terms of service to operate any site that offers such an opportunity.

Needless to say, this means that the sites operating skin betting services are not safe for you to use and there’s no guarantee you can get your money back.

Companies engaged in practices like these are regularly sent cease and desist letters by Valve nowadays for a reason.

Skin betting also doesn’t offer anything that legitimate eSports betting options don’t, making it even worse of an idea to take an unnecessary risk on them.

Worse yet, skin betting sites also tend to offer jackpot games, which should tell you all about their business model.

These are the digital equivalent of buying a lottery ticket with a similarly poor return on your investment.

Rocket League Fantasy Betting

Rocket League Fantasy Betting

Fantasy eSports betting is a different beast, and while it has its positives, it doesn’t compare with the real deal.

Most of the sites that offer fantasy eSports revolve around a salary cap system where you need to establish a fake team of pro players by spending a given amount of virtual money on the semi-arbitrarily assigned salaries of the players. Sometimes a waste of time.

If they do well, you gain points, and with bettors partaking in different leagues, the one with the most points at the end of the “season” wins the prizes.

Our Recommendation: Bet On eSports Rocket League

For our money, the choice is a no-brainer. Go for eSports betting. Skins betting is an unregulated and unsafe alternative to real money bets and is therefore a non-starter for us.

While fantasy eSports betting can be a legitimate option, it just doesn’t deliver the same kind of thrill. Betting on results makes it more exciting to watch tournaments and gives you more winning chances.

Keep in mind that eSports Rocket League betting also requires more skill than spinning a roulette wheel or identifying well-performing individuals in a team game.

Since this form has the most in common with traditional sports betting, it means you’ll have a plethora of learning material to chew your way through.

Top Sportsbooks To Bet On Rocket League

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3 Deposit Bonus 125% Up To $1,250 Bet Now

Check Our List With The Best eSports Betting Sites

Rocket League Betting Tips

Here are some of the best tips to start wagering on Rocket League with an extra edge.

Betting Tip #1Don’t Overestimate The Maps

This is not Counter Strike:GO. The different arenas only produce marginal gameplay differences, which means this shouldn’t be factored into your betting decisions.

Again, maps are not that different, don’t bother thinking about them.

Betting Tip #2Consider Traditional Sports Betting Principles

Since there are not as many in-game variables in Rocket League like in most other eSports, team form, matchup history and psychology need to play a greater part in your decision-making process.

Betting Tip #3What’s The Context Of The Event?

We’re all humans, and it’s easy to forget the importance of the emotional element in the era of sports statistics.

If a team scored a string of victories in recent events, maybe they’ll be a bit laxer in terms of practice regimen or willing to experiment with left-field oddball strategies, potentially lowering their performance levels.

On the flipside, teams on the verge of achieving something great will give it their all, and rosters falling behind expectations are also likely to try their best in order to avoid getting replaced.

The teams that won the previous important event may be eager to try and carry their form over to the next one, and the one that won at the same venue the last time around could be stepping up their game to defend their title.

Betting Tip #4Observe The Pros Before An Event

While the prize money and the professionalism of the players should always give them a reasonable baseline, human emotional dynamics like these are always going to matter in any sort of competition.

Many bettors like to take a sneak peek at the players’ overall playtime over the course of the last two weeks to figure out how seriously they’re preparing for a given event.

It’s a statistic that’s easy to manipulate but it could nevertheless be useful to know if only to predict how the betting lines could potentially shift going forward.

If a Rocket League pro is spending most of his time playing PUBG before a big event, his performance is likely going to suffer.

Betting Tip #5The First Goal Is Worth Its Weight In Gold

Again, much like traditional soccer, Rocket League matches are relatively low-scoring affairs, which is especially important when you consider the 5-minute length of each game.

This ties into the question of form: a prolific goalscorer can easily bulldoze the opposition if they can keep up the pace they’ve previously set.

Top Rocket League Tournaments To Bet On

Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS)

Rocket League Championship Series

The pinnacle of Rocket League eSports, this is Psyonix’s official series organized much like League of Legends’ regional seasons which eventually culminate in world finals.

Launched in 2016, the RLCS is currently in its ninth season featuring four different divisions (Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America).

Each season cycle lasts circa three months and an offseason follows the World Championship itself.

Rocket League Rival Series (RLRS)

Rocket League Rival Series

Established around the fourth season of the RLCS, the RLRS is basically the lower tier of the aforementioned competition.

As per the eSports Observer’s summary, at the end of the season, the two lowest-ranking teams from each region face off in a promotion/relegation tournament against the top two Rival Series teams.

This way they get to decide which teams will play in which league the following season.

The top six RLCS teams in NA and Europe maintain their slots for the following season, as do the top four Rival Series squads, assuming they meet roster regulations.

Open qualifiers are held at the start of each season to fill empty Rival Series team slots, including those from disbanded squads.


This is TURNER’s gig, the company getting more and more ambitious about eSports content on TBS.

Featuring a $150.000 prize pool and top-tier teams, it’s the most important third-party Rocket League tournament around.

Universal Open Rocket League

This is NBC Sports’ entry into the field, a tournament that stands out from the crowd due to its 2v2 nature.

Of course, this makes the experience a lot less compatible with the traditional 3-player sides, but it’s an interesting tournament nonetheless and one that’s well worth following.

DreamHack Pro Circuit

The famous tournament organizers have already dabbled in Rocket League, holding different tournaments in the past years.

A combination of direct invites, online qualifiers, and an on-site open bracket virtually guarantees the presence of dark horse teams.

Rocket League Gameplay Mechanics

Rocket League Gameplay Mechanics

Unlike many other eSports, Rocket League has a beautifully straightforward concept.

It’s basically soccer with turbo-powered cards running around an oversized pitch, pulling off incredible maneuvers mid-air thanks to their rocket propulsion.

Part ball game, part demolition derby, Psyonix’s successor to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars has captivated audiences worldwide.

It’s a unique idea that is easy to grasp, and its nonviolent nature also makes it more appealing to family audiences than many of the more traditional esport titles.

Its design also facilitated the transition to consoles, increasing the game’s potential reach way beyond that of an FPS or a hardcore MOBA.

How To Play Rocket League

Every Rocket League game is a five-minute battle for supremacy, starting with a kickoff that’s more akin to a dead ball situation in American sports than anything in football.

The gigantic ball is in the middle of the field with both teams starting far away from it, hurtling towards it the moment the whistle is blown.

From that point on, everything is fair game as the cars boost themselves into the air, flip around, ride on the walls and even the ceiling, and prepare for explosive takedowns for a temporary man advantage.

The game is simple to learn but incredibly hard to master – and the dynamic flow of the top sides can be truly exhilarating to watch.

Just Like Soccer

Just like regular soccer, the goal in Rocket League is to put the ball into the net, except the proportions are all wrong: the ball is a lot bigger than the cars, and the vehicles are capable of boosting mid-air and running up and down the walls.

In fact, the little nitrous boost pads on the floor are of strategic importance, regardless of the game mode, they provide the means to go past your opposition, on the ground or in the air.

While the regular game allows for 1v1, 2v2 and solo-queueing 3v3 ladders as well as a variety of wacky alternative maps and modes, the competitive scene almost exclusively focuses on team-based 3v3 games.

The Roles Are Very Fluid

You can’t afford to set roles on the pitch – it’s too large for that –, therefore the players keep rotating in and out of the goal, covering vulnerable parts of their defense and trying to exploit newfound gaps on the other side every moment.

There are no draws in this world: if the five-minute timer expires with the scores being level, sudden death overtime follows to determine the winner.

Another unique aspect of Rocket League is the way it’s controlled: pros prefer to play with console controllers even on PC as the analog stick provides a clear advantage over the four directions offered by WASD on the keyboard.

That being said, don’t expect console-exclusive players to mop the field with the rest of them: input lag and other such concerns pushed basically every competitive player to the good old desktop computer.

Rocket League Betting Strategy

Since this is a fairly “pure” esport with no bells and whistles we’re used to from other titles – no maps, loadouts, fancy equipment, or unique roles to consider – basic psychology and form matter a lot when making a betting decision.

That means scouring stats and streams is a fairly important way to get an edge.

As for the abilities of individual players, the very competitive nature of the circuit means that the weaklings are quickly rooted out.

The lack of defined roles gives extra importance to the team chemistry, adding a sort of intangible edge to well-established sides with a stable roster.

Rocket League Betting FAQ

How To Start Betting On Rocket League?

Choose one of our trusted Rocket League betting sites, sign up for free, and make a deposit. From then on, navigate to the relevant eSports section on the site and search for the Rocket League games you’d be interested in betting on.

What Rocket League Betting Odds Mean?

Depending on the site and the specifics, you’ll usually find either moneyline odds (also known as “American” odds) or decimal odds. You can usually swap between these on the sportsbook’s interface.

The former either features a negative number (like -200) to indicate how much you would need to bet on the team to win 100 units of money. This means they’re the favorites. Or a positive number (+200) which indicates that a bet of, say, $100 will net you a profit of $200.

Decimal odds showcase the total payout instead, including your stake – in this form, the above examples would come out as 1.50 and 3.00, respectively.
There is no functional difference between the two: it’s up to personal preference which one you’d like to use.

How To Make Money Betting On Rocket League?

You’ve already made the first step! Knowing more than the bookmakers is important to win at Rocket League betting.

Pay attention to the tournaments, read about what’s going on in the scene, who’s on a high, and who’s on a low.

It’s possible to gain edges just by being up-to-date on the Rocket League world. Comparing odds offered on different sites is also a nice way to gain an edge.

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