Bellator MMA Betting Guide

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Bellator MMA Betting

Bellator betting is one of the best ways to make money wagering on mixed martial arts.

Bellator MMA is the second-largest combat sports promotion in the US, only behind the UFC. Since its beginning, many events have attracted fighting fans who love raw and intense combats.

The following guide includes every detail on how and where to bet on Bellator. If you want to wager on this MMA promotion smartly, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Bellator Betting Sites 2024

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How To Bet On Bellator Fights

  1. Select A Trusted Bellator Sportsbook

    The first step for placing Bellator MMA bets is finding where.

    Select one of the MMA sportsbooks we recommend below to wager on any combat sport. Our experts have studied every corner of these websites, and they are all authentic.
  2. Sign-Up

    Once on the betting site, look for the sign-up button and fill the forms with your factual information.

    When cashing out your winnings, these sportsbooks will ask for ID proof, and the personal info needs to match.
  3. Make Your First Deposit

    Find the banking or cashier option on the top menu of the betting site. Select your preferred method to deposit money and the amount you will wager.

    We recommend using cryptocurrencies or depositing with a credit card because it’s way easier.
  4. Take Advantage Of Bonuses

    When you deposit in one of the sports betting sites we recommend, you are eligible for some of the best betting bonuses.

    Claim your reward to enhance your bankroll. They link the bonus percentage to the amount of money of your first deposit.
  5. Place Your Bellator Bet

    Once the money hits your account, it’s time to bet. Go to the MMA section and find the fights available for the next Bellator event. Place your best bet and start winning today!

Where To Bet On Bellator Online

Plenty of people don’t know where to bet on Bellator. When they select an offshore sportsbook, they might go with the first one they find, and that’s a mistake.

These are the best Bellator betting sites recommended by our group of professionals:

Rank UFC/MMA Betting Sites Deposit Bonus Highlights Get Started
1 Deposit Bonus 100% Up To $2,500 Highlights
  • Lots of bonuses
  • Offers VIP program
  • Reliable software
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2 Deposit Bonus 50% Up To $250 Highlights
  • Recognized brand
  • Very fast payouts
  • Low rollover offers
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3 Deposit Bonus 125% Up To $1,250 Highlights
  • Competitive odds
  • Solid banking options
  • Crypto-friendly
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Moneylines: Betting On the Winner

Bellator MMA Moneyline Bets

Betting the winner of a Bellator fight is the most straightforward form of a wager.

These are called Moneylines bets, and it’s mostly picking a fighter to win, without caring how he/she gets the victory. The people making the odds will give a number for each fighter, and you bet either.

Bellator Moneyline Bet Example

  • Fighter A (-165) = Favorite
  • Fighter B (+145) = Underdog

You need to lay down $165 to win $100 with fighter A, and bet $100 to win $145 with fighter B.

How they win is irrelevant in this type of bet. You only need to pick the winner.

Bellator Over Under Bets

Bellator Over Under Bets

Betting MMA Over Unders in Bellator is wagering how long a fight will last according to the number set by the oddsmakers.

They usually give you one round where they think the contest has a fair chance of ending. Players get to bet if the fight will go Over or Under the established rounds.

The standard is 1.5 rounds for 3-round fights or 2.5 rounds for 5-round fights, but this can vary.

Bellator Over Under Bet Example

Bellator MMA rounds are 5 minutes long. To win with an Over 1.5 rounds bet, the contest needs to surpass the 2:30 minute mark of the second round.

If the fight ends sooner than the 2:30 mark in the second round, then the Under 1.5 rounds bet is the winner.

Bellator Round Bets

Bellator MMA Round Bets

When doing some Bellator online betting, you can wager on the exact round a fight will end. That’s called MMA round betting.

The oddsmakers will put a value on each round depending on how many rounds the fight has. Your job is to guess the exact round in which the contest will end.

This is one of the most profitable ways to bet on MMA, but it’s also more complex than the previous two options. There are variations of it, including round betting + winner and round betting + winner + method of victory.

Bellator Prop Bets

Bellator MMA Prop Bets

MMA proposition bets are one of the most entertaining forms of betting in the sport, and Bellator prop bets are no different. Prop bets are wagers developed on scenarios that might happen in the fight.

Props are linked to the creativity of the oddsmakers and are by far the most fun wagers available.

Bellator Prop Bet Examples

These are some scenarios where you could bet props:

  • Will the fight go to distance?
  • Which fighter will bleed first?
  • What will be the method of victory?

Bellator MMA Betting Tips

When betting on Bellator fights, don’t forget to follow these quick tips:

Pro Tip#1Know The Style Of The Fighter

Bet what you know. Study the abilities of each fighter so you can make an informed wager.

The internet will help with videos on YouTube, stats, and articles about the contestants’ backgrounds.

On the official Bellator MMA website, you can find information about fighters and their records.

Pro Tip#2Be Open To Bet Underdogs

Because Bellator is not as big of a market as the UFC, oddsmakers might be slightly off when creating odds.

Try to get information on new fighters and watch previous fights if possible.

Be open to bet underdogs as most fighters are unknown and with a lot to prove. The room for upsets is bigger.

Pro Tip#3Line Shop For Odds

Finding the best price for your bets by looking around in different sportsbooks is known as line shopping.

The same fight could have different odds on different sportsbooks, which means you should search for the best number to have a bigger payday.

This is a practice that should only be done within trustworthy sports betting sites.

Best Bellator Fighters To Bet On

Bellator MMA has a reduced number of fighters compared to other organizations. Their model is based on hunting down new talent, and at the same time, signing up well-known fighters that leave the UFC.

This particular setup makes Bellator’s rankings less volatile than others; that’s why it is essential to know which fighters move the needle when betting on Bellator fights. Here are some of them.

Patricio “Pitbull” Freire

Betting on Patricio

Only two fighters have been able to hold world titles in 2 divisions at the same time. Patricio is one of them.

The Brazilian earned both Bellator Lightweight and Featherweight champion titles thanks to his aggressive fighting style, solid ground game, and insane KO power.

You’ll find Pitbull headlining the most significant events, which means exciting Bellator betting odds will follow.

Michael “Venom” Page

Betting on Michael

It’s hard to find a more exciting fighter than Michael “Venom” Page in Bellator.

Every time this guy gets inside the cage, something crazy happens. His unorthodox style serves him well in the striking department, and you should always keep your eyes open for a devastating knockout in his fights.

Few people will dare to bet against Venom, especially if the fight is expected to take place on the feet.

Ryan Bader

Betting on Ryan Bader

Ryan Bader is a former UFC fighter who came to Bellator guns blazing.

He was the first Bellator fighter to hold world titles in 2 divisions simultaneously (Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight titles).

Bader is a 2-times NCAA Division I All-American wrestler who adjusted his game based on his ability to knock people out with one punch.

It is common to see him headlining Bellator events and finding betting odds at Bellator Sportsbooks.

Gegard Mousasi

Betting on Gegard Mousasi

Gegard Mousasi is probably the most seasoned fighter in Bellator’s roster. With more than 50 MMA fights, this guy has seen it all.

He has faced fierce competition inside Bellator’s cage and has a place in Bellator’s pound-for-pound rankings.

Mousasi is one of those well-rounded fighters that can do it all. He might not be the most exciting fighter to watch all the time, but when his game is on, he knows how to win.

Cris Cyborg

Betting on Cris Cyborg

Cris Cyborg is the Women’s Featherweight World Champion at Bellator MMA, and oh boy, if you are looking to bet on Bellator fights that involve Cyborg, you better consider betting on her.

No one in the promotion’s feminine divisions can stand toe to toe with this KO powerhouse.

Cris is already a seasoned fighter with many battles under her belt, but you should never count her out. She has an excellent striking game and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt to go with it.

Bellator Betting FAQ

Can You Bet On Bellator Online?

Yes, you can bet on Bellator at the best online sportsbooks. We recommend you stick to the betting sites we mention in our guide to avoid being scammed.

What Is The Best Bellator Betting Site?

BetUS Sportsbook is the site our experts recommend for betting on Bellator MMA fights. Their welcome bonus is one of the best on the industry and their platform is clean and user-friendly.

What Is The Difference Between UFC And Bellator Betting?

UFC and Bellator are two different mixed martial art promotions. UFC is the most famous, and Bellator is second behind them.

The main difference you’ll find when betting on these two is that for Bellator you may find fewer markets, but also, less accurate odds that offer better opportunities to win.

Is It Profitable To Bet On Bellator?

Betting on Bellator can be profitable as long as you are disciplined, play in a good sportsbook, and take advantage of competitive odds and bonuses.

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